Custom Wrench

  • I am making a mod that involves a special item used to start a portal. As this mod is an IC2 addon, and only really usable with that, I was thinking an irridium wrench, but I have hit the brick wall of there being no wrench stuff in the API, is there any way other then trying to copy the code into a new item, and fixing the stuff I dont have access to (like IC2.keyboard) I can make a custom wrench?

  • If your wrench is only needed to activate your portal, you really don't need any "wrench stuff" in the API to code that.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • The problem is, I dont want it to be just a useless item only meant for opening the portal, as it is rather expensive (4 plates and a diamond and a wrench) so I was planning on making it act as a more durable wrench with a lesser loss rate, but without this it looks like I cant, and may go a different route then the wrench one.