Fun: Diary of the last survivors of the spambot apocalypse

  • *received transmission from CrafterofMany*

    thepowdertoy: I wonder if we can create a giant MFFS shield to protect Minecraftia..... It just sad to see out homeworld to be destroyed by a random GRB... or not? Could it be caused by spambots firing a powerful weapon to the star, overloading it? AI, what is the Citadel reactor status?

    AI: Dark energy buildup at 20%, 50 minutes remaining. NOOOOO!!!! There is a lot of spambots coming here!

    thepowdertoy: Can you divert all power to the Citadel reactor?

    AI: This building external turret cannot fire then.

    *an enderman teleports here*

    Enderman: Here is an enderrifle for you

    thepowdertoy: Stay here please we under attack. We need to defend this base until the Citadel reactor achieved ignition

    Enderman: If not?

    thepowdertoy: Then the Minecraftia that we know it, will be destroyed. Gone.

    Enderman: Why?

    thepowdertoy: CrafterofMany reported that a nearby start got supernova and the gamma ray burst just happened to go this way.

    AI: And how do we solve this?

    thepowdertoy: We can theoretically move this planet, but it will lead this planet to a chaotic trajectory that I cannot control. We can also shield this planet using MFFS, but it will take too many MFFS block and we doesn't have enough time. Or we can create a extremely big superportal and move this planet to a nearby solar system, but it will take too many energy that I don't think my Citadel reactor could power it.
    *suddenly a creeper came*
    thepowdertoy: No creeper, please don't explode in front of me

    Creeper: I overheard your conversation about this planet will explode. Can I go with you?

    thepowdertoy: You can, but please don't explode in my ship. AI, what is our reactor status?

    AI: 90% powered
    *alarms ringing all over the base*
    AI: Spambots detected all over the base

    thepowdertoy: Power up auxiliary thrusters and go out from this base now!
    *ship went upward*
    AI: Citadel reactor is operational now
    *already in the orbit*
    thepowdertoy: Its really really really hard to say this, but gg everyone. Our home planet will be destroyed, gg everyone
    *enters slipspace*

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • The spambots in the cellar were finally defeated. The reinforcements were delayed by a dimensional rift, so Wraith and I ran away, until we randomly found a switch that turned all lights off. I pulled it and then destroyed it, so that it could not be turned on again. Wraith's implants allowed him to echolocate, and i could sense where things were in a good radius. We started to harass the spambots, killing off the weaker of them. We stayeed away from the HACKbots and the MK. IV spambots, as they had infrared and x-ray sensors. The lower MK'd spambots coldn't even find us, so i used them to train my very unpowerful/unpredictable psionics. We walked through a hallway with no spambots, when I felt a spambot through the wall.
    Wasmic: ++There's a group of spambots on the other side of this wall. What do we do?++
    Wraith: ++Destroy them?++
    Wasmic: ++Plain and simple. Let's blast the wall in on them.++
    Wraith used his psi-implant to blast in the wall on the spambots, and i withered those that were still alive. Then, 40 HACKbot/MK. IV spambot hybrids blasted through the roof above us, firing an intense barrage on us. We dive rolled into a side hallway. Just as the bots were about to turn the corner, 500 soldiers warped in from the Phoenix and blasted them away with plasma cannons.

    Back in Minecraftia, Thepowdertoy contacted me.

    Thepowdertoy: "You need to get a warp out of the Minecraftia system NOW! A huge amount of gamma radiation is headed directly towards you!"
    Wasmic: "What? When is it due to hit?"
    Thepowdertoy: "There's around 4 hours left."
    Wasmic: "I'll try to find a warp point. Will you have a warp ready for me at co-ords [Encrypted with 4096 bit RE-CAPTCHA technology]?"
    Thepowdertoy: "Yes, that shouldn't pose a challenge."
    Wasmic: "I'll try to get some MFFS/ARS systems running at civilian centers and military bases in the mean time. Over and out."
    ------ABORT TRANSMISSION------

