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    I agree that the recycling system needs to be reworked.
    I was thinking of a heat-kinetic powered recycler, where it simply melts/crushes down stuff into a liquid junk fluid and that can be pumped into a mass fabricator.
    Add water to the mix for bonus liquid scrap.

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    Where does that leave scrapboxes then? Liquid scrap wouldn't from into a nice box unless you casted it, but this isn't Tinkers. :P Scrapboxes sometimes drop cool junk out of them, and last 9x longer in the mass fab.

    Also, isn't it 10m EU for UU, and 1m with scrap?

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  • the problem is, if you make it useable with manual scrap making, anyone that automates it will be able to supply many mass fabs and that would be considered OP.

  • Wait... why is that a problem? What's overpowered about it? Multiple mass fabs aren't exactly cheap and they will still suck a lot of EU. People with an abundance of scrap should still be able to make use of it but they should have to invest in the infrastructure.

    I don't want to "nerf" people who are interested in making gigantic systems but I'm concerned about the balance for small scale setups. A small-scale mid-game player who doesn't have tons of scrap is effectively paying 6 times more for the UU than the larger-scale player... and the large scale player can much more easily afford it because he/she probably has more reactors/solars.

    That 6x difference is gigantic. Making UU without scrap feels like I'm "wasting" my limited EU.

    Even at large scales, it seems like scrap is the limiting factor if you want to make lots of UU. Let's say you have enough scrap to feed one mass fab, but you have enough EU to spare that you could be running two fabs. Would it be a good idea to build another mass fab? Well not really, because all that effort and EU would only make you an additional 16.7% more UU. That doesn't feel very attractive.

    A more modest "bonus multiplier" from the scrap (such as 1.5x instead of 6x) would make no-scrap UU production feel a lot less wasteful. Lengthening the duration of the scrap (such as 10x) would help preserve the scrap's "EU value" for balance (still 25000EU), and yet make it a lot easier to run a single mass fab without a cobble-gen. You'd be more likely to run into scenarios where you have more scrap than you can use, and production is constrained by your EU production. If you're going to have tons and tons of scrap, you'll need tons of EU to make use of it. If you have just way too much scrap, you can always burn some of it to make that EU you need. That's how I think it should be.

  • so once again we come around to "This is too hard in singleplayer, but too easy in multiplayer, and we want it balanced!"
    I don't see the issue with building a Q-suit foundry in multiplayer as long as you arn't lagging the server to a halt.

  • so once again we come around to "This is too hard in singleplayer, but too easy in multiplayer, and we want it balanced!"
    I don't see the issue with building a Q-suit foundry in multiplayer as long as you arn't lagging the server to a halt.

    and you know the solution to cobble gens in MP lagging out the server? put cobble on the recycler blacklist. then you can't use it to make scrap.

  • I like SpwnX idea for recyclers :D , and @ScrapBoxes : I never felt they really made much sense anyway XD , maybe a fluid enricher recipe where liquid scrap enrich paper to make boxes ? I dunno :P

    But I think we should do similarly to GregTech : First take your junk, and put it in a mass recycler, it will create "liquid scrap mass", with 1 mB per item by default, except for certain dusts ( like gold/diamond/platinum/precious-OD-dust or plutonium/uranium/radioactive dusts ) that will create a lot more liquid scrap mass, depending on the rarity/complexity the dust have, and will take 1000 eu per action, and a pre-required amount of heat and kinetic energy, and if there is water, the action will only take 750 eu per operation, and every 8 operation, you will get 1 extra mB of liquid scrap mass.

    An alternative version of this machine would be the advanced mass recycler, which only runs on eu, which makes things easier to automate, but at the cost of more eu, using 2000 eu per operation, 1750 eu with water.

    The recycling process should be pretty fast, and 1.1x faster with water, but should be able to still accept overclockers at the cost of more energy ofc.

    Now that you