Luminators & Torches

  • My suggestion is basically that all light in the game should either be produced by sunlight, or some form of fuel to generate a need to create a lighting network using luminators. I decided it would be fun, being an engineering apprentice, to do a few calculations to come to some sort of rational as to why certain variables should be set to certain things. The consequences of these suggestions will be that all light sources will either be powered by electricity or will run out of power. Those which do not will only produce a light level of 7 or below (You can see that way, but mobs can spawn).

    Luminators produce light for an electrical cost of 0.25 EU/t and the output of said light is equal to one torch.

    Coal contains 4000 EU which when used by a generator can supply a luminator to produce a torches light for 16000 ticks.

    16000 ticks is equal to 800 seconds or 13.3 rec minutes.

    My suggestion is that torches should last for a period of time which is proportional to the EU stored in a piece of coal. 13.3 minutes is silly however, and the calculation I just did wouldnt be wholely accurate. 4000 EU is actually the output of the generator, the closest I could find to a real life parallel of a coalfired generator is a combustion engine (Standard electrical generators in coal fire power plants use steam turbines). A standard combustion engine during its best period of a car drive will output 26% of its fuels energy as useful work. 4000 EU can be treated as the coals useful work. To calculate the actual EU stored we do:

    4000 / 26% = 153.846 (1%)

    153.846 * 100 = 15384.6 EU.

    This is could be considered to be the chemical energy stored within the coal. Doing the same calculation as before to get the time in minutes of how long a torch would last at 100% use of the fuel as light we get:

    51.282 minutes before a torch burns out.

    For simplicities sake I would argue that this time should be 45 mins to 60 mins of time. This gives plenty of splunking time and enough for quick light when you need it.

    Glowstone is a natural substance which "glows". Its light level should become 7, which allows vision at the expense of mob spawning. Lanterns are made from glowstone and also don't have a cost so they should also be set to light level 7.

    Pumpkins shouldn't produce as much light as torches realistically and should also go out after the same period as a torch.

    In conclusion I feel the above changes will make some fun changes in gameplay. The first is that light production is now balanced to how I feel it should be, where you can only have infinite light by supplying electricity to it. I know minecraft isn't a simulation for real life, but the idea for working for comfort tends to be a trend which brings technical minecrafters to mods like industrial craft. I personally haven't lit a candle or a torch since the power went out last year, and I recognise that I have to pay for my power if I dont want to go back to that situation. I think minecraft would be better off this way, and I think it is very doable if you have things like what is present in this mod (Electrical infrastructure for example). Second is that it makes EU production more necessary, instead of gimmick items and production increase you also have to generate electricity for light on its own. Be it in the form of lighting caves or for street lights and building lighting or otherwise (Also if torches run out, an electric mining helmet wouldnt be so OP anymore.). The final reason is that I think it would inspire more lighting networks using luminators, I rarely see them and when I do its basic overhead lighting for bases. I think they should be used for more than this.

    So overall what this would entail is:

    Change in light level for passive light blocks such as glowstone and lanterns.

    A state change for lights which produce full light (Torches and Luminators) which is based on the energy requirements of these.

    A config file change to allow for people to switch this feature off, fun for a lot of people.. but not everyone wants to work that hard for basic necessities.

  • One of the main reasons ideas get shot down on this board is because people seem to think it is a general suggestion board for Minecraft. Probably about 50% of the stuff on here is barely related to IC2, and should be a whole new mod. It seems the few good ideas (like the torch gun, *wink* *nudge*) get buried in "add space" and "moar tres" suggestions. Compared to these, lightning rods are a perfectly legitimate suggestion (apart from the fact they have been suggested so many times).

    In other words: NOT IC2 RELATED. You want, go ask TerraFirmaCraft or something.

    And finally: REALITY? This is minecraft, where Steve can carry 44.5 tons of gold at once.

  • And actually 1 Coal = 4 Torches... so max. 15min. Light? Not gonna happen MinecraftNotch

    Edit: I don't get it, 26% of 4000 is 1040.

    • Official Post

    4000 / 0.26 (26%) = 15384.6
    He is considering 4000 EU as already converted Chemical energy to electric energy at a 26% rate (which is best combustion engines/generators can do irl).
    However i seriously don't like this.
    If you want to make luminators better you could make them make Light-air blocks (like factorization Wrathlamps) in a considerable radius (10 blocks ? )

  • Okay, after looking at your comments I agree with the fact that it should probably be added as part of an add on mod. In terms of timescale, the hour thing was just really a suggestion. The EU's work totally different to IRL joules anyway (I worked them out for fun and in some cases they are more than a joule, others they are less). That being said, a little bit of realism can create a whole host of challenges to solve.
    I had forgotten about the coal = 4 torches thing :)
    Tbh, I'm not really bothered how long the times scale is for torches if it were implemented (Hell even 10 hours could be good.) But I just personally feel that things shouldn't last forever without using some form of resource. I also think that it would be fun for large scale operations, the bigger your base gets, the more lighting it needs. Which means more luminators, more cable and more power generation. It makes you think about scalability a bit more (and for those who use glass fibre cables for everything, it might make them think more about efficient and cost effective design).
    Obviously this idea isn't for everyone, I just think it adds an added challenge for those who want it. Hence why I suggested a config file.

  • making torches go out or making glowstone dimmer needs base file modification and base file modification = big no-no

    Possible way to implement would be to override default vanilla torch by creating new recipe of new torch, with exact same texture and properties, except that the torches will go out.

    However, as I previously stated before -- not IC2 related, denied.

  • You wouldn't be "working for comfort", you'd be working for not having your base blown up by a creeper every 5 seconds.

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  • I would be very against this. As it stands, placing light sources is pretty inelegant. Any-side sources like luminators help, but you either need to supply them with cables or remember to change the batteries.

  • It sounds like something GregTech would add. You could suggest it to Greg in his thread.

    Disappointed with the bugs and nerfedness of AtomicStryker Corp's Advanced Machines, and the unupdatedness of Snyke's Enterprises?
    Need low-lag renewable power?
    Come to ImmTech Intragalactical this thread for free UUM!

    Note: UUM may stand for Unnerfed Unbuggy Updated Machines and may not be actual UUM. The extra U was lost due to a bit error.
    Battery snot included.