[Suggestion] - Teleportation Rails

  • Hey, guys!

    Dunno if this was suggested already or if the mechanic is already present in IC2, but I'm too lazy to search so...yeah. ^_^;;;

    Anyway, as the name suggests, much as we all love teleporters, it'd be nice if we could also warp via minecarts. This would, of course, be quite costly (both in terms of materials and EU requirements), but for those of us who use Railcraft or Steve's Carts (or both!), this would be an invaluable addition. As with default Teleporters, it would have to be supplied with power via an MFSU - indicating which side is the teleport "direction" might also be a good idea.

    So, to craft these crazy rails, here's a recipe I came up with (ultimately subject to change):


    F = Glass Fiber Cable
    A = Adv. Circuit
    P = Powered Rail
    T = Teleporter

    How many rails this recipe would produce is subject to debate, but only one would keep things balanced - it wouldn't make teleporters obsolete, to be certain. And how the rails would actually work is also up for discussion.

    With that said, what do you guys think?

  • Well, it has been a while since I last touched Minecraft - mainly because I'm waiting for 1.3 to come out.

    So, sounds like this isn't entirely necessary, though it does still get me thinking - do the teleporters "remember" the cart orientation when you jump?