[OFFICIAL] List of good reactor designs

  • @ boone,

    the reactor needs to be "set up" like i explained. once at temperature it is an 0 management reactor.

    right, time to get serious...
    i wil be offline for weeks and possibly months at an time. if you have anything to add to an post i made, and would like me to know. you are welcome to pm me, and i wil reply as soon as i am able to do so.

  • TheBard & SSD (yes, i mean your posts about one week ago)

    AFAIK Logistic Pipes fully support Breeders. I've been using them to keep my Breeder filled by using a simple supplier to supply Uranium and Depleted Isotope Cells and an advanced extractor module MkII to pull re-enriched and nearly-depleted cells out for some time now, works like a charm. Without any fancy gate-tricks, fairly straightforward. I'm using IC2 1.107 beta (worked with 1.106 before) and the logipipe 0.5.1 prerelease 11 atm. But I've done this ... erm... since... earlier ^^ using just advanced wooden pipes (additionalpipes BC addon) + redstone engine to pull used cells out + supplier to refill, when there were no advanced extractor modules.

    Also, might I direct your attention to my reactor design from this post, especially designed to provide a fully automatic self-breeding hybrid, with the additional safety of not melting any components and designing a shiny smoking new crater if the Uranium and Isotope cells ever get mixed up during autorefill (Because, you never know, you know?).

  • I've had problems with the supplier logistics pipe though.
    I've got a chest with a provider pipe. The chest has a stack of coal dust and near depleted cells.
    Also connected is an autocrafting table with a crafting pipe, and the recipe with 1 coal dust and 1 near depleted cell to make a depleted cell.
    The supplier pipe on the reactor is set to supply 4 depleted cells.

    The breeder design I use has room for 4 depleted cells. What happens, is the re-enriched cells get extracted fine via chassis pipe with adv extracter, but the supplier pipe then goes haywire and requests a LOT of depleted cells. Sure 4 go into the reactor, but it keeps requesting more and more be autocrafted.

  • Hmmm. My system works a bit differently, I keep a chest stacked with the necessary uranium + depleted cells near the reactor (chest gets refilled by supplier + my main logipipe crafting grid), and the reactor has its own logipipe system (provider at this chest, supplier + chassi with extractor at reactor, base logipipe routing the extracted reenriched + neardepleted cells through an iron pipe back into the main system). Don't know if this is just an unintentional workaround for the same bug, though (and if, how this should help).

    But, I've got an idea. Where on your reactor do you have your supplier positioned, exactly? Next to two reactor chambers? If the supplier connects to two reactor sides at the same time, I could totally see this supplier detecting two connected inventories missing 4 cells each and requesting 8 cells, not knowing that it detects the same inventory twice...

    If the problem was the item damage code, your supplier should detect missing depleted cells as soon as a depleted cell got one single tick, not after the cells have been re-enriched (as you described)... and now that I think of this I seem to remember I got the same problem before I got this one figured out...

    Let's hope I'm right ^^

  • Damn, I'm not right. ^^

    Well then, try my buffer-chest-method. This way the supplier doesn't get any cells to overstuff the reactor with until the refill is complete... but I'll have to do a test if I can reproduce your bug. As i said, my method worked for me for many game hours.

    TheBard : I tried. Set up a reactor for testing, 2 chambers (above and below), connected supplier + extractor chassis to main chamber, set supplier to provide 4 depleted isotope cells. Connected to crafting table with crafting pipe making depleted isotope cells out of coaldust and near-depleted cells, which I provided :P in a chest nearby. Filled reactor with 1 uranium and 4 depleted isotope cells (the ones you get from Not Enough Items, 1 tick before reenrichment). Switch on and... re-enriched cells fly out, new depleted isotope cells go in. Just 4, too. Ended up in the wrong place, of course, since the reactor was empty except for the uranium, but well. Everything works just fine. What version of Minecraft/IC2/Logipipes are you using?
    I had a bug some days ago where one filled RE Battery in my crafting grid messed up all the recipes using (empty) batteries, so I guess strange things can happen with logipipes...

    EDIT2, again TheBard :

    Could this be a timing issue on your part? I mean maybe your supplier pipe delivers the depleted cells faster than the extractor makes room for them, so new ones get spilled. I had this problem with my earlier builds and had to lengthen the pipe transporting the new cells in artificially so the extractor gets enough time... now of course extractor MkII (and MkIII if all else fails) are available, which are much faster, but I remember this being an issue. And I don't see you explicitly mentioning Extractor MkII or faster here, so maybe... (just a stab in the dark)

    EDIT3, fixed typo

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  • Well I played some whit this thingy... tested it... it produse alot of power but need around 1100 lapiz to keep cool....
    but then... whit the power it produse... if u have the scrap to make uu matter u can make around 5400 lapiz...... so u end up whit a lot of goodis......

  • The 420 design explodes mid-cycle due to the bugfixes I made

    Can you elaborate a bit more? Because per the reactor designer it runs just fine. 672 heat produced, 672 heat vented.
    The reactor planner follows how the new reactors are supposed to work... iterating through each component starting from the top-left and going from left to right, top to bottom.

  • I basically fixed the multi uranium cell depletion rate:


    1. every (pulse this cell gives) {
    2. do stuff
    3. damage uranium
    4. }


    1. every (pulse this cell gives) {
    2. do stuff
    3. }
    4. damage uranium
  • so why does it explode then?
    there shouldnt be any difference...

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  • I agree, it shouldn't explode then because the reactor planner already took into account the fact that quad and dual cells should last the same duration as a single cell.

  • I made this partly by mistake.


    It is a 200EU/t 3 chamber MK1 EA. The mistake was me placing the component heat vent next to the right most advanced heat vent, which turned it into a MK1, which was what I needed.

    If you need a little less power (because if you are needing a large number of plants, you will need to keep you uranium usage to a minimum):


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  • since it is a mk1 it shouldnt go any way boom...

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  • Without the bug, quad uranium cells last 4 times as long, causing the design to go for 4 times as long = explode

    Let me check the heat.

    Yup, the cooling and heat match. Rich, are you tired or something, because this is the second time this happened.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • /facepalm xd

    it definitly a mk1, it wont melt nothing.

    i tested it with magic and stuff.

    richardG you are drunk, go home

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

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