Magnetizer Upgrade

  • I have come up with a few ideas to make the magnetizer block itself and the system of it more fun and easier to use. The first idea is to either let magnetizers affect posts next to them or reshape the magnetizer block itself so its flush with the fence, allowing for long continuous stretches that don't have a change over every 40 blocks. Another useful addition would be allowing a series of magnetizers be controlled easier from a single point, perhaps if the bottom one is activated/deactivated it sends a signal to all above.

    An additional boon to the system would be a way to use the powered magnetizer to ascend without wearing metal boots, by maybe using a device somehow linked to the post. (tie a minecart around it?) Its just a real shame that the magnetizer requires you to wear a certian pair of boots from a very small list.

    Lastly, if its not too crazy, some way to get limited horizontal movement from the magnetizer rail system. Perhaps using the minecart idea it would be possible to make a super high speed mag lev rail system (booster rails and furnace carts are so last century) to hurl someone down a long line and possibly catapult them through air. Like i said though, may be too crazy for albaka to even consider, despite how much fun it would be.

  • If you want to use Minecarts, install Railcraft. It can help you with elevators, high speed rail systems and many other good things.

  • In regard to the Magnetizer-only parts, I largely agree, although the minecart attached to it seems a tad esoteric. And in regards to the Magnetizer-minecart-accelerator, are you saying basically 'use the magnetizer like an Aircraft Carrier's catapults'? If so, I 100% support this. That's something that, while potentially OP, could be massive fun.

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  • Firstly, I just want magnetizers to work properly again. I tried playing on the latest (348 i think) and they still peter out and stop working after a second, and then dont work again even if I replace the rail and magnetizer >.>

    That being said, people have for a long time wanted either a flush Magnetizer block, or to be able to have the magnetizer on the side of the rail.

    I want to be able to place rails horizontally (like how wires work) and zip along them with my metal boots! Lol. +1 if its ridiculously fast like running on Aether quicksoil (on which i can run so fast the server gives errors)

  • That would be extremely fun! Not to mention it could be weaponized into a railgun

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