[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] luacs1998's IC2 Addons - Compact watermills, anyone?

  • Post updated, didn't realise derp.
    I'll be pushing a 0.6.2 which should bring the mod itself in line with the calculations on the OP, as soon as I can get time to set up a dev environment for the latest IC2 and 1.6.4.
    You SHOULD be able to run 0.6.1 on MC 1.6.4, I used srgname obfuscation.

    (Gee, why the hell do I keep screwing up?)

  • For example :

    I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. A LC watermill would need a 7x7x7 area ABOVE the mill filled with water to get the 8 eu/t? If so, seems like a lot of space to occupy just to get 8 eu/t. So, is it possible to exploit the water needed by having more than one mill for each "water" area. For instance, is it possible to create a 7x7x7 area and place a watermill in the middle of each "face" to receive the 8 eu/t?

    If it's not possible to exploit the areas needed I think the mod is pretty balanced. I wouldn't want to fill a 49x49x49 space with water just to get the 4096 eu/t. Actually I'd do that for one mill but I wouldn't have a farm of them. If you add the ability to pipe in water and such you make it easier to exploit. Creating a special "water" for the mod doesn't seem like a viable option because water doesn't evaporate in MC. I think forcing one area for each watermill is the way to go. Creating a tank specific to the watermill mod seems to be the smartest thing to do, IMHO.

  • Your mod is buggy.
    For me your generators output the maximum amount of energy possible for the level, so 32 eu/t for lv, 128 for mv. Have'nt tested the others.
    Not that i'm complaining since it's a very efficient way to get loads of energy. Sticking with lv ones since mv is only half as effective :)

  • Quick question: would there be any demand for power generating swimsuits?

    It is an intriguing idea. I think there might be if you do it right. For instance if you combine it with a diving helmet that can draw power from it that gives air and light (it's so dark in deep water, for instance when building under-water power farms).
    Also why not make the system a bit broader - have some machines that are intended to work alone and need lots of free water, and some that can be built closer together.
    Finally if you want the system to be sucessfull and competetive, for instance against solar power the generated power should be somewhat comparable - for instance I would assume that while a lv watermill would give less power than a low voltage solar panel (which gives 8 eu/t) in the end what you would get after a full day and night should be somewhat comparable and take a comparable amount of resources. With comparable I don't mean the same, just that it should not deviate hugely and thus keep the whole system balanced.

    Also, when it comes to swimsuits:
    I'd consider intruducing two sets. A basic one thats easier to build, and another one thats more end-game like and is more on the level of iridium armor or even the gravitation chest plat. Of course it would not work as well above ground but work better under water, so as mentioned, a helm for air and light, a chestplat for energy and protection "boots" for faster swimming....

    But before this all, please look into the current generators which are buggy and always give maximum energy.

  • I swear, it's probably a problem with the way I'm implementing the IC2 experimental API. It might require a substantal rewrite of the mod, so I'll fix sometime in the next few days and push a 0.7. (And I need to update my experimental. Gee, I'm at least 50 builds behind)

    EDIT: Found out what was the problem. I didn't clear the "cache". Might just need a 0.6.3 instead of a 0.7.

    EDIT 2: I did a 0.6.3, but there's some new API additions that make my life easier. So I did a 0.7 too. Read the scary warning in the OP before updating.

  • I think amount of energy watermill generated must be directly related to the continuous column of water (falling liquid only) above it. And tier (lv/mv/hv) of watermills must be just a coefficient of maximal height of water column it can bear before exploding.

    My watermills are based on the vanilla IC2 ones in unmanned mode. I don't really have a way of telling how high a water column is without causing a lot of lag (because I have to scan up, and up, and up again)

  • My watermills are based on the vanilla IC2 ones in unmanned mode. I don't really have a way of telling how high a water column is without causing a lot of lag (because I have to scan up, and up, and up again)

    It's solvable, I belive in you! :thumbup: You must use same mechanism vanilla uses for water handling - catch neighbor block update. Or scan for example every 200 ticks.

  • 0.7.1 has been released, this adds a new message on right click of the watermill block that tells you how much EU it is producing per tick, as well as how many water blocks it's polling.

    Also, I've updated the links so that they go to my website, I've moved off bitbucket for hosting binaries.

    EDIT: immibis found a calculation derp, fixed and reuploaded. Please download again.

  • How I download this mod? I'm clicking on the links and thy both bring me to a ForgeEssential.com page but i can't find out how to get the files.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance and happy new year

  • What I have is:
    w = water block
    m = LV mill

    BTW, 0.6.2 has been uploaded.

    Just to understand it right - do i have to place the water mill right in the center block within the 7x7x7 (LV) or 13x13x13 (MV) area to get the best output or in the center block right beyond those areas?
    At the moment i have paced them in the center block within the 7x7x7 area outputting at 3,39 EU/t.

  • Hi,

    I have noticed that the LV-Watermills do not produce EU when I'm loading my world after staring up MineCraft. To make them actually work i have to right click each LV-Watermill. A second right click shows then that the LV-Watermills produce EU now.
    Maybe you should have a look into this...

  • I had a deeper look into it.

    What happens is that the cables are disconnected to the LV-watermills when I load the world. After a right click on each LV-watermill the cable connects to the LV-watermill and it starts to produce EU again.

  • I have the same issue. It occurs for all four types of generators, the vanilla one works correctly.
    I tried putting a block near the watermill and the cable (trying to force a block update), that did not help.
    It would seem, only right-clicking the generator makes it connect to the cable again (now counting replacing it).