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    These centrifuge recipes could get removed without breaking anything and are just for lazy players.
    They are meant to be inefficent. The correct way to get Plutonium is in the IC2 nuclear reactor.

    To make the whole nuclear reactor system more technical correct would need a bigger rewrite where i'm the one too lazy doing that for now. Still, i'm always open for help, the code is on github.

    Ah ok, thanks!
    Then the IC2 Nuclear Reactor is already some kind of breeding reactor, right?

    Is there also an alternate way to get radon gas except through Pu 244 ingots?

    You know how shittily unbalanced it would be if the Source dust did NOT disappear? You could feed the Source Dust back into the Centrifuge to get more and more Radioactive Isotopes out of something that should not have them anymore in the first place. Or with the 7 U235 + 1 Pu244 Recipe you would have a 1:1 ratio of Stuff being outputted what is WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH for this purpose.

    There are only two valid choices:
    1. The Mass vanishes, like it does now, or
    2. The Centrifuge outputs a 100% useless byproduct, that can not be fed back into the Centrifuge and is ESPECIALLY NOT usable for any Nuclear related Stuff.

    But your Suggestions are neither of those two options, and therefore extremely unbalanced.

    Well, I meant that recipe just as an example, not as it has to be exactly like that.
    Normally I would suggest to breed (pure) U 238 within Breeding Reactors (which should be added into GregTech if they aren't there already) into Pu 239 (and maybe as by-product Pu 240, Pu 241 and Pu 242) and to use then Pu 239 and/or Pu 241 as part of a MOX fuel.
    That way you can consume U 238 very efficiently over a long time as it is possible already in real life.

    Based on those facts the recipe could be something like (all dusts): 33x U 238 => 32x pure U 238 + 1x tiny pile of U 235 + 1x Ra (or just a small pile of it) + 25% chance of 1x tiny pile of Pu 244.
    Pure U 238 could be used then within breeding reactors to gain Pu 239.
    And the waste product out of the nuclear reactors that run on enriched U 235 or Pu 239 should be or contain a large amount of depleted U 238. Depleted U 238 can be used for radiation shielding or ammunition, for example, but there could be also a processing chain to filter out Ba and Kr to get pure U 238.
    And Ra could be used as source of a processing chain to get Radon gas.
    Does that sound more interesting than just (in my opinion senselessly) voiding U 238?

    Pu 239, Pu 240 and Pu 241 should also be able to be finally breed somehow into Pu 242, maybe within a breeding reactor or within a Neutron Chamber by shooting on it with some kind of Neutron Cannon (like that thing in the Iron Man 2 movie).
    Pu 242 can then be used as described below.

    If you really want to produce Pu 244 in a significant manner then you have to create a nuclear explosion because you need a huge amount of free neutrons within a very short time to create a "production" chain of Pu 239 - 240 - 241 - 242 - 243 - 244.
    The main drawback there is Pu 243 with its very short half time of just five hours.
    For GregTech that could mean to build a Nuclear Explosion Chamber that resists a small nuclear explosion and to fuel it with "Mini" Nuclear Bombs made out of either U 235 and U 238 or Pu 239 and U 238 and maybe some Pu 242 for both recipes.
    The Nuclear Explosion Waste should then be separated somehow into its ingredients - a somewhat lesser amount of the main products of the bomb together with some Pu 244.


    I'm a little bit confused about some Centrifuge Recipes for Plutonium and Uranium.
    There are some recipes that have outputs which are all with some percentage, maybe 20% for output A and 30% for output B. But what happens with the rest? Does it disappear magically?
    If yes that simply makes no sense. Mass is Mass and doesn't disappear in real life when it is processed in a centrifuge.
    Here is an example for a recipe that makes much more sense there:
    8x Uranium 238 dust => Output: 7x Uranium 235 dust & 1x Plutonium 244 dust.
    Something like that makes much more sense in my opinion than recipes with mass just disappearing.

    However, if you want that a lot of energy and time is used to separate the output dusts with the percentage values from the source dust then you should always give back the source dust, too, especially when there is no output dust. That sounds much fairer than letting the source dust just disappear.
    Also Radon is a decay product of Radium and not of Plutonium. Radium can be found in small traces within Uranium or Thorium ore and needs do be separated chemically.
    And finally Plutonium-244 cannot be produced easily because Plutonium-243 decays too fast (half-life about five hours). Usually it happens to be produced during a nuclear explosion.

