True V=IR power draw

  • Solving for load (machine) power, cable resistance, and source voltage, it's possible to solve for power draw.

    The voltage breakdown would work as it already does, and there's the potential for a temperature-based breakdown system, albeit with more complexity.

    The voltage can be solved with this formula:

    P = (4*Pl)/(2+sqrt(1-(4*Pl*R/V**2)))


    P is the power expended by the source of current,

    Pl is the power received by the machine,

    R is the resistance of the cables connecting the machine to the source of current,

    and V is the voltage of the system.

    This would allow for the power system in IC^2 to accurately model ideal loads and ideal resistors in series. Of course, this system would put a greater computational drain on the system, but I think it would be insignificant compared to rendering or block updates.

  • While this is clearly well thought out, I believe that the E-Net is fine as-is. This seems like an unneeded change. Honestly, I would like the complexity it adds, but most of my friends can't even understand the current energy system. I a respectfully against, but it is a well thought out idea.

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  • I seriously doubt the dev team will change anything about the E-Net in this version of the game besides working on a few rough spots or bugfixes.

    If the E-Net ever changes, it will be when Ic3 its in development or something, and thats something that we can expect to happen sometime in the next 20 years.

  • The E net is well as it is now, cause it advantage each type of cable for each type of work. Realistic E-net wouldn't let place to Iron Cable, and I won't mention Optic Fiber ^^

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D