    I left my house and jumped in my fighter. It wasn't very big, only around 8 meters long, but it was very fast and well-armed. It had a very powerful mini-generator aboard that I had found somewhere but never figured out how worked, but it generated nearly 10 % of an Arcturias generator. I took off and flew towards the nearest refugee city. It was very well defended, and most civilians of the continent lived in this city. I landed and proceeded to install an upgrade to the city's force field, making it able to block out all electromagnetic radiation. This, however, had the ill effect of blocking out not only gamma, but also radio-waves and visible light while it was on. I flew towards another city and bombed a spambase on the way, reaching the other city in a few minutes. I had recently upgraded my fighter to also have endertech positron rifles. This city's power storage was not big enough to last the whole gammaburst, so the city's citizens would have to be warped away. I entered slipspace in my fighter and flew away from the solar system. The gamma burst approached. Shields went up in cities all over minecraftia. And then... all the spambots on minecraftia exploded. The cities and planet itself was untouched.

    Wasmic: "This is a transmission broadcasted on all frequencies. Happy news! It wasn't a gamma burst after all, but a grammar burst which caused all the spambots to fail! We have to bolster minecraftia's defenses, or the spambots will be back on the planet in a few hours!"
    ------ABORT TRANSMISSION------

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • I have good news, bad news, and horrible news. The good news is, I misread high frequency waves for gamma ray busts, and most spambots have been disabled. The bad news is, that I recalabrated my computer, and the gamma ray bust is still coming, just in a few weeks. The horrible news is nothing can stop it/protect yourself from the busts. No field can withstand it.

    -The Scientist

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech

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  • ####<JAN 26, 2013 2:59:5 AM EST> <Notice> <HAYO.corp> <HAYO.corp MAINFRAME cluster 82>####
    <MedRecServer> <main> <kernel identity> <424ß4> <BEA-xxx>
    <Server started in RUNNING mode>
    <loading HAY-OS>
    <Running HAY-OS version 4.2>
    <User logged in>
    <exec announce>

    everything is under control
    this morning one of our experiments, experiment: subject 42, has gone on a rampage and caused some chaos.
    We have everything under control, the subject: boxtech got desynched and put into stasis.
    luckily no one except a few WÖ got hurt. and there is only physical damage to the Nuclear Engineering section.

    This was only a minor accident and we have stuffed all hole that could have caused this.
    It wont happen again.

    and we are totaly not experimenting with integrating a KI into a spambot KI.
    We would never do that, anything that you hear regarding this are only rumors.


    <attached files: 1>
    <Access granted>
    <Server stopped>

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

    [b][i][u][url=' [url='']HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

  • chaos: whats happening?

    HACKbot Hive Mind: Gamma ray inbound

    chaos: who told the hackbots to fire a gamma ray this way

    HACKbot Hive Mind: it did not come from one of ours ship or there ship

    chaos: then where did come from


    chaos: power suit active

  • Anti-matter is the key to stop the gamma ray burst. I happen to have a whole arsenal of anti-matter bombs and weapons. I am now loading up a payload that will make the sun collapse into a temporary black hole. I am going to send this to a responsible volenteer. I warn you, if this goes off in space, minecraftia will be destroyed. Any volenteers? Remember, all of minecraftia will be on your head.

    -The Scientist

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

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  • GLaDOS:
    "Deleting [HACKbots] showed me one thing: The best way of solving a problem is the easiest. Killing you is easy."


    *Stamper stomps champ down, while there are singing turrets on it*

    *Turrets get on sentry mode again*

    But back to the topic. Sinnaj63 was ported to steam, and now want to get back to his [Fleet, Base, Army...]. He don't get Transmissions from Minecraftia there.

    "Steam? You are sure that it isn't cs_powerplant or something like?"

    SHAI(S63I is annoying to write):
    "Yes. This Place can definetly be initialized as Steam."

    "Interesting. By the Way, do you know who builded this place? Because this Green Cagelamp there does not fit into the rest of the construction."

    "No, I can't get serious information about it. Only things like "Valve", but there are No kinds of Valves builded in."

