• How to solve this? thanks

  • Change the Block-ID's in the Config

    1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 222 is already occupied by extrabiomes.module.fabrica.block.BlockRedRockSlab@39b3846b when adding ic2.common.BlockFoam@38baaa65

    This is the relevant part you can use to determine which block-IDs are colliding. ~ Alb

  • How would I know what to change it to? Is one better to change than the other? I change one then there's another conflict and it looks like it will be one conflict after another. Which numbers can I use?

    IC2 blocks:

    Extrabiomes blocks:

  • If you have NEI installed then you can look up all the free Block-ID's. Anything between 1 and 4095 is a valid BlockID if not already used.

  • I do have NEI but didn't know you could see the ID's, will take a look. thnks for the info

    Edit: I guess I would if the game would load. It won't with the ID conflicts.

  • Solution: Take the conflicting mods out of the mods folder and run MC ;) . The NEI thing should be in Options, and then click around until you find something like "Dump Unused Block IDs to File".

  • Firstly remove the conflicting mods and start Minecraft.
    Open your inventory, turn on NEI using O if it isn't already there, click options, click "Item/Block ID..." then click "Dump ID Map Now". The name of the text file will appear in chat (like when you take a screenshot). Then open your .minecraft and open the text file. Scroll down to find the unused IDs and assing them using the config files to the new mods.

    IMPORTANT! Never change the IDs of an existing mod if you have built a world using it. Block IDs are used by savefiles, if the world you load was built with different block IDs then some blocks will change/disappear. It's fine to add new mods, but just don't change the item/block IDs of an existing mod you have installed and played with (unless you want to delete the world).

    Also, if you add, say IC2, on an existing world IC2's ores will not appear in areas of the world you have already explored. You need to far away from your base to generate the new ores. If you already are using mods like Forestry they will generate tin and copper as well which you use in IC2 recipies. I recommend you disable IC2's tin in the config file if this is the case (its annoying having lots of different ores, as they look different and don't stack together).

  • That works for me @ bbqroast. I was thinking to only remove 1 of the mods, then I could use what ID's are left. In making a new world, is there a way to disable the tin and maybe the copper as that would probably be excessive as well before building the world, or do I just delete them with the config after the world is built?

  • Quote

    I recommend you disable IC2's tin in the config file

    How is this done? It was said that you can only stop regeneration in the config and not disable them.

  • That basically is disabling. If they don't generate, you can't use them ;) (unless you're in creative of course)