    Hi Aroma1997,

    The Jenkins Server that is linked to the 1.7.10 download link in the OP requires an account to be accessed. Is that planned to be that way?
    In that case it would be better to place all actual versions of both 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 to curse/curseforge for a free download possibility for all.
    Maybe you should then also change the links to the curse/curseforge downloads.

    GregTech5U isn't that bad at all, especially when combined with some other mods like Buildcraft, Railcraft, Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics2 and some of their addons.
    Thermal Expansion for example has the Aquenos Accumulator for getting infinite water and one of the addons of Buildcraft has a water pump pipe doing the same and it also connects to GregTechs fluid pipes.
    But you really need a fresh world that has the ores from GregTech generated.
    And I prefer to use the quarry from Quarry Plus (addon to Buildcraft, bit old but still working very fine). It is funny to dig out holes of 240 x 240... :thumbup:

    That is the reason why I have so much cobblestone (~ 16 million pieces). ;)
    This is why I like AE2 and it's addon ExtraCells that much...

    Hi Player,

    I got this one at world loading:

    [20:55:18] [Server thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Finished: ServerStarted took 0,560s
    [20:55:19] [Server thread/INFO] [da3dsoulASMFix/]: Transforming Class: net/minecraft/pathfinding/PathFinder
    [20:55:19] [Server thread/INFO] [da3dsoulASMFix/]: Transformed Method: func_82565_a
    [20:55:19] [Server thread/INFO] [da3dsoulASMFix/]: Transformed Method: func_82565_a
    [20:55:19] [Server thread/DEBUG] [FastCraft/]: 28 / 34 applied
    [20:55:19] [Server thread/TRACE] [FastCraft/]: ed3007f9 0970149f 273bbe33 c941cadb 7d93c5f7 077f1cfb
    [20:55:30] [Server thread/INFO] [FML/]: Unloading dimension 1
    [20:55:30] [Server thread/INFO] [FML/]: Unloading dimension -100
    [20:56:15] [Server thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Gathering id map for writing to world save TEST

    Looks like something went wrong with fastcraft on world loading, throwing me back to the main menu.
    I'm playing with fastcraft v1.23. If you need more info's just tell me.

    Just a question about the mass fabricator:
    There is a slot for an Integrated Circuit. But there is no recipe list. Does anyone know if that IC slot is required for something and how the IC needs to be configured to work properly?

    Unfortunately the whitelist then only allows the items/blocks within the whitelist to be processed by the recyclers as I understand it at the moment. And that is not what I want.
    If that list would have been like "the items/blocks on this list always and the other items/blocks if they are not backlisted" then I would have been using it already.

    I'm still confused here. Could you please clarify whether you're 1. questioning the logic of GregTech's blacklist additions, 2. trying to use the recycler simply to get rid of your excess items, or 3. trying to circumvent GregTech's blacklist additions? (btw you don't get stone dust from macerating sand, you get it from macerating/pulverizing plain stone, blocks made from plain stone rather than cobblestone, or cobblestone slabs)

    Well, I think, somewhat of all three.
    But I would mostly like to see a little extension to the GregTech blacklist addition logic that tries to reach both goals - preventing a too cheap misuse of cobblestone and other too easy to obtainable stuff as input for the recycler but also on the other hand still a more expensive way like some kind of required pre-processing to get rid of those origin materials if I'm willing to pay the prize.
    What I told about stone dust there just should be understood as an example of what I mean - some kind of required pre-processing to increase the prize of too cheap origin materials as "feed" for the recyclers.
    Because if there is such a way, then I don't have to circumvent GregTech's blacklist logic.

    The problem with that is that a recycler doesn't just get rid of materials. It converts non-blacklisted materials to scrap with a 1 in 8 chance, and that scrap can be used either to reduce the cost of producing UUM or to make scrapboxes, which can be turned into various things, from cheap items like sticks, wooden tools, and leather to valuable items like diamonds and processor boards (the cheap items are more likely).