    "Whoever builded this place, must be very inefficent. There a all kinds Doors everwhere, instead of a Teleporter with an computer. At least I can get soldiers here, only Combine, but better than Wolvesnothing. Until the local advisors aren't as stupid as the one I fireed and sent to the stasis chambers. Hmm. This Door is a portal. I gonna go trough."

    *goes trough portal*

    "Welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center..."

    *Places H-Bomb*

    *Sees Crashlog(H-Bomb is a Minecraft Object that crashed Portal)*

    "So Aperture stole a Teleporter that gives you lines of text and ports you away. Bad. Anyway, this door seems interesting.. But I doubt that the exit is anywhere behind this doors."

    *Goes trough the two Saferoom-Doors*


    *Smashs tank on a group of normal zombies

    "...what a horrible place..."

    *Shoots down a witch from 50 metres using his Quantum Shotgun*

    "...only ruins, and some undead."

    *Combine-Hunter Teleports in and attacks Zombie-Hunter*

    "There is nothing to do here."

    *Throws bomb and goes back trough the saferoom*

    "Ohh, this door is labeled "Half-Life 2-Episode 3". Maybe that means that there are radioactive things thats Half-Life is over behind it."


    "Man, this Freeman is annoying. Getting Rid of him, [DELETED] and repairig Citadels, and all that because of him."

    "It might also be the fault of the guy which was registered as "G-Man."

    *Sinnaj63 looks around in Steam*

    "This door is hidden so much, there must be something interesting behind it."

    *Steps trough it*


  • For anyone that's listening, I have a theory as to how we can stop the radiation. It's risky but possible. If we can launch a Red matter explosive at the center of the gamma, the gravitational pull should absorb and destroy the radiation. the problem is that we need to also get a Antimatter explosive near the black hole in order to stop it, and that if our calculations a wrong, we could end up sucking all of Minecraftia into a black hole forever. If anyone wishes to help with this, contact HQ imediatly


  • AI: Received an transmission

    thepowdertoy: What is it?

    AI: It says about something to save Minecraftia

    thepowdertoy: Yay!!!!!

    Creeper: Now we can save our homeland!

    thepowdertoy: But first I need to visit my friend first in another dimension

    AI: Detecting another dimension blocking in the way, identified as Steam. Plotting dimensional slingshot to target, initiating in 5...4...3...2...1, detecting redirect as steam://rungameid/570, initiating external black hole stabilizer, pulling out target dimension information, hang on

    thepowdertoy: Why?

    AI: They are performing security check on us, probably to identify us as not a spambot

    thepowdertoy: Hopefully this will hold, because there are a lot of spambots following us right... now
    *spambots start shooting to the ship*

    AI: Entering intermediate dimension now!
    *enters a weird dimension*
    AI: Pulling target dimension info now..... Target info: Name:

    thepowdertoy: Alright lets we go to that dimension and go out as soon as possible, we have a planet to save

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • In the Dimension Minecraftia

    Enderman Commander:
    "Well, their mad ideas won't work. I am not a scientist, but I don't need to be one for knowing that their ideas are useless."

    Sinnaj63 Industries General:
    "Yes, the Scientists here told me the same. By the Way, you still don't know where the boss is, do you?"

    Enderman Commander:
    "No, his last known position was on a cruiser, where he got attacked and probably fall out into the space. But there we lost his signal."

    "Bad. Anyway, do you have a idea what to do now?"

    Enderman Commander:
    "We found several options. First of, we could move Minecraftia. The first, and fastest, way we found, is Teleportation. But since our Technology can't Teleport whole planets, we would need to use the new combine teleporter. That might be a bit risky, but will be fast and could be done easily. A second option would be to move Minecraftia using our Tractor Beams and Engines up hear. That would be safe, but it would take a longer time. And it would need a bit things to do before, too. Another safe and fast way would be to use one of the possible backup-planets we discovered. But they are all a bit dangerous and not really discover very well. I sent some Cruisers to them, because making them colonys was planned anyway. But we found out that there a a lot of mentally unstable and aggresive female twilight fanboys on one of them, the other cruiser are not yet there. And the last possiblity would be to create a forcefield that acts as lead. We, to be honest, never tested this technology before."

