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    Found the cause of the world crash issue I was getting when trying to load a existing world or creating a new one. The problem with the io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException: Undefined message for discriminator 1 in channel IC2NC

    originates when the mod Advanced Power Management is installed next to Nuclear Control. Went through the long process of putting mods one at a time into the mod folder until the error happened. Now we know the cause of the problem. Maybe AMP developer can solve it on their end or you in the NC team could solve it. Either way I'm glad I finally narrowed the issue down. Zuxelus thanks for trying to help earlier, I don't know if what you sent me might solve or prevent further issues.

    Had a derp moment... remembered Zuxelus had taken over development of AMP 8| :whistling:

    Keep getting this error when trying to start a world or open a pre-made one. I crashes the world and shuts down the server and goes back to the game menu.

    attaching the full forge log for you, hopefully it'll help narrow it down. If not I don't know.

    Makes little to no sense to me as to why people are updating their mods to use buggy forge versions. Everyone has stated to use the recommended builds and yet some modders are doing the stupid thing of updating to newer versions of forge, that is to forge builds that are broken or otherwise break mods or cause them to be incompatible. Where is the common sense?

    indeed so glad I got an energy shield damn enemies keep sneaking up on me and I blast them at close range with the plasma cannon... instant death for them... though the surrounding environment is suffering LOL!

    Damn it MM you need a banner bad... I wanna display it so much since this is such an awesome mod even though it's still in the works :D

    Yes, it is supposed to drain energy and just not work when it's out of energy. I have heard that the durability damage is related to the new Thorns enchantment. I'll look into it.

    LOL well that might explain it seeing how I did enchant the armor and it has Thorns III on it. Still though glad your gonna look into it... armor is expensive to make especially if your using gregtech :P

    Odd... is the suit or any part of it suppose to take damage? I had half the durability on my boots die when taking damage. Shouldn't the suit be like nano and quantum armor in that it protects you until it runs out of power and not take durability damage? I had a full energy bar on the left hand side of my screen yet the boots since they appear to be the first item to take energy loss took damage.

    Further my energy didn't drop in the slightest, I have both a diamond plate and a full strength energy shield. Energy level didn't drop but the boots took damage instead.

    Charge pads are an easy way to recharge the suit without taking it off and they accept EU. It just gets converted into megajoules which is the form of energy the suit uses.

    Hmm... wish the suit as it slowly lost energy over time through use would be equalized so far only my boots have been draining when doing all the things I do with it. mining, jetpacking, swimming, ect, ect. Besides these minor bugs I'm really loving this mod. So versitile to have and use, pretty much made me toss my Diamond Drill in the trash can when I got the thing same as with my chainsaw, although the power tool lacks a shearing mode.

    Mmm yeah... the energy conversion rates of using IC2 tools with the suit is very drastic. Got my Battery Capacitors set to around 50% increase, allows for lots of energy without weighing you down so I have around 9.38 Mj (million jules) add on another 2 million when using the power tool. When you use any IC2 tool it eats up 100k energy. Certain it's been reported already but I'd thought I'd add more weight into what was said. Haven't tested using the Nano Saber with this suit to see what results of power drain it has on the suits internal capacitors yet.

    Also suggestion for the power tool for upgrades is adding a silk touch upgrade and also a fortune upgrade.