Fillerforest: 900 eu/t+200mj/t from one logger

  • Looks cool, but I assume it lags a ton? That's the thing that keeps me away from anything else than wind+nuclear.

  • Actually, not at all. That's the point of using Railcraft - instead of tons of items and, at best, stacks of items flowing around, I just have 5 carts. So, very few lags, even on my ancient machine.

  • Possible suggestion, I thing scaffolds burn for the same length as wooden planks, but are cheaper in terms of amount of logs required for a stack. That would make your farm more effcient. Also, in terms of space, why not make that line of biogas engines vertical?

  • engines are always on so you can use BC gates on the pipes that feed biomass set to emit redstone always
    also golden conductive pipes lose some energy over distance so use less of those and place transformers closer to engines and use more cable...more efficient.
    you can also use the wood in coke owens to get charcoal and use the creosote in biomass engines for 60000 mj per bucket at 4 mj/t
    those can be underground so it's on the same chunks and all you need is a bit of clay.

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

  • Scaffolds is more effective than coal+creosote, especially since creosote as fuel was nerfed. Not to mention that this setup makes ~2 wood per second, so it would require dozens of coke ovens to keep up.

  • There is no simple way to feed lots of machines with RP. I tried it, and things start bouncing a lot between couple of nearly-full machines, dropping single items each "bounce". Even while there are cmpletely empty machines a little further down the line. So, soon there are swarms of items in tubes and lot of lags.