    "In my Opinion we should wait until we find the boss."

    Enderman Commander:
    "Yes, might be a good idea. Anyway, since we are protected very well up here, it would be a good idea to send 2 Million of the Soldiers to the moonbase here. The Spambots are unactive now, and we have a heavy overflow of supplies here."

    "Well, a half million is probably enough."

    On Steam:
    "Ohh, I forgot something!"

    *Goes Back*

    Suddenly,a exsplosion and a cloud of dust replace the door. When the dust decays, a ship can be seen.

    "I think you did not fall into a wormhole?"

    "No, I teleportes my ship and me to this place. And it seems like my ship wanted to play Kleiner's Cat."

    "Do you have recent information about the war?"

    "I know about a gamma ray burst that will probably kill anyone on Minecraftia."

    "That's bad, especially since you destroyed the exit."

    "I don't know why I ported into a wall!"

    "Maybe because you used Slingshot-Teleportation for interdimenional teleportation?"

    "Whats wrong about that?"

    "Normally nothing. But when you travel into another dimension, you don't need it. It even corrupts the exact target. Thats what happened."

    "I even forgot what I wanted to tell you, and the reminder is probably burned Anyway, how shall we get back now?"

    "Well, I have a idea. And it should work!"


    "Are you sure that that will work?"

    "Freeman won't survive all this soldiers and turrets. And since they are password-protected now, his friend can't "Hack" them."

    "And you are sure we wont die when using this Teleporter? I mean, it was found in a ship stuck in a ice desert."

    "Teleport Technology found in ships stuck in ice is always good. And I could port us back to "Steam" if something does not work.
    Start the Teleporter!"

    *Advisor starts Teleporter*

    To be continued!

  • 12:00 mins to impact
    location:in a cell on a ship

    chaos: (badly wounded) come in! come in all HACK and spam bots


    chaos: COME IN!

    HACKbot Hive Mind: .... anti bomb control panel unsuccessful. activting anti-gravitational and red matter bombs. 4 =red matter 8=anti-gravitational
    90:00 mins to BOOM BOOM POW

  • G-Man:
    "Rise and Sh..."

    *Assistant comes and whispers something to the G-Man*

    Sink and <Opposite of Shine here>, chaoschamp."

    *Goes around Corner and vanishs reads a Green Book with nearly nothing in*

    "Take up this <Not Existing in Minecraft Alloy used for Cans>-Can and put it in the bin!"

    "How are you idiot talking to my? And there is not even a can!"

    *Hits Metrocop*

    *Gets killed by 7 Manhacks, 3 Striders, 5 Metrocops and 2 Gunships at once*

  • *Teleports the massive ship outside the minecraftian solar system*

    I have the technology to teleport whole stars, i am lending my ender core to a ship that can handle 500,000,000,000,000 Eu drainage. Does anyone have that kind of power?

    -The Scientist

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech

  • 2:00mins to gamma ray impact
    80:00mins to BOOM BOOM POW

    chaos: they may have killed or should i say destroyed that form.
    i must find a way of the ship before my self destruct goes off on my capital ship.
    if that goes off then i dont no what will happen. even i warp the ship somewhere safe the mass of my ship will rip a permanent hole there that could cause a super black hole. only thing to do is find a new form then find my way off the ship somehow get there using a book or one of my harmless rips then go to my ship and manually disable them but i may die in the process because my other forms wont be able to handle it. only my pure form can handle it.then what if He gets out and destroys my home, minecafia. the truth is i am human, well my pure form but as you see am more like messed up than anything up see. 100000 ago a being called chaos treated to destroy minecraftia so i sacrificed myself to become to chaos but it started taking over me. the original chaos was put in deep sleep in cased in crystal like substance locked with the four elemental towers in the chaos realm or as some people call the spambot universe. there was bots protecting these towers but slowly they became corrupted and thus turned into spambots. the dragon who at the time ruled minecraftia noticed i could not handle the chaos so he decide for the safety of minecraftia to lock me in the chaos realm until the day i awoke. the only reason why i was trying to get you is because got in my way an tryed to kill me and my minions only because some spambots fell out of my power. now am trying escape the chaos realm as my pure form because i can not live there as my pure form. i need the blood of the decent-ed of the dragon which is allbaska to active the chaos before me so he shall take my place then ill lock that realm with dimensional key. once thats done i can escape the chaos and make minecraftia pure again which whould destroy all enderman and end.

