[Suggestion] Weather Vane

  • This is in response to my extensive wind mill testing. (I'm convinced there is a bug that really rends wind mills in survival almost useless) { See the thread HERE }

    Many who think its not a bug have claimed that wind could equal zero, and that's why the mills aren't working (even though I've proved with two identical setups that one working and one not working shows there is some sort of bug). For debugging, wind factory placement, and more, I'd love to see a weathervane. Whether this is a placeable feature (which also doubles as an awesome house decorating item too!) or one you simply hold, i guess doesn't matter.

    I think this also opens the table for some degree of randomness that could be further added to winds. For example, some locations might be more prone to better wind power, and biomes could (probably easily) be added to affect wind speed. A high peak could grant +2 to relative wind mill height. Being in a extreme hills zone could add +2, ocean or desert +1, etc.

    Perhaps a similar tool should be added for solar ray measuring (and maybe even water mills?) These could be easily placeable (yet need a wrench to remove) and help both for placing these important machines as well as debugging. And even looks!

    Thanks for the read. Any thoughts?

  • wel Dauntles, i see you took my advice and made an suggestion for it.

    as i stated before, i would support the weather vane, but i dont know if it is an good idea to add this to solars and/or water mills. but it would be an more chalanging way to use green energy.

    right, time to get serious...
    i wil be offline for weeks and possibly months at an time. if you have anything to add to an post i made, and would like me to know. you are welcome to pm me, and i wil reply as soon as i am able to do so.

  • An information (or debugging) block would be nice...
    for example :
    Show following stuff :

    wind strength , time,
    EU/t flowing through it (40 tick average, work as a glass fiber cable) if it is connected to 2 or more cables,
    if adjacent machine is working (work as an detector cable, emit redstone signal),
    internal storage if adjacent to a storage block [Use K and M prefixes to use less numbers],
    and any other information people can think...

  • everything you want can be implemended inside debug item without any problems.

    and, sadly, devs rejected code i provided, soo did it yourself or just wait.

    or ask GregoriusT to implement it into his own debugitem [which would be nice]
    GregTech Intergalactical advertisement/suggestion