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    I wrote a sci-fi story about an Imperial Commander who crash-lands on an alien planet. Think Albalka's Story Corner but one thread and I wrote it. Mostly just did it out of fun, I think its pretty funny. Tell me what you think, I'll be posting more as I write more. Someone tell me if this is against some rule I am unaware about.
    Its fine, its on the offtopic, and if it werent, i would have moved it to here. ~ SpwnX

    Chapter One: The Chapter With No Title - Last Updated 20/10/2013
    AN: This chapter has been edited and is considerably less terrible. Enjoy!

    9Minecraft, like many other sites, is a very "Fishy" way to get *any* mod. McForums is often a good place. IMO, someone should do something about those sites, as it severely devalues the reputation of these mods. At least get Albalka to complain, or at LEAST get them to link to this goddamn forum. I detest those sites, I really do.

    -Diamond water, that spawns near diamonds and can be picked up with a bucket

    This is not even possible and would require thousands of newtons of force to accomplish. By any means, it would not be retrievable in your grampa's old tin bucket.

    -Diamond-Encrusted obsidian, crafting of a diamond-encrusted water bucket, and a lava bucket

    I see... This would most likely result in diamond shards immersed in obsidian. Plus, I don't think that the crafting table would be the best way to make DEO.

    -you can throw scrap into diamond water and make it instantly into UU-matter

    UUM is one of the most OP things in the entire IC2niverse. Having scraploads of it (snerk snerk) would be almost on par with EE in terms of OPness.

    -make diamond water a very very low spawn rate

    This is pretty much a given.

    -putting diamond encrusted obsidian into a crafting table, yielding 1 diamond and 1 obsidian


    -making of diamond encrusted obsidian armor/tools

    IC2 is by no means a "Tools + Ores" mod. DEO definitely fits under that category.

    -they are faster than diamond by 4x and have 4x the durability iamond Drill:

    These are as easy as diamond to obtain. Are you seriously suggesting that something that comes in

    -3x3, or 4x4 pools of diamond water

    That could be made into 9 or 16 hunks of these, providing you with incredibly OP tools would be a good idea?

    -diamond water when standing in it give regeneration 2 for as long as you stand in it

    More like cut you into tiny, tiny shreds. Diamonds have no inherent magical properties; The beacon is a Nether Star and and the resource blocks serve only as a focus. This would not be OP in any way, but you could just flood the world with this from a single source.

    -if you put a bucket of diamond water into a furnace it will use up the bucket and water and give you 2 diamonds

    MORE FREE DIAMONDS HERE! Why would anyone EVER do this when you could just get ultra-OP DEO tools?

    -iron/gold trees that you can craft the logs and planks into nuggets of that ore and has a rare chance of dropping the ingot when you break the leaves of the tree

    This does not fit into the spirit of the IC2niverse at all. IC2 is about tech; this is blatent magic.

    -and maybe also some bigger bombs/nukes

    ... No schitt, scherlock.

    Look, maybe you should read up on the rules. You should be lucky that this isn't the [DATA EXPUNGED] suggestion forum or you'd be taking a very, very long holiday...
    What I'm saying here is that your suggestions aren't really what any of us are looking for. If you think that these are good ideas, maybe make your own mod because these aren't going to go into IC2 ever. Or IC3, 4, 5, 6, or ICX: Industry Redefined. Who knows though; you might have a really good idea sometime. Please don't let this discourage you from posting ideas, as it really doesn't cost anyone anything other than a little patience.

    The MCP (No reference intended but ok) would be a chestplate that could be hooked up to any energy output, connecting the player and the socket via a rope. Lift code off of the fishing rod/leash. Once this is done, the player will be able to charge their tools with an entire MFSU array at their fingertips. Of course, they couldn't go very far, but they'd be able to test out their tools and such with a large, stationary power supply. Perfect for strip mining, if connected to an RC batbox-in-a-cart, or even just stationary laser defence. The MCP would be a very useful tool.

    The drill is covered in diamonds. Therefore, more friction will be created, necessitating higher energy usage while also boring faster. Ergo, more or at least the same amount of power must be expended in order to mine out a block. And if you're so bothered about energy usage, use a diamond pick, wear a batpack, or have a charging point near you.

    Wait this was added back in? The one thing I missed from back in IC1!

    ... guess I should watch the beta releases...

    IC1 had stuff like electric minecarts, obfuscators, non-advanced alloy... A simpler time, when MF remained un R-ed, Advanced Redstone was still a thing, and Eloraam still made Spore videos. When allocaters (allocaters? was ist allocator?) were still a thing, people still used obby pipes, and EE was OP. Buggy as crap though.

    Oh yeah. IC2 has a lot of work to do catching up to all those new, fancier mods with their "good texturing" and "3d models".
    In all seriousness though, IC2 really does need stuff. Gregtech is good and all, but I sorta agree with RawCode in that it has had too much extreme Korea exposure. I find myself swamped in machines, unable to make neither heads nor tails of... anything. What I liked about IC2 was that it was original, intuitive, and fun. While someone who knew what they were doing could probably have fun with Gtech, I find that 90% of the time, it is just too hard and there are just too few things to do to warrant actually bothering with the machines. What IC2 really needs is toys. Cars! Planes! Missiles! Guns! All this would help bring IC2 back to life. And right now; we need it. WE WANT GUNS! WE WANT GUNS! WE WANT GUNS! AND ALSO CARS AND STUFF! Viva la revolution. Sit flamma bellis incipiam. Let the flame wars begin.

    That's why i am talking about this only after horses appearance. Entity already exist (transport), All to do is to manipulate with it.

    Actually, he's kinda right. While vehicles have been denied in the past, this is a pretty good time to un-deny it and actually implement them; Cars with simply copy+paste horse code would... actually be pretty sweet.

    Actually, the side you enter through has no bearing whatsoever on where you come out. What you're describing is a multidimensional teleporter. A nether portal is completely stable and does not ( as you seem to believe) send you random locations in the nether.