  • Enderman Engineer:
    "Commander, look at this:"

    *Printer prints print out*

    Enderman Commander;
    "So champ is a kind of a corrupted creative player. Getting rid of the corruption might kill us. I think its better to nuke the hell out of `em. Anyway, it might be better to first get away of this Radiation. Get all ships into their Hangars!"

    A Half Hour later:
    "How far is the Teleportation?"

    Enderman Engineer:
    "100% Ready!"

    Enderman Commander:
    "Good. This Teleportation will give us some time to think what to do."

    Then, Minecraftia and anything in its orbit(And its moon some seconds later) gets ported to another, temporary safe solar system. The Gamma Ray burst will arrive in a Week.

    "How much energy is left?"

    Enderman Engineer:

    "Good. Maybe getting rid of this chaosformthingy will help us. By the Way, still no information where the Boss/Sinnaj63 is?"

    "No, Commander."

  • 50:00mins to BOOM BOOM POW

    chaos: most of these ships are badly damaged after the radiation. the L.E.S.U is fried.
    finally a ship thats nearly perfect but wont survive warping to the chaos realm. i need something stronger

    chaos: welcome


    chaos: ive been waiting a long time for this

    chaos: but i am you. you cant control me

    chaos:blinded by your own power

    chaos: what are you taking about?

    chaos:to END where you lay your world onto of thus nether where you shall head my cry into the world

    chaos: i wont let you take control of me

    chaos: really? haha you have been the puppet all a long

    chaos: but your in the machine locked by the towers

    chaos: thats what you thought. you be came me and i be came you

    chaos: why dont you fight me

    chaos: you will see in due time..

    chaos:stop riddling answer me


    chaos:answer me


    chaos: i have to end this once and for all now. PLAN B
    am going down for the last time.


    chaos: dont have time to get a better ship this will have to do

    #detestation: chaos realm capital ship #


  • The corruption is back... It will spread....and spread..... And spread..... Until the whole universe is under it's control... It is more powerful than any radiation... Any weapon.... Any chaos.... Any spambot..... It will destroy everything it touches... And the only antidote is at its heart.... My lab....

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech

  • *chaos's ship badly damaged*

    chaos: am going in....

    *chaos crash's into the chaos realm capital ship*

    choas: message to all. i know you tryed to kill me and i know ive tryed to blow you up but in order to save minecraftia and the universe i need your help to shutdown the wormholes and rips into the chaos realm and ill deal with HIM

  • Meanwhile on RockRaiderAlpha's spaceship...

    Medibot: Welcome back T10a.
    Me: Thanks. You have no idea what it's like to have your arms and legs ripped off and only having the arms replaced as a living being.
    Medibot: I'm sure it's traumatising.
    Medibot: You are still in post surgery recovery T10a.
    Me: Dammit! How long will it be?
    Medibot: A few days, but I have a experimental Insta-Recover Stimpack direct from the Ministry of Medicene right here.
    Me: Use it.
    *Instastimpack is applied*
    Me: I FEEL MUCH BETTER! We must save Minecraftia!
    System AI: Sorry buddy, but the system Minecraftia has been relocated. So therefore it will be a week instead of 46 minutes till it hits.
    Me: Excellent. Hold on. My gPhone is detecting something from the star. Wait. OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING? System, I am detecting a strange entity coming from the supernovaing star with my gPhone. I have no idea what the hell it is, but it has just rushed towards the system Lh'owon. And is destroying everything in sight, planet by planet. It's energy signal is showing as a form of Chaos, but what the hell is Chaoschamp doing with that much power? No, chaoschamp is too tame for that power. I suggest we-
    Me: Sorry.