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    Best way to store fluids that I know of are mods that have storage tanks like railcraft. There are a few other mods out there that add their own storage tanks. I do recall XYcraft was working on a tank buuuut... we haven't seen a release for that mod since way back in 1.4.6. Makes me wonder if we're ever going to see another release on XYcraft ever again.

    Well it's still needed for API (i dont know if Gregtech needs it but it is made from a basic addon to a big mod so i think it would be litte bit difficult to make it a standalone mod because of the code) and rubber trees (other orediction rubbers are available).
    And some little tweaks and mechanics

    Esssh... that would require a re-write of the mod itself to make it it's own mod not dependent on any other mod. Granted I'm sure Greg could do it if he wanted to do it. Of course if he did that I think he'd still be using API's from other mods just so there would be cross-compatibility an all that. Hell you need to use API's if you wanna use the energy systems from IC2 or some other mod that has an energy system.

    Aka, this looks much like something you should tell noogenesis about. Also how did you even get that Item with a 160 MetaData Value?


    Today I suffered the worst thing that could ever happen, a 2 millimeter Parpercut, yes a whopping two millimeter long Papercut, it is so horrible you cant even imagine. XD

    Eh I've had a worse paper cut. Try getting a paper cut from a lottery scratch ticket oh hell now that hurts since the paper on those things is thick and worse the damn cut was deep :cursing:

    Found the cause of the world crash issue I was getting when trying to load a existing world or creating a new one. The problem with the io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException: Undefined message for discriminator 1 in channel IC2NC

    originates when the mod Advanced Power Management is installed next to Nuclear Control. Went through the long process of putting mods one at a time into the mod folder until the error happened. Now we know the cause of the problem. Maybe AMP developer can solve it on their end or you in the NC team could solve it. Either way I'm glad I finally narrowed the issue down. Zuxelus thanks for trying to help earlier, I don't know if what you sent me might solve or prevent further issues.

    Had a derp moment... remembered Zuxelus had taken over development of AMP 8| :whistling:

    Keep getting this error when trying to start a world or open a pre-made one. I crashes the world and shuts down the server and goes back to the game menu.

    attaching the full forge log for you, hopefully it'll help narrow it down. If not I don't know.

    Are you sure you meant 1,200,203 kilobytes? Because that's 1.2 gigabytes, which is immense.

    I kid you not... it was around 1.2 gigs... :wacko: which is insane...

    question now is... which other mods could have caused gregtech to go insane like that during world building? besides 3 types of mods that don't work well together which caused all sorts of drama way back about a year ago which I will avoid naming.