[1.106] Stone Mugs Immediatly Drunk after filling

  • Hi!

    In the 1.106 version of IC when you fill an empty stone mug using the booze barrel, the content is being immediately drunk by the player. So I can't store the mug for a later use.

  • Seen this on my 1.2.5 smp server, it only happened once during a small lag spike.

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  • I have the same sort of bug with the weaponpack's musket rifle. it fires immediately after reload
    ...so i figure its not IC² related, rather forge or vanilla

  • It's a vanilla bug. Sometimes when I want to eat something, Steve won't stop eating until the hunger bar is full, or I switch the item.

  • I have a similar problem, the mouse will randomly stop responding for a random amount of time. When this happens when I am breaking a block, MC will "macro" block breaking until I click again. And this can happen when MC is not running, most notably when I am running Lego Digital Designer. Seems to be tied to a Java update. I guess it is time to bug Oricle.

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  • I had this problem before as well. I usually would just look away right after I filled it, worked fine then.
    Of course, the booze didn't have a drinking animation back when I used it(1.2.5), so maybe it does now and that would give you some time to switch after filling your cup. I thought it was a feature at first because I could fill my cup, drink it, and fill it again, drink it again, repeating until the barrel is empty back then.
    I only tested it with rum, then, though. My "Evil Lair" at the time was a Volcano Base. Lava was my primary light source, so I had tons of rum on hand.

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