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    addendum: apparently the forum wasn't set up to allow regular users to delete their own account, it is now.

    Oh I see what you're saying. I didn't even know it would go to any queue, the error message makes it sound like I need to contact imer if it was an error having it spam filtered and the error would not let me finish submitting my post. That is why I had no idea it actually did in fact submit it, as I was still on the submit page.

    Yeah, there's two different kinds of spam detection.

    One that'll place it into the moderation queue (just links) and one that just outright blocks it via deeper analyzing (ip, email, text and such)

    Maybe someone else just approved the post and forgot to clear it form the queue (two different actions, right?)

    I've now finally updated all other ic sites, enabled https and moved them to the new vserver

    They should all work fine (aside from the blog glitching out a little until dns has changed), if there's anything the update broke please tell


    Apparently the ipv6 config of the vm stopped working, so it would fail to contact letsencrypt to renew the certificate

    It's working again now (for some reason, no clue why this config works now cause i tried it before and it didnt) + I set it to prefer ipv4 over ipv6 for connections

    Deleted threads arent shown to non-mods anymore (had to go into the template and just not output the threads if they're deleted without mod permission.. sigh)

    Well, that's not a "real" link, thats just text

    So didnt get recognized as spam by the spam detection

    2. the post-disabler didnt do anything cause there's no link in it

    okay uhhhm, that spam protection service is then worse than my idea as there is another Thread of that kind and it even had a link inside of its Title...

    The old "if there's a link - moderate it" thing is still in, I just added another layer ontop that rejects the post if it's detected as spam so we dont have to manually delete stuff.

    I'm not sure if I should even be able to see deleted threads but even if it is intended that users can see the title maybe you should deactivate it. The way it is now the spambots can still get their URLs out there by having them in the title and readable for all.

    I've looked and there's no way I can see to disable it :|

    It only does that if it is detected as spam, which shouldn't happen to real people (otherwise they'd have been flagged already)

    It runs the post through a spam detection service - its not about the links

    I frequently use inline replies, so I take someone's quote, close the quote midway through, write my reply, then reopen the quote, then add another reply after the second part of their quote. This new form code insists on picking up my carefully placed quote tags and moving them around, causing either my reply to become part of the quote, or part of the quote to become part of my reply.

    Can't really change that :(

    The best way to handle it would be just selecting part of the text in the post and hitting "Insert quote" or "Save quote" if you want to preselect a lot instead of manually splitting up the quote

    imer, all Links to Forum Posts got busted entirely. Nuclear Control doesnt have any Links to the Posts where xbony uploaded the Versions due to that making the entire Mod hard to download

    I can't seem to find the broken links you're talking about.. can you link me one?

    Just blind.. I'll think of a solution

    The new forum doesnt support linking to posts on their own anymore I think

    Wrong too, fixed