[Suggestion] Add neutron reflector as item.

  • Only way to achive 4+ effciency is with CASUS. But they are too much error prone. There i propose create new item called neutron reflector. If this item is added next to uranium cell it will act like another uranium cell but it will not produce another heat or power. For example if we place one uranium cell and one neutron reflector next to each other it will produce 20EU/t and 20 heat/s. If you place one uranium cell and surround it with four reflectors it will have 50EU/t and 50 heat/s.

    real world counterpart http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutron_reflector


    A neutron reflector is any material that reflects neutrons. The material may be graphite, beryllium, steel , and tungsten carbide, or other materials.

    So I propose recipe for neutron reflector will be from carbon plate, refined iron and/or advanced alloy.

  • I think that the current implementation you re suggesting is a little OP, due to the fact there is no trade off.
    At the moment, you just add in the reflector, and you have increased your efficiency and power output without any real cost.
    There are two ways I personally think that this could be improved.
    1. Have the reflector degrade. This would allow it to be relatively balanced, and the rate at which it degrades culd be controlled ( 1 2 3 Uranium cycles e.t.c.)
    2. My personal favourite... have the reflector emit heat.
    This would allow you to trade power output for efficiency, as it is limited by the heat it outputs.
    It would also make efficiency five casucs possible.
    If you took the second option, you could probably have it emit so much heat per pulse of a nearby reactor cell, probably using a similar coding method as the depleted uranium cells.
    So, in the suggestion submitted, you could have the cell emit 50 heat , and the reflectors emit 4*H (where H is a value set for balance reasons).
    After all, no reflector would be perfectly efficient, right? And even if they were, meh, minecraft physics.

  • No, using these deflectors would already create a disadvantage: More heat.

    The higher the Uranium Efficiency, the higher the heat output, per default. This would be a valid idea to create high-efficiency outputs.
    I will use the "dimishing" reflector idea, though. Probably some semi-cheap component with ~1 cycle usage. (needs to be replaced together with uranium cells).

  • Right, the only reasonalbe way is using CASUC's, not CASUS.

    Why dont you fix that with the BB-Code? Just go under settings (right next to the smileys) and click on "Enable BBCode in this message".

    It keeps unchecking for some reason.

    And, you can get 4+ efficiency with microcycles, instead of CAS-whatever. You can even get absolute theoretical maximum of 4.44 with microcycles, that is unreachable otherwise.

    Just got idea, may be, it is possible to combine this approaches? Pump reactor full of uranium, run few seconds, flush uranium, cool with water/ice, repeat.

    Reactors tic once per second, tubes can work in-between. Is it possible to fill or empty one full 6-chamber with uranium in under one second?

    Sorry for de-railing :)