[MC 1.3.2] Test Release 1.106

  • 1.3 baby! I did it all by myself in two days.
    Latest Forge for client and server: http://adf.ly/673885/http://fi…universal-recommended.zip

    Client and server in one jar! Built by myself with NO SUBMODULES, Player is too busy with work.

    Test server: Do people really want to use it anymore due to the SP/MP merger?

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  • Ninja-updated to fix Forge dependency
    Updated to tb2 to fix crops, achievements (crafting and processing ones still don't work, blame Forge) and world generation
    Ninja-updated to actually fix world generation
    Ninja-updated to fix energy tiles being evil and pickblocking
    Ninja-updated to fix dynamite, remotes and meters
    Ninja-updated to fix bad branching
    Ninja-updated to fix crash exiting a world during an audio loop
    Ninja-updated to fix frequency transmitters and wrenches and add batteries to the creative list
    Ninja-updated to fix drills and ghost tiles - so many updates!
    Ninja-updated to fix explosives crashing when ignited with redstone
    Ninja-updated to fix drills not updating their charge on usage and ore dictionary stuff not working properly
    Ninja-updated to require Forge 230 RB and make dynomotes show the number of dynamite again (NOT WORKING ON CREATIVE)
    Ninja-updated to fix Forge 230 compatibility - this one should work!
    Ninja-updated to fix inventory updating for some items and a bunch of items not working
    Ninja-updated to fix lasers not showing up
    Ninja-updated to add the new Personal Safe model and fix shiftclicking fuel into generators - note that dedicated servers don't work right now due to a bug with FML

    Updated to 1.106 with new exciting stuff

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  • I made a single player world, in creative mode then did this:

    - Gave myself a piece of glass fiber cable
    - placed two cables next to each other

    - *boom*

  • Snap, so I DO have to restore the tick callback mechanism... Wait a sec.

    I came across the same issue yesterday while toying arond with the FML village API. Machinery in a CF wall 9x9 is fun.

    EDIT: Updated

  • Standing in a fire long enough to ignite the player will cause the quantum chestpiece to drain its power extremely quickly.

    Edit: Crash when leaving a single player world while stood next to an active Geothermal Generator.

  • Updated. If this build is deemed ready for release, Alblaka can go ahead, Forge 230 is now recommended.

    EDIT: Hold on I messed something up!
    EDIT: Fixed

  • Nope, first I want some serious Beta-Testing on this.

    If we release this 1.3 version, people WILL update, regardless whether we say it's stable or not. Accordingly, forum will be flooded with more or (much rather) less useful bug/crash complaints.

  • I have to admit, this error reporting for too old forge versions/fml downloading stuff is very neat.

    Other than that, i'm at home and finally able to do stuff!

    - Mining laser 'laser' (when shot) gets stuck in mid-air (visual)
    - Dynamite does not cause explosion particles
    - Trying to place scaffolds higher than the height limit will still remove scaffolds (left-clicking)
    - Using bonemeal on a rubber sapling does not do the 'using animation' and it removes the bonemeal even when in creative
    - Teleporter shows particles when powered even if it does not have enough charge (intentional?)
    - Powering a nuke with redstone causes it to drop itself (no nuke going off)
    - You can still break ITNT (like the old tnt) to set it off
    - Causing a machine to explode (too high voltage) creates a looping explosion that won't stop unless you run out of energy
    You can build awesome cannons out of that though :D
    - You can't place levers on transformers/storage blocks anymore
    - Burnt/broken cables still transmit energy
    -> Enet does not update properly

    Thats what i've found so far

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  • 1. Known, been there since 1.2.5 SMP, looking into it
    2. Known, I tried to fix that for ITNT too but the code that works with TNT does nothing with our explosives
    3. Fixing
    4. Fixing
    5. Happened before and hard to fix
    6. Fixing
    7. Intentional
    8. Not happening for me - sure your build is the latest?
    9. Looking into it Fixing, the heck electric storage blocks aren't normal cubes?
    10. See 8

  • Well, dedicated server could still have bugs when dealing with multiple people interacting.

    So, how does the new reactor work?

    New safe animation is neat. New suit sprite is laughable.

  • ..I don't know, the LAN server has an identical codebase, and I can use MCP to launch a dedicated server in case I forget to tag any client-only statements.

    The new reactor is yet to be properly documented, but existing designs DO go kablooey.

  • would be cool to get like some info about how the reactor components works... i don't really understand them... the only thing i found out, if you take a quad cell and hit 4 thick neutron reflectors around you can blow a rector on the 2nd tick. XD