Incompatibility with Not Enough Items 1.3

  • The new update to Not Enough Items has an incompatibility with Industrial Craft. The problem is, any time attempting to see the recipe of any item or block, that does not have a recipe, will immediately crash minecraft. Here are two seperate error logs, one with somewhat more info, but not the actual crash report. and
    Another thing to note is, deleting the neiIntegration11x folder does fix the crashing problem.

  • id just like to say, ic2 crafting recipes consist only in the crafting table... there shouldnt be a problem, IF this new NEI update is the problem, then its not just IC2 thats affected...

  • Yes, anything that has hooked into NEI is incompatible, and appears to most likely be an API update, as I said by taking out the IC2's neiIntegration11x folder the problem is fixed.

  • actually, after 5 minutes of reading the thread, he has "redone" some of his work...

    Code chicken core now goes into the MODS folder, no longer in the jar.(also update it to 1.3)
    NEI stays into the jar, and all NEI plugins need to be updated(they to stay in jar)
    chicken bones has ALSO created his own "bucket filler" and "chunk loader" that is mystcraft compatible(will load mystcraft and other dimensions)

    sorry ic2 people, but nobody can read >.<

  • Akaedis 1. Just because I have 2 posts doesn't mean that I do not read. 2. When I downloaded CodeChickenCore and NEI 1.3 the forum page was not updated at all except for the links, I have an automatic installer/downloader for myself using batch, wget command line, 7zip command line, and a little vbscript for a multitude of mods I use, for convenience. NEI updates all the time so when the installer wasn't working that was the first place i checked and of course 404 on the download link. When i went to the site it still said Code Chicken Core 0.5.3 and NEI AND still said that core was in the jar, but the links were updated to 0.5.5 and 1.3. 3. Mods can work just fine in the jar as long as they don't overwrite any of the base class files of their "mod loader" whether that be forge or ModLoader, and don't contain their own manifest file. and 4. IC2 does craft things abnormally because, UU and Nukes and probably other recipes try to hide themselves against things such as NEI.

    RichardG Yea, I know just putting it out there because it's a good excuse for a release >D

    EDIT: Hate automatic emoticons <.< too used to chats that don't have it.

  • when he updated code chicken core to 0.5.5 he did it in all one edit... and the archives are broken, there "fixed" now, but there is still an issue with NEI and seeing ic2 crafting recipes for nano armor etc etc...

  • He edited the forum in one edit as i said he hadn't updated it yet, the adfly links redirected to new downloads BEFORE he updated the forum.

  • Thanks RichardG! Also I wouldn't mind this so much if all that happened was not seeing the recipes for IC2s items/blocks, but it causes a crash for looking up the recipe for any block/item that doesn't have a recipe including ones from vanilla.

  • yeah i just did some more testing, its only IC2 recipes... trains mod recipes appear, the ones that work in a crafting table from thaumcraft 2 appear, just IC2 and addons to IC2 like thermal nuclear control... and compact solars etc...

  • To mistaqur, would it be at all possible for you to house all of the NEI plugins you made on the aforementioned topic to be made?