[Reactor Designs] The GregTech-Thread for Reactor Designs! (Please dont spam me like Rick, with tons of noobish Plans, PLEASE!!!)

  • Even with cheap copper that breeder is wasteful. Since you can get thorium from coal ore, a 4:1 and 400:1 thorium breeder have exactly the same efficiency (100%), unless taking a rock cutter to coal is impossible for some reason, and you have no excess thorium in your setup, you should only pay for a big enough breeder to power your production reactors. For example the 20 thorium/2 plutonium reactors Bricked was bouncing around take a 40:1 thorium breeder to run, which can be done for just 186 copper. At 250 copper (still a zero chamber with basic plating) you could feed *three* of the things.

  • I only ever bother about throughput with my breeders run 1-2 cycles then power them down for a while.

    Cant say I have ever had issues with copper except early game and Iv always regarded chests full of material as a waste.
    I also dont bother rock cutting coal, seems like a waste of time imo. TBH I dont do much rock cutting at all.

  • After a bit of thinking about previous breeder designs I've seen, I do believe this is the most efficient breeder it is possible to have, judging by how many cells you get per thorium.

    Obviously, you would have to heat it up manually first, and thus no matter what automation system you had it will probably gradually loose small amounts of heat every time the cells were replaced. However, simply adding this slight tweak to the design;
    will allow it to manage its own heat completely automatically, without too significent a loss of efficiency.

    Also, has the uranium cell + UUM = plutonium recipe been removed?

  • Its uranium dust, not cell.

    Oooh, okay, so that's what he changed...
    Dang, and being able to get uranium dust out of a cell would probably be too overpowered, wouldn't it?

    Well, anyway, if that's the case, I just wanted to ask if my logic was sound here;
    The centrifuge recipe gives you 1 plutonium and 4 thorium every time it runs, therefore you will always receive both of those elements in that exact ratio, regardless of how many extra depleted cells the process may generate. Correct?
    Additionally, 1 thorium will last 2.5 times as long as 1 plutonium, right?
    Therefore, shouldn't the proper ratio of fuel burned be 2.5 plutonium to 4 thorium?
    Assuming no loss in the breeders, which can obviously have varying levels of efficiency, and unless you have terrible efficiency will be pretty negligible anyway.

  • All thorium breeders are lossless, since you can get small amounts of thorium by rock cutting coal, instead of spending uranium output on it.

    And you're multiplying on the wrong side, its 10 thorium per plutonium.

  • All thorium breeders are lossless, since you can get small amounts of thorium by rock cutting coal, instead of spending uranium output on it.

    And you're multiplying on the wrong side, its 10 thorium per plutonium.

    But... Thorium lasts for 50,000 reactor ticks, while plutonium only lasts for 20,000. Therefore, if you want to burn them at an even rate, you burn 2.5 times more plutonium, since it burns that much faster.

    Also, my ultimate goal is to breed a large number of radioactive bees for INFINITE URANIUM!!!, with coal, tin, and probably also copper coming from a wither spawner and centrifuging lava from magma crucibles. Also, I'm using Custom Ore Generation with default settings, which makes coal mining a bitch. Could probably use monazit, though, I suppose...

    By the way, has anyone successfully made a reactor which uses the vacuum freezer for all of its cooling?

  • You burn plutonium faster, which is why you want less plutonium in the reactor, so there are reserves to replace it with before the thorium runs out.

  • put an almost max heat cooling cell into a vacuum freezer, after a while for it to precess it spits out a fully cooled one, though to keep up with a decently sized reactor you're gona need like 20 freezers

  • Interesting, but a cooling tower setup (see the nuclear engineering section, for a bunch of threads on it) is probably a shitload cheaper.

  • I thought I'd share one of the reactors I've designed. I've looked around to see if someone else had stumbled upon the same design and I did not see it, but this is by far the best single chamber reactor I think I've found. It's my go-to design for a quick, easily carried, easy to set-up, and small footprint reactor. I imagine it could also be useful for someone who wants to set-up a large array of reactors.

    Single Chamber Mark 1 EA Plutonium-Thorium Reactor

    This is a single chamber reactor that gets 114,000,000 EU at 114 EU/t at an efficiency of 4. You'll have to replace the Plutonium after the Plutonium expires, of course.

    I hope this is useful to people and that I haven't somehow made a reactor someone else made already.

  • Hello,

    I am trying to make a mobile self sustaining mining ship. I'd like to use the greg devices (the grinder is going to be fun to move :)) and therefore need a lot of power. I don't like solar power, so the only real alternative is going nuclear. Since rp block breakers are used there is no silk touching involved.

    My design goals are:
    - Reactors have to be moved by frames (this will exclude 5 and 6 chamber designs, and maybe even 4 chamber due to automation blocks attached.)
    - Have to be automated
    - No spare fuel left over
    - Minimum running cost on copper
    - Initial cost is not an issue
    - No silk touching
    - Running cost will have to be paid by the ship itself
    - Has to be MK1 (does not overheat and go boom if automation screws up)
    - No vacuum freezer as there is no spare room besides the blast furnace and grinder
    - Over 512 eu/t
    - Its a mobile ship, space is a constraint.

    After reading and playing with the planner I came up with the following plan:

    Main reactor:

    Thorium burner:

    And breeder (breeder is set to a temperature so that it wont hurt people getting near it):

    I will be using 2 main reactors, 2 thorium burners and 1 breeder. The breeder will steal one of the single thorium cells from the thorium burners, that cell will be replaced by an iridium plate. This total setup would use 208 copper and 6 1/4 uranium every thorium cycle, using the re-enriched centrifuge recipe and excluding re-enriched cells gained from the plutonium (I'd like that verified by the pros :)). Also, I should be able to use up all the fuel with this setup and gain about 532 eu/tick.

    Construction cost is not really an issue for me (iridium plates included). The running cost of the copper might be a tad on the high side, but its only 15 copper per hour, meaning 5 ore if sodium persulfate is used*.

    I also deliberately used 2 chamber designs since the reactors have to be moved on frames and automated (I am guessing a rp manager on an advanced regulator will do the trick for inserting fuels and a single rp retriever for pulling out the depleted cells).

    Any tips and guidance would be most welcome before I start shoe horning the setup into the ship.

    *) Sodium persulfate can not be crafted on the mining ship so it will be 7.5 ore per hour