[Suggestion] The Sonictron9001 (Advanced Noteblock)

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    Hello, potential Consumer of GregTech Intergalactical,

    Today we will show you, the newest Invention of our Sonictechnology, the "Sonictron9001"! And no, Dr. Robotnik, this has nothing to do with Sonic the Hedgehog.

    When you hear it, then you know, that something awesome is gonna be played (if its not Dubsteb or the Intruderalarm). Its the Sonictron9001!!! Its better than a normal Noteblock, which just does Piano, Bass or Drum, it can do over 9000 diffrent Sounds. For example it can play the sound of a Laserblaster, an Explosion, a creepy hisssss, or even an Alarm with 24 diffrent earstunning Sounds! You can make awesome Industrial Music with it, or composing your own Evil-Theme! Muahahahaha! There is also an Handheld edition of it to carry your own Music with you! The Sonictron is not usable as weapon, to hurt people with the Sounds it emits, nobody ever died or deafed by our Soundtests, these are just Rumors.

    We are of course, not showing you our Blueprints for that Device, you have to buy it from us, for only 3 Pieces of UUM! not including shippingcosts, we are NOT accepting Credits and due to the Spamwar we dont have a Store to sell it to you!


    So and that's the Suggestion explained for people with the tl;dr-disease
    This is an advanced Noteblock (and an Handheld one would also be Cool) with GUI and new awesome Sounds (Alarm, E-Guitar and other awesome Instruments). All those sounds of course in 24 diffrent Frequencies, like the normal Noteblock (of course it can play the old Sounds too). Also it can play all the Sounds (except the Musicdiscs), which are in the Resources-Folder of Vanilla-Minecraft. It could also be able to compose Music out of these Sounds.

    If you decrease the Soundsourcelimit of IC²'s config, then the Soundblock should also not play, if that Limit is exceeded (Lagprevention).

    I know this will not be implemented soon, but if our Devs are bored enough, they could implement it into IC². And i know, that Shedar already made an Alarmblock, within a good IC²-Addon, so to all the "Make an Addon"-People: Shut up! I just made it for the Presentation!

  • so its a hand held noise maker? i'll +1 if it you add the final fantacy victory jingle i want to play that after i kill things :D

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

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    I will add a Composingfunction to make sure that all the Music can be played.

    Even if you can't compose, you can get your final fantasy sound, convert into an .ogg file and substitute one sound file in the ic2_client.jar ^^

  • If GregT makes a suggestion he makes it right :D I missed advanced noteblocks when i started messing with doorbells/alarms in my server.
    It should have a gui where you have a selection of all vanilla/ic2 sounds.