    I'm aware of that.
    This is why I suggested to introduce a scrap weighting system/different scap sizes and material-related energy/processing time requirements before.
    Using such a system you have many ways to adjust a proper balancing especially related to UUA/UUM producing.

    As far as it not consuming the source materials, the rock breaker machine does consume redstone to make obsidian, and cobblestone/plain stone generators can be made in vanilla minecraft that don't consume the source water and lava blocks (though they're probably not as fast).

    Well, it is ok if cobblestone or stone itself and maybe some other too easy to obtainable materials are blacklisted because of a too simple way to directly feed the recycler with them as long as there is a way to process them into something, maybe a combination of those materials, that the recycler finally accepts.
    For example, why not require cobblestone to be macerated to sand and sand to be macerated to stone dust (or pulverized to stone dust with small chances to get tiny piles of some rare earths/precious metals) and only accepting stone dust as resource item/block for the recyclers?
    In that case you need a high amount of energy to use cobblestone as origin material for the recyclers. Sounds that fair enough?

    As far as I can tell, sand isn't added by that GT_RecyclerBlacklistLoader class, but I tracked down why it's blacklisted - in the Materials enum, it's given a subtag of "NO_RECYCLING", and so are snow, ice, water, stone and glass. Thus regardless of the config options in disablerecipes, anything GT recognizes as being made of those materials will be blacklisted for the recycler. I think items that are less than 1 ingot worth of material (such as nuggets and small and tiny dusts) are also blacklisted, which would make it a bit overwhelming to look through the entire blacklist.

    Well, as I mentioned it before, that does not make much sense to me. Shouldn't the recyclers be a reasonable way to get rid of materials and resources I don't need?
    Then it makes no sense to blacklist most of the less useful but plenty available items/blocks that anyone has way too much of in his inventories just because of playing Minecraft normally.
    If I don't want to have a misuse of machines as easy filler for the recyclers, well, then I should not create them in a way that they can be misused easily. Lava to make obsidian and cobblestone are more then enough around there to be mined easily.
    Instead of creating a machine producing them infinitely a machine that only converts them vice versa or that at least consumes the source materials would have been way more reasonable.
    A converter machine for example should require a source block/liquid (either stone, cobblestone, lava or obsidian), energy and water to do the conversion.
    That way I reach both goals - an easy way to get obsidian (cobblestone just needs to be mined) and no misuse of my machine.

    It's not entirely hardcoded, but it's less intuitive to find the options. They're in the "disabledrecipes" section of recipes.cfg. You can look at… to see what other items are blacklisted when those options are enabled. Those are in addition to any items blacklisted in IC2.ini.

    Thank you!
    That is exactly what I was searching for.

    I'm not so sure those claims are entirely accurate. UUA is GregTech-specific, and the GT Replicator behaves very differently from the IC2 Replicator.

    Also the ic2.ini has a quite different blacklist for the IC2 Recycler. There is no cobblestone in the blacklist, for example.

    By the way: I couldn't find a blacklist for the GT Recyclers anywhere in my GregTech config files. Is that blacklist hardcoded or should I regenerate my config files for GregTech?

    Just turning it down to fuel values is quite too unbalanced and unsatisfactory in my opinion.
    Iron for example has no real fuel value but is still a valuable material. And stone or cobblestone aren't completely useless at all even if there are plenty of them available.
    And to be honest, stones are a mix of different minerals and possibly rare earth (depending of the stone type) that can be possibly quite useful if they are extracted or separated.
    The main issue there in my opinion is that cobblestone can not only be mined but also infinitely produced using machines like the Rock Breaker or by simply placing water nearby lava.
    That is why stone or especially cobblestone needs to have a low value (but still a value) when it comes to produce something like scrap for the Amplifier in order to balance it out somewhat.
    And/or it should require more time and energy to be processed into scrap. That could balance it out somewhat more.
    And I would still make scrap/UUA a requirement in order to produce any UUM.

    Maybe different types of scrap would be also interesting to balance it out a bit.
    Light Scrap = small amount of UUA per unit
    Medium Scrap = medium amount of UUA per unit
    Heavy Scrap = large amount of UUA per unit
    Very Heavy Scrap = very large amount of UUA per unit.
    Two factors should decide what type of scrap should be produced out of an item/block:
    1. The overall atomic weight of the item
    2. Can it be produced infinitely and how easy and fast does the production work?

    About the different UU stuff:
    The idea itself is not so bad but any element (or atom) consists of protons, neutrons and electrons, just in different amounts.
    In that case I would suggest different energy requirements to split up different materials like wood or stone into the atomic ingredients. In that case stone or cobblestone should require a high amount of energy and time to be divided into the different atomic ingredients in order to balance it out.
    The amount of the ingredients could be measured accordingly to the overall atomic weight of an item/block.

    Exactly. If it weren't blacklisted, you could set up a Rock Breaker machine feeding into the recycler, and very quickly get absurd quantities of scrap, with full automation.

    Well, now you just need to extend it with a auto crafting table that crafts something not blacklisted and you have the same automation again...
    Not really a solution to that issue.

    It would be better to work with some kind of scrap values that determines how much scrap you can get out of a given material. The recycler then should count those values and produce a scrap item after a given value is reached.
    In that case cobblestone or stuff like that should get a quite low scrap value that makes that automation above not really valuable.
    On the other hand you should accept that cobblestone (or equivalent stuff) is still matter and at least because of that should have some kind of effect on getting scrap or UUA.
    At the end it should be changing one form of matter using a quite huge amount of energy into another form of matter.
    Because of that the Mass Fabricators shouldn't produce UUM without a given amount of UUA.
    At the moment you can get UUM without any kind of scrap/UUA which makes much less sense except you want to produce UUM out of pure energy. But as E = mc2 states this should require a REALLY huge amount of energy in that case and a large multi block machine like a fusion reactor...

    I think you're somewhat misunderstanding the configuration option. That's not for showing what can and can't be put in the Recycler machines (including the Oblitterator, which is just the highest tier of the recycler, which makes scrap faster than other tiers), but for showing or hiding recipes for getting raw materials back, such as by putting machines and components into a pulverizer or arc furnace.

    As far as it not accepting things through the ME Export Bus, I can think of 4 possibilities so far based on the information you've provided:
    1. The items you're trying to use are blacklisted for the recycler (you can try putting them in a vanilla hopper, and if they still don't go into the Recycler/Oblitterator, they're probably blacklisted, unless #2 below also applies)
    2. You're trying to feed them into the output side (or maybe the front) of the Recycler, without using a screwdriver to make it accept input through the output side (I don't think the screwdriver will help if the export bus is on the front of the recycler).
    3. You've got the export bus misconnected or misconfigured.
    4. You've hit a compatibility issue between AE2 rv3 and GT5e (iirc, GT5e has only been coded for compatibility with AE2 rv2 stable)

    Thank you for the explanation of that configuration option! Now I understand it properly.

    About the ME Export Bus:
    Usually it works very well to export from the AE2 Network into the upper side of the GT Machines and import using the ME Import Bus placed to their bottom side.
    Just the Oblitterator does not accept cobblestone for some reasons at any side from the ME Export Bus. But placing cobblestone manually into the Oblitterator works fine.
    The ME Export Bus shows "Device online" so it should work properly.
    I'll do some more tests when I'm back at home.

    Considering builds 72+ are for 1.8.9, pointing there would only confuse people.

    Well, you said that the latest build would fix it. I assumed you meant the latest build for the 1.7.10 branch in that case.
    But your link for the 1.7.10 branch pointed to build 71 - the build I was using before. Because I saw that the link pointed to a Jenkins server it was easy to get one layer up and there I saw that you had just finished build 77 for the 1.7.10 branch.
    And build 77 for the 1.7.10 branch seems to fix my issue. At least Minecraft loads properly now with this build.
    To prevent irritations for not so experienced users I made that suggestion.
    The description for the link at the OP already says that it is for the 1.7.10 branch. And a file named "Uncomplication-1.7.10-" should not be that easily misunderstood.
    There are more mods out there that support different branches. I think the most people are able to distinguish between them.

    But please enlighten me. What did you really mean?
    EDIT: Forget that, I messed that one up with your footer