Max EU/T of Mass Fab? No, don't question me, I got the balls and time to do it.

  • Lets just say I got the system in place to automate the production of high voltage solars from UU, and I already got my Mass Fab working at around 30000 eu/t. Whats the maximum input of the Mass Fab before I need another? Autocrafting takes care of making the solars, so I am not crazy, just power hungry.

  • 1,000,000 EU/t, in packets no larger than 512 (8096 for the gregtech version).

    First its 8192 EU/p, second depends on its internal Buffer, which is something between 1 Million and 1 Billion EU.

    Also with HV-Solars, it would take only a few Panels to reach 1 Million EU/t, or like Pahimar would say "WHUAT!?!".

  • I am running without scrap, so its 1 million EU for a piece of UU, the fastest rate is 1 piece per tick, so 1 million EU a tick it is then. Damnit, now what do I do with the extra 100000 my planned setup will produce?

    Edit: My server runs at higher than 20 TPS, because I changed the limit of when Minecraft is supposed to stop trying to reach a higher TPS. So this could result in my panels making slightly more EU per second than expected.

  • 1954 High Voltage Solar arrays or Ultimate Hybrid Solar panels to get 1.000.000 EU/t in packets of 512 EU/p which is vanilla IC² mass fabricator limit.
    Got more than 1kk EU/t ? Make another massfab.

  • More likely, it'll drop the tickrate down to 2/s. Too many packets does bad things.

    I've tested it once SSP, it worked normally. So i believe if his server computer is good enough it can handle it.

    By the way, 6400 windmills makes far more packets and doesnt lag much the servers i've played.