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    Using the experimental version of this mod with newest version of IC2-EXP I can't seem to get the storage monitor to emit a redstone signal. Regardless of the numbers/levels in the storage unit linked it just won't emit any signal. Bug perhaps?

    It's likely that the experimental version released earlier in the thread, which targeted a much earlier version of IC2-Ex, isn't compatible with the newer IC2-Ex.

    Hey, I didn't break Stuff. I always made sure things work. Thunderdark and Player were responsible for all the Nerfs/Enet-breakage.

    Well, then I blame Thunderdark and Player for them instead! :) Either way, it still means that updating this *properly* is going to take awhile as a number of ideas need to be looked at. Tallinu and I have some idea on how we want to move forward but available time is also a problem.

    Greg seems determined to "break all the things" with the experimental IC2 releases and some of the changes that have been made make parts of this mod unworkable (adjustable transformer) and others completely broken (missing recipe items), coupled with the fact that there's no way I want my charging bench to cost players 40 diamonds for the highest tier version as that's just insane. This entire thing needs to be reworked. We're considering how best to overhaul the mod.

    Its been quite a while now. Is there any news on when an updated version might be released? I would llove to be able to update to IC2-experimental and keep this mod. Thank you.

    It has been quite awhile now and for that I can only apologize. My time for modding has been really lacking lately. I will get adamros code changes for the IC2-Ex release merged into a separate branch and post up a beta build tonight. I cannot promise it will work or not have other bugs. I don't have time at the moment to fully test this release.

    Attaching a completely untested version of APM for IC2 Experimental after directly merging in Adamros code changes. Let me know if something is horribly broken.

    Looking forward to the updated version in the future! Truly must have mod for electrical suits and equipment' needs!

    Thanks to adamros there is a version that's been updated to the IC2 Experimental release. I haven't had time to merge the changes into the source tree and build a new version though. Some of the changes in the energy net in IC2-Ex broke how our machines will work, specifically the battery station, emitter and adjustable transformer. Apparently you can only send one energy packet a tick now.

    Update to IC2_Experimental?

    I won't be updating APM to work with the experimental branch until the API and energy network changes the IC2 devs have planned have been finalized and things are more stable. Until then, it doesn't make much sense to try to adapt to a changing landscape.

    Give it some time for their planned changes to work themselves out and the IC2 devs to finalize on a standard for the new energy net and API calls.

    I tried the 1.6.2 version and after some time the HV Charging bench keeps taking in power but does not continue counting up the stored energy (stuck at a bit over 2.5 mil). Charging and thus taking energy from it works though, but once it was stuck it would not fill up with incoming energy at all, the energy just seems to vanish.
    Also as already pointed out the gui is messed up.

    What exact version of Forge and IC2 are you using please? I'd like to try to duplicate this problem. Also, was this SSP or SMP?

    Thanks Kane Hart for pointing out the borked release. Oops!

    This is what I get for seeing if I can get a beta out and not properly testing the released version, assuming if it works in the dev environment... I know better guys, sorry about this. My time is very limited at the moment and I won't be able to get to this until Friday. I'll get something working out on Friday.

    Yes, it works in the development environment, and the textures are properly packaged in the jar. Do the block textures show up in-world or are they missing too? I'll look into this further.

    Thanks to help from adamros on github, we have a test version of APM for Minecraft 1.6.2 out. The version attached to this post is based against IC2 1.118.401-lf and Forge

    I briefly tested the machines and items in the mod and they seemed to function correctly. Please report any issues here or even better, open a new issue report on github.

    This version had some bugged textures, please see the version Tallinu posted later

    I can only explain the Coords thing, as the Coords can happen due to TileEntities not invalidating properly (happened sometimes with Universal Electricity Mods), but that it gets into your Channel is very unlikely. I forgot about the Channel ID's. I apologize for bothering you, as I made a mistake, while trying to fix a Problem.

    You're not bothering me at least. I appreciate you trying to help fix an issue that somebody was having. I still am curious as to HOW it's happening though, even though it seems it isn't in our code.

    If that's what is causing the problem, it means Forge isn't handing off packets correctly and this is actually a Forge bug, or a bug caused by some other mod misbehaving horribly.

    We register the packet channel name 'kaijinAdvPwrMan'. It is very unlikely this is a channel name conflict.

    If possible it might be interesting to see the ForgeModLoader-Server-#.log file showing where the clients are being disconnected. That might shed more light on the issue.

    I have a Question, what happens at Line 187 of com.kaijin.AdvPowerMan.BlockAdvPwrMan. I guess you access an Array, right? That is actually the Error. You must check the boundaries of the Array, before accessing it!

    Items can have all kinds of damage values, like -1 for Wildcard in 1.4.7 and earlier, or 32767 for Wildcard in 1.5 and later. If such an ItemStack somehow exists, like for example in a GUI, or if such Stack is spawned in the World it will cause that exact Error, when the Game tries to render it. If the Array Index is out of Bounds you should default to the Item, which has the damage value of 0.

    The code at line 187…/

    This is not handling items at all. This is handling picking which texture to use on the side of our block in the world. It is picking that texture out of an array and it isn't possible for our code to be returning anything out of array size. One index into the array is a 0 or 1 value, and can't be anything else, and the other index into the array is a value between 0 and 12 (… and…

    And that fits within the array defined here…n/

    We've gone over this code multiple times trying to figure out how an array index out of bounds error could possibly exist in this section and it just can't. Nobody else has reported this issue, we can't duplicate it and the code can't provide for an out of bounds index, and since this isn't handling rendering of in-game items in the world or in a player inventory, it can't be what you're talking about at all.

    I appreciate you trying to help with this issue, but I think you're off the mark on this one.

    Thanks for replying. Heres the attachment.

    Edit: Greg, can i just say what an awesome mod you have created. GregTech adds so much more fun into modded minecraft for me. Since the early days of playing just with IC2 + buildcraft i craved for something more "Industrial" and your mod certainly added that aspect for me. Also, please dont kill me when you see what im using to launch my mod pack.

    Tallinu and I have gone over our code line by line and can't see how this is our issue. The error is likely being caused upstream of our mod by something else. I don't really know what else to tell you on this issue. I would check with Galacticraft first as the issue starts right after it fails a packet.

    Please see…rManagement/wiki/Modpacks for information about modpacks.