[1.4.5][IC1.109][Forge]Condensed Blocks[V2.0.0]

  • Coal Blocks and Charcoal Blocks (and their condensed forms) doesn't seem to be burnable, in the Generators of IC2
    The Coal Coke blocks should work, as they have their EU showing (the NEI plugin by mistaqur called NEI IC2 Burn)

    Also a couple of suggestions for now:
    Moss Stone Condensed Block :)
    Burn a Condensed Wood Block into a Condensed Charcoal Block (and if possible, make it so it takes 9 times longer to burn the Condensed Wood Block, versus burning a normal Log, just so it's not overpowered in any way, burning the condensed ones into charcoal, over doing 1 by 1 logs :) )

  • - 20.11.2012 v1.9.0 Fixed the Fuel Problems
    Addet: Arrows, Carrots, Potatoes, Rotten Flesh & feathers
    Addet: Recipe for Wood/Planks to get other kinds of Wood (Jungle, Oak ...)
    Try to use more than one con. Planks/Wood to craft them ;)
    Config for the new Feature addet

    Recipes look Like this:

    ### = 9x Oak Wood

    ### = 18x Other Wood

    ### = 27x Other Wood²

    v1.9.0: [1.4.2] Mirror

  • New Version Online

    - 26.11.2012 v2.0.0 Addet ID Resolver (Delete your Config if you hafe Problems)
    Addet: BC Support (All Pipes, Pipewire & Tanks)
    Addet: Oredictonary Recipe for Wood/Planks (Now all Wood Mods that use Oredict are Supported(One way))
    Something i forgot

    v2.0.0: [1.4.2] Mirror

  • Some further suggestions:

    Maybe add the ability to dump redstone compressed blocks and the like in to energy storage blocks like regular redstone? Unless it does work already, I can't test it until my mods finish updating and i can update my server.

    Stackable potions would also be an awesome addition to this, though should be a config option since some might view it as OP.

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  • Stackable Postions would cost to many ids and the most admin would deaktivate it anyway. Redstone Blocks into Energystorage is not a bad idear i will look into that.

  • Couldn't you make the block 8 UU matter in a circle?

    U U

    I think that's the ender pearl recipe

    Is the answer to this question no?


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