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    Reconfirmed on Release 397

    Took the same DireWolf20 pack, and just dropped in the "new" release (industrialcraft-2_2.0.397-experimental.jar)

    3 MSFU in parallel power all the machines (will need to change eventually, I know) but lets not mention the placement, but focus on just the scanner ...

    • Placed redstone & crystal memory into the Scanner (in the appropriate places)
    • Scanning begins
    • Time passes
    • Success! The 'chest' icon appears, and I click it to store the pattern. Removed Crystal memory with a redstone pattern within.
    • Placed a new piece of redstone and crystal memory
    • Wait
    • ERROR!

      Caveats (Things I may have done wrong):

    • Only copied one file. If this was in error, let me know the OTHER files I should have modified.

    Also let me know if I need to get a Mantis account. I would rather not unless it is truly appropriate for me to do so.

    Thanks for reading

    PS: Just for clarity: I also removed the previous version when I 'dropped in' the new.

    I'm getting this too with an FTB pack that contains IC2-experimental 2.0.354 (according to the "Mods" button added by Forge). For completion-sake, it is v1.0.18 of the DW20 FTB Pack, for MC version 1.6.4

    Replication (most of if not all resources NEI'd in, since this is a test world prior to upgrading my server):

    • From left to Right : Massfab, replicator, pattern storage, pattern scanner, supplied by ample power via glass fiber cables (3 MFSUs with steam turbines and HV solars). Massfab is running, but I don't think this is pertinent and only mention for completion.
    • Place a Crystal Memory into the Scanner, and scan redstone.
    • Wait
    • Lose the crystal (if successful), destroy any stored patterns by breaking the storage block. If the replicator has a stored pattern, destroy it too.
    • Replace as in (1)
    • Go back and scan again as in (2), and wait again.
    • The scanner will return an error (just for redstone. You can try again with another item)

    On #3, sometimes I left the chunk, sometimes the pattern would not save
    to the crystal memory after completion (and I did click the little chest
    that comes up). The pattern storage block shows 0/1, but no pattern.
    Sometimes it does save to the crystal memory, and all would be well if
    you don't lose it. For the purposes of the issue, though, assume the
    patterns got lost somehow (4 and 5, above).

    To clarify: I'm not saying that this occurs only with redstone. I chose redstone. If you choose another item, the scanner will still error if you lose the pattern and rescan.

    I'll post again when I have opportunity to create an special instance that contains release 397 (version 3.0.397, I assume) -- to which I assume there is a link in the Downloads/Release section.

    • Okay, I was thinking at first that it would be just a single 'cable' item, but your take makes sense. If you have a stack of them, you can go further. Nice.
    • Yeah ... another possible thought would be that attaching the cable would immobilize the cart completely, but that isn't likely to happen, since it would require hooks into another mod.
    • Yep
    • -
    • Slight misunderstanding. I was addressing the possibility of having a maximum transfer. For example, say a few dozen thousand EU for a copper cable. After which any non-renewable resources would drop. So you'd need to re-aquire the insulation and anything else; you'd get the diamonds, gold, copper, iron back. My thought was that since the cable would have to be more flexible than stationary cable, the insulation would wear out. Obviously higher limits for higher cables.

    Apologies to the original poster if we're stealing your idea, but the better we hash this out, the easier to code -- I think I remember that written by the devs somewhere.

    Yeah, this does sound interesting. A bit similar to a mobile charging pad. The issues (and by that I mean just design decisions) other than the ones already brought up:

    • What is the max range? What happens when you go beyond that range?
    • If a carted source, what happens if the source-cart is pushed or otherwise accelerates? Does the link break, explode, pull the player?
    • Different cables for different tiers of storage? (I'm assuming 'yes' on this one)
    • How remove the cable? Or is it permanent
    • Does the cable have a maximum transfer amount (If cheap, this could be a decent mechanic)

    That's all I can think of for now, but this does sound like it could be nice.

    I assume you disagree with the 'lower like batteries' stuff.

    That wasn't a feature request; it was based on how I assume it might be done. As I understand it, an electric tool (or battery, or crystal) with a different charge is sufficiently different to have to make Minecraft think it is a different item. To see what I'm referring to, right-click with a full battery in hand while a mining drill is only half.

