Direwolf20's Lets Play, featuring Industrial Craft, with Buildcraft and Equivalent Exchange

  • Love the lets play series, great job. Was watching the trouble with overflow on your recyclers and had the same problem, then i tried placing a transport pipe on each recycler and that seems to do a great job. im running the o.6 release. Just thought it might help.

    Looing forward to episode 42!!

  • Best Lets Play EVA! :)

    My diamond factory looks almost the same, but I have my flint production worked in (redstone/iron pipe to make half of my incoming cobble to dirt for flint production, the other half gets converted to clay blocks and send to my recycler). I made a main sorting room and all my resources go from there to the different production stations.
    Oh and I have a secondary redstone ->coal table to prevent overflow of the redstone chest (3 rotary macs with 2 engines each can handle the incoming coal so far)

    I don't know if you already have a wood production running. Mine looks like this:

    EE lets you convert 1 sapling, 1 dirt and an Evertide into 2 wood and 1 wood into 1 sapling. That means you only need to add dirt to create wood in a self filling system. I have two chests next to each other, you drop 5 dirt into one and get 5 wood almost instantly. I havent tested if the EE/IC recipes include rubber wood/saplings, which would let you make rubber out of dirt 1:1. :)

    What I'm missing is the use of Red Power (such a great mod and you're wasting it's potential) Logic circuits are fun to build and you can do amazing stuff with it. The lights part is pretty sweet as well (my nuclear reactor has some nice red and green light indicators [use timers to make them blink!! :P ] wired into the water and door system).

    Because of you I am using Portal Gun now and I'm loving it! I also got hold of the teleport pipes and the induction furnace fix only because of you, thank you for that!! My pipe system was a mess before that! 8|

    Keep up the great work and try to get some sleep in between! You're working like a boss! :D

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    Thanks Ruyan, I know I'm wasting Red Power by not using it much, but I can't think of too much to do with it at the moment :). Maybe someday I'll spark up a good idea, muahaha.

    The treefarm thing is a good idea, I don't have one of those. But with the dark matter axe, theres really no need :). 2 minutes with that thing and i'm set for life :D.

  • I wish EE was more modular, so you could only pick the actual exchange part of it. This makes gold somewhat more usefull, Although using it in combination with IC is sort of cheating to me (esp. the macerator). For that reason alone I'm not gonna use EE when the 1.8+ version is available of IC²

    Anyway I loved to watch the first few ep's of your LP, helped me out somewhat with getting started. And personally I personally dislike the Red power plugin. Its like buying fridge meals instead of making it yourself (I'm not sure if thats the english expression). It would be awesome if there was a aesthetics pack.

    As for wood, I made a simple cacti farm, and convert cacti to wooden logs. Since I don't need a whole bunch of wood I kept it small.

    Keep up the good work!

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    I know what you mean about the cheating part - I felt that way at first, but eventually gave in :).

  • use the portal gun mod's turrets behind walls opened by sticky pistons I'm in my study hall at school or i would show you what i mean turrets are cheap to make but the turret have like half a heart health to make its 5 iron 1 redstone 2 obsidian so be careful with MinecraftCreeper and MinecraftSkeleton i dont know if interdiction torches
    affect the turrets there cheaper then :Tesla Coil: not to mention all the :Glass Fibre: and redstone to power it all

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    Episode 44 is rendering now, and is going to be uploaded tonight. The bad news is, its the last episode!

    It had to end SOMETIME, and this just felt like a good spot to end it :). I will probably do another Lets Play series at some point, but I'm not sure if it'll be 1.8 or 1.9, or maybe even not until MC Goes gold. Who knows!

    I've had a GREAT time making these, and I hope everyone who's watched them has enjoyed them. I've received a lot of positive responses from the videos.

    I've uploaded my world (As it exist at this moment) to mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?g3lzfa74o4484f8

    You'll need the mods I used in order for it to work, install video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS3y0sqZdMY

    I probably won't be able to troubleshoot your getting it working :). Its up to you to find the right version of the game, and the mods, and put the save folder where it belongs :).

    If someone wouldn't mind, could you please test downloading it and everything, and let me know that it worked? Thanks!

    Take it easy everyone! :)

  • Been watching your series non-stop for a few days now, and I have to say that I love you!

    Currently on episode 41 and I'm not about to stop :D

    Oh and just a by-the-way for your cool machine you just built, the quarry will not pick up actual diamond ore unless you use an alchemical chest...

  • Episode 27 is up, with SERIOUS changes to my Geothermal Generator farm!


    I was interested in your ideas for geothermal power with buildcraft, but with the first 10 minutes of the video - at least - is you being pointlessly obsessive-compulsive about something few people care about, it's difficult to watch.

    EDIT: And then you spend an entire minute explaining a logic gate when it could have been done in 4 words and 2 seconds. My life is too precious to watch this.

    Also build a chainsaw so you don't have to spend 3 weeks making annoying noise breaking a chest with a drill.

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    Sorry, I like to explain things so that everyone who watches can understand whats going on, not just engineers and computer science majors. Few people in this world know what an AND/OR gate is, not to mention a toggle latch.

    Also, while its probably not necessary for an even distribution pipe for THIS build, I do a build later on in the series where its absolutely required. Zeldo (Maker of Teleport Pipes) also added a pipe specifically for this purpose (even distribution of items) after watching this video.

    I feel like it was a successful one, sorry you didn't enjoy it so much.