[Addon v1.112]F4113nC0r3v4.0.5

  • Well, please update it as soon as possible, i really need your mods, mate!

  • first just to let you know, be careful asking for eta's because although I don't mind it, other addon makers will report you to al and you could get banned

    also eta for 1.108 is once it becomes an official release and not just beta (I'm not fond of making beta releases since beta is just temporary and I have limited time for coding that I don't want to waste making lots of releases)

  • I think i installed this wrong. Do i put it in the mods folder or in the .Jar?

  • nice to see you and your addons updated and bank in business :thumbup: how is the code coming along with the advanced generators are we going to see something new soonish ? :D

  • yup, I'm currently working on ocean generators

    Cool :D.
    But could we have some more extended config files ? Because I love your addons, but things such as the Thermal Gen are seriously OP COMPARED TO some GregTech generators. I would just like to change outputs BUT also Fuel Value (in fact, I would like to change some efficiency e.g EU/fuel units and outputs. Because GregTech Gen have been very nerfed, and yours aren't ^^. Or just maybe, a "Hard Mode" ? Config would be better, but ...)

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

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    but things such as the Thermal Gen are seriously OP COMPARED TO some GregTech generators.

    Moment I just realize, that I accidently used the same Name for one of my Generators. Now it's too late, to fix it.

    Some of my originally planned Names are usually rejected, due to already being used by others ("Centrifuge Extractor" is a good example for that), sorry.

  • When I try to wrench the Electric Wood Gassificator the game gives me an NPE.
    Using Core v3 and AdvGens v3 and v3.0.1 it does that when using either of these versions of AdvGens.
    Forge #497
    IC2 v1.112.192-lf

  • can you try it with just the applicable mods installed and if it still crashs give me that log file, because I'd prefer not to have scroll through like 2000 lines to find potential errors ;)