    Just tested, and the mode-change doesn't force the tool to make this motion. Again, I assume you'd have to make Minecraft think it is a different tool to repost the (new) description; just thought it would be a nice coincidence in look.

    If that is not the way it would be done, no problem at all. The real suggestion is that of the item description-change.

    Typically I just cycle the mode until I'm sure, but I too think this would be advantageous.

    If you'll pardon the cross-posting, I just suggested something for the Mining laser that might also be good. Placing "Lossless" or "Normal Mode" in the item description. Could be good here as well.

    I would hope that it would not glow like the 'saber. Of course, I don't think even the 'saber should blink like the saber, so take that as you will.

    I am completely unsure as to the feasibility of this, but here goes:

    Description: You are of course familiar with the item descriptions when you bring an item into your hand. You see 'stone bricks', 'mining laser', 'mining drill', etc. I would propose that instead of having the "Laser Mode: Super-Heat" and similar messages in the chat window, that the mode would be stored in the item in such a way that the Minecraft engine would recognize it and simply bring up a new description.

    So if you are in "Long-Range" mode, you would see "Mining Laser: Long Range" when you bring it to hand. No more cycling through. On changing the mode, it would lower (like batteries do when uncharging, and as the tools do when one it uses charge-pads) and then you'd have "Mining Laser: Horizontal" in your hand. It would just be a bonus that the entire motion would look like you lowered the laser to adjust it. The charge on the tool, of course, would be preserved.

    The information must already be there somewhere. It would be a matter of making Minecraft key off it.

    As I said, this may not be currently possible. But I think it would be a definite plus.

    Thanks for reading!

    Noticed during a direwolf20 SMP Let's Play 4 armor slots on the interface to an MFE.

    Happy to see it in a prospective version, and also to have Dire say "That's a good idea"

    Cheers Player! (and others if someone else coded it in).

    On a constructive note, I would have placed them in the same configuration as they are in the normal inventory screen, but cheers regardless.


    You can always use the oil/lava fabricators from Minefactory Reloaded if you want fuel from EU...

    Again, fuel in the sense of something solid that burns and is used by any or most mods . A coal/charcoal analogue. I'm not sure where I wasn't clear in my original post.

    Although, for the lack of support, I suppose a wood multifarm hooked up to an induction oven will have to be it.

    I tried, nuclear-steamers!

    Maybe just give them different burn-values in different machines? That would men that it would have a lower heat value in a boiler than in a stirling engine, and a lower heat value in stirling engines than in generators. CovertJaguar did something like this for charcoal in boilers.

    Yes, I have seen videos where EU generation, heat, etc was listed separately, but I thought it was doing conversion from a single value (ie, a value of X for coal would be Y EU, Z Heat, etc). If it really can be a different value for different machines, that would indeed help the balancing -- thanks for mentioning it. One of my main concerns is that this not even approach a Perpetual Motion Machine. Would the Forge-format configuration file be capable of configuring a hash like this?

    Rick: Yes, before I knew about the possibility of differing values (if true), I was worried about that, but again, no PMM's.

    gone: The point of this is the conversion of EU into energy in N other mods without the necessity of writing N (or more!) converters.

    Notably, the conversion of solar power and nuclear power. Even geothermal, since lava buckets in furnaces are nerfed by IC2. Yes, you can run an electric engine to get BC power and then convert from there, but that doesn't help with minecarts. You can install another mod that has a solar-powered cart, but that doesn't burn EU, and doesn't help underground. You can build a fantastically complicated device that farms logs, creates charcoal, and automatically supplies the trains with fuel (might just do that sometime!) but that doesn't address the desires of the nuclear steamers.

    *shrug* Had a thought and Just checked; scrap approaches this. It can burn in a boiler, but not in a locomotive. I might ask for the extra burnable attributes to be added to scrap, but having a fuel that is reliant on someone building a good cobblegen might not be the best of directions.

    Yeah, let's make it sound as vague as possible so people click on it. ;)

    Purpose: To bridge IC2 EU to other mods in the simplest way (or, at least, so I believe).

