Tunnel Bore?

  • Now, I would post this on the redpower forums, but as far as I can see, they don't have one, and I know this forum belongs to a friendly community who play with all sorts of mods.

    Now, I am trying to build a tunnel bore using RP2 frames and frame motors, after days of hard work I figured out how to move it, the next step is getting the block breakers down and redstone tubes, however when I do, it can not move. After I sorted this out I have to get the redstone system sorted and I am hopeless with that :P

    If anyone can find any videos or something that has a GOOD tutorial, please post, I will put screenshots of what I have so far.

    Sorry for large pictures, and this is on my test world, I am doing an LP

  • The digging head needs to move back and forth, so that you have lines of block breakers and tubes, rather than a solid wall, which leaves no place for frames to hold everything together.

  • Get Railcraft. It already has one. Also, look here:


    Use creative mode, it gives you infinite stuff so there is no reason to make anything.

    The frames must touch both the block breakers and the tubes. As the tubes cannot be embedded in frames you must build a head which consists half of block breakers and half of frames., so you need a drill head that moves up and down so the block breakers can reach everything.

  • I do have Railcraft and that is not what I am looking for, otherwise I would have stated that.

    Hmm, so I would need another 2 frame motors to move the head up & down?