Suggestion: redstone over power cables

  • Already suggested and Alblaka refused this idea...
    He saied that redstone wire is Red Power's territory so he won't implement something like this on the E-net
    (but i personally and secretly hope for a reconsidering before IC3 ^^ )

  • its not the hardest isea as its just eu/t change = redtone signal

    Have fun with that 1-bit-per-second rednet.

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  • Redstone over E.Net - I'd use it.
    Just like redstone tubes, but with cables.

    I agree. there should be a way to create redstone power cables that would function exactly the same as redpower's redstone tubes. just combine 1 cable of your choice and 1 redstone to create them, and painted power cables would only attach to redpower insulated redstone cables of the same color. It's a simple, useful addition that can save space and complexity in project designs.