    Description: A machine that when supplied with EU and a redstone signal, will create a solid fuel.

    :Coal Dust: :Coal Dust: :Coal Dust:
    :Coal Dust: :Advanced Machine: :Coal Dust:
    :Coal Dust: :Cable: :Coal Dust:

    The coal dust above could easily be carbon-plate. For lack of a better name (taking suggestions!), let us called this solid fuel EUF (EU Fuel)

    Properties: EUF will burn and produce energy anywhere items can burn. Furnaces, boilers, engines, locomotives, even IC2 generators.


    • The transfer must be lossy. Under no circumstances should you be able to create EUF, put it in a generator and get a net increase in energy.
    • The energy input (in EU) and output (in whatever unit Minecraft uses) would be configurable in case someone should find a method that resulted in a breach of (1)
    • EUF would not be maceratable. It is not a replacement for coal for armor nor for solar arrays.

    Discussion: I've seen suggestions for electric minecarts, I've seen mods for electric engines (quite a few of them, actually). I've seen the suggestions for nuclear reactors to create heat so it could look more realistic. I've personally been puzzled at how to move non-IC power around due to the mod restrictions of the server-owner where I play.

    My thought is that if this one machine were implemented, it would be at the very least a workaround for:

    • Locomotives (and perhaps even vanilla MC furnace carts) could be indirectly EU-driven;
    • Electric boilers;
    • The output of a "vanilla" nuclear reactor could be funneled into a bank of these converters and the EUF piped into the boilers.
    • I'm sure there are more possibilities, but they evade me.

    Edits: Formatting of the thoughts, and another caveat.

    If the assertion was that :Generator: + (misc wood) --> :Water Mill: , then at least in the 1.2.5 version this is not true, and didn't see anything to change that in the recent changelog.

    If the question was indeed "Why not :Generator: + (misc wood) --> :Water Mill: , instead of 2" then I believe it is historical. At one point, watermills were made less desirable, so the devs increased the generator yield to compensate. Followed shortly by making it so you couldn't just break the watermill to get a machine-block or generator.

    So far as "why not change it back", then I'd just have to answer with a shrug -- I'd assume that the historical reasons above still apply, but that is just an assumption.

    First, a warning. Posts discussing the pros and cons and the legalities of the plugin I'll mention will be reported.

    I have a friend who runs a small white-list server, and he's chosen to go with bukkit. I've made some ground asking for a few plugins that I tend to like. However, before I start really pushing IC2, BC, and Redpower to him, I want to know:

    Is that bukkit-ized modpack the only option, or does Forge play well with bukkit? If one can just drop everything into the jar in the proper order, all's well. But if I crash his server, it will likely sabotage my case once the MJ API is finally here.


    Was waiting on a developer opinion, and this has slipped from popular memory. Does everyone still think this may be desirable? I don't know about others, but I occasionally have watermills left over from my early teching. Would be great if I could turn them back into generators (2-for-1) and turn them into lava or nuclear.

    To elaborate, recipe would be akin to:

    :Water Mill: :Water Mill: --> :Generator:

    A lot of good information already, but I'll agree with some and offer additional information.

    Selling EU: While I am personally hopeful for the Energy-o-Mat's return, the current thought on selling EU is the Sell-O-Mat (and maybe the Item-O-Mat)

    • Craft Electrolyzer in your house
    • Go to Sell-o-Mat
    • Buy electrolyzed cells
    • Put in your Electrlyzer
    • Deposit the cell into a machine that will recharge the cell and put it back in the Sell-O-Mat

    Splitter Box: Suggested during the IC1/IC2 crossover . Also on the "Outdated" List in the Compendium as "(What we know about the current Energy System is Outdated)"

    Kinetic: First, Static Boots (not really what you wanted, but a similar idea for pedestrians). Second, cheers on making it slow down the cart. However, I'm unsure if that would really be balanced if you had to double or triple your boosters in order to get a small amount of EU; as well as the 'loop' comment earlier.

    Power Switch: Link to wiki for Splitter Cable

    Animal Attractor/Repulser: One of my own suggestions (Draconic Reply) . Sadly, cannot be implemented without touching the base-files, and animal support not forgified.