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    Someone should just make another mod which adds an IReactorComponent with properties similar to ice and a machine to create that component from water supplied by adjacent pump or snowballs.

    Fixed, apparently even vanilla blockcontainers don't seem to remove their TEs when blown up.

    There was a similar bug with frames in 1.103. Once you connect source and destination, then move destination with frames, E.NET will still transmit power to the destination.
    Hope it will be covered too.

    Problem is, only one tester had issues with ghosts.

    If you can help me out, I'd appreciate

    I'd love to help, since I encounter the bug all the time. What kind of information do you need?
    Though it won't cause a crash log and will disappear when I reload the world, so I have no idea where to get debug information.

    Here's the video (uploading atm):

    I'm not sure about power output.
    I'm getting same amounts of EU/t per pulse as before.
    Single cell: 1 pulse, 1*10 = 10eu/t
    So double cell is like 2 adjacent cell:s (1+1)+(1+1)=4 pulses, 4*10=40eu/t
    Quad cell is 4 cells placed 2x2: (1+2)+(1+2)+(1+2)+(1+2) = 12 pulses, 12*10=120eu/t

    When you put cells next to each other, you add +1 pulse to each cell:
    Double + Single = 80eu/t, 8 pulses. (1)(+1) and (1+1)(+1)+(1+1)(+1)
    Quad + Single = 180eu/t, so 18 pulses. Should be 16 pulses on quad + 2 on single, so (1)(+1) and (1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)
    Quad + Double = 220eu/t, 22 pulses (1+1)(+1)+(1+1)(+1) and (1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)+(1+2)(+1)

    Heat is more complex, and it's affected by reactor layout. I can say that formulas are wrong, but I don't have a solid replacement.
    Here's some values I was able to observe:

    Single cell is 6 heat
    Double cell is 24 heat
    Quad is around 256 heat

    Dual single is 24
    Triple Single is 48

    Bucket/snowmen powered CASUCs were op and made little sense, let alone balance.
    Though I loved the setup with a lot of IC2 pumps/compressors. It was pretty realistic, and I still hope we will get something like that.


    1. Coolant cells now only store the heat.
    There's a heating cell too and looks like it will never deplete.

    2. Heat exchangers are working like integrated heat dispensers.
    Normal and advanced ones will exchange heat with components and reactor. (1x speed)
    Component heat exchanger will only work with components. (2x speed)
    Reactor heat exchanger will get heat from reactor and store it in itself. (3x speed)

    3. Heat vents will remove the heat.
    Normal and advanced - will remove the heat accumulated in heat vent. (1x and 2x speed)
    Reactor - will take the heat directly from reactor. (?x speed, but looks slower than normal)
    Overclocked - all above (probably 2x or 3x).

    4. Neutron reflectors will increase the efficiency of cells.
    Single cell: +10 eu/t per cell (100% boost)
    Double cell: +20eu/t per cell (50% boost)
    Quad cell: +40eu/t per cell (25% boost)
    The only difference is the amount of heat stored.

    5. Plating will probably affect reactor heat resistance and maybe the amount of heat exchanged with components

    6. RSH and LZH condensators will always receive heat, apparently the difference in the amount of heat stored (LZH can store more).
    They don't break on reaching max heat. Idk what are those for.

    It depends on chamber count.
    6/36/116 with 6 chambers.

    EDIT: not really. Maybe creative mode has different values?

    Yes, the Moddevs and the are earning Money, but you forget that you only have to see the Advertisement (if adblock isnt there). Nobody pushes you to click onto that shit.

    Disregarding the fact that money is split like 20%/80% with 20% going to moddevs, and if you're using adblock (which is true for most of the users), you're losing like 5 seconds of your time without anyone earning anything.

    Definitely, but I don't really want to rely on RP machines. If something can be done by eu-consuming IC2 machinery, I will use IC2.
    As for overclockers, they will grab too much power, so I only use those in snowball->ice compressors.