[V1.106]Metallurgy Ore Dust and IC2 Recipes

  • Hey,

    Got Metallurgy 2 and IC2 and a bunch of other mods running on my server all going great and with no problems. Well almost, I set the server up to generate ores, that are shared by mods, only by Metallurgy 2. There are no IC2 copper ore tin in the world. The Ores turn to dust just fine. Its just the alloy recipes for bronze doesnt work from IC2, because the item id of the M2 ore dust is different from what IC2 expects. Is there a way to fix this besides having two kinds of copper ores.
    The copper and tin bars/ignots I make from the dust work just fine in IC2 and other mods, its just the alloying doesnt work. I know M2 has a bronze recipe but its "too" cheap just doing 1x copper 1x tin to get 1x bronze. I like the IC2 recipe 3x copper 1x tin for 2x bronze better.

    Thank you in advance and sorry if this is the wrong forum section for this.

  • I have them from M2, Forestry, IC, ICBM and something else :D you can disable ore generation in configs
    By the way, what ore dusts you use doesnt matter - recepie should work (like you can make same crafting table with different planks). BTW there is a way to conver ingots - to get IC ingots, make a block, to make forestry ingots, use carpenter, to make M2 ingot craft bricks.

  • If you macerate an ingot in an IC2 macerator it should give you an IC2 dust, which you should then be able to use for the bronze recipe.

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    I looked at IC²-Code and found out that the new IC² uses STILL the old codesystem from the 1.2.5-Forge Oredictionary.

    But if now a Mod loads before IC² and adds Stuff to the Oredict, before IC² "preloads", the Ore will not be recognized by IC²!!! The OLD Version of the Oredictionary did call the registerOre-Function with all the previously registered Ores, when the OreHandler (IC² itself in this case) registers to the Oredictionary, but NOW with the NEW version of the Oredict (the Forge-Event-Bus) this DOESNT happen!

    I needed to write an Orehandler, which copies the old behaviour of the Oredict, just to register my Centrifugerecipes.

    The lack of a working Orehandler in IC² could be the problem.

  • Yea, creator of Metallurgy here.

    Compatibility with IC2 is paramount and we were about to launch our main version and just didn't want to launch and not have it working properly. If its a problem on IC2's side we can simply just launch and wait for them to eventually fix it however, we were afraid it was an issue on our side. At first we thought IC2 just didn't declare the dusts (as there was no real reason to that we could tell).

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