[Suggestion] Mains Charging Pack

  • The MCP (No reference intended but ok) would be a chestplate that could be hooked up to any energy output, connecting the player and the socket via a rope. Lift code off of the fishing rod/leash. Once this is done, the player will be able to charge their tools with an entire MFSU array at their fingertips. Of course, they couldn't go very far, but they'd be able to test out their tools and such with a large, stationary power supply. Perfect for strip mining, if connected to an RC batbox-in-a-cart, or even just stationary laser defence. The MCP would be a very useful tool.

  • I'm interested. I would use it, but I have a question...

    Could I link multiple Batbox/MFE/MFSU carts together? (Same type only of course, as otherwise it would be a tad ridiculous...) Or would I have to un-link & re-link to another cart when the first is drained?

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  • Yeah, this does sound interesting. A bit similar to a mobile charging pad. The issues (and by that I mean just design decisions) other than the ones already brought up:

    • What is the max range? What happens when you go beyond that range?
    • If a carted source, what happens if the source-cart is pushed or otherwise accelerates? Does the link break, explode, pull the player?
    • Different cables for different tiers of storage? (I'm assuming 'yes' on this one)
    • How remove the cable? Or is it permanent
    • Does the cable have a maximum transfer amount (If cheap, this could be a decent mechanic)

    That's all I can think of for now, but this does sound like it could be nice.

  • This is how i think it should work.

    1. Max Range = Depends on the amount of items you have. Lets say... 16 each?
    Beyond the range cord is pulled taught, Player can no longer move past the range and will not pull the cart.

    2. If the cart source accelerates past the cable distance then the cable should be broken and lost.(Configurable?)

    3. Yes different Cables for different voltages. If LV copper is used on a higher voltage block then the cable should break and fry. (Same as existing cables.)

    4. Cable is attached when it is placed into a storage unit output slot, Different amounts give longer range. Just like plugging extension cords into each other. (Increases energy loss, promoting advancing to higher tiers)

    5. Transfer amount should be on par with its respective voltage tier.

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    • Okay, I was thinking at first that it would be just a single 'cable' item, but your take makes sense. If you have a stack of them, you can go further. Nice.
    • Yeah ... another possible thought would be that attaching the cable would immobilize the cart completely, but that isn't likely to happen, since it would require hooks into another mod.
    • Yep
    • -
    • Slight misunderstanding. I was addressing the possibility of having a maximum transfer. For example, say a few dozen thousand EU for a copper cable. After which any non-renewable resources would drop. So you'd need to re-aquire the insulation and anything else; you'd get the diamonds, gold, copper, iron back. My thought was that since the cable would have to be more flexible than stationary cable, the insulation would wear out. Obviously higher limits for higher cables.

    Apologies to the original poster if we're stealing your idea, but the better we hash this out, the easier to code -- I think I remember that written by the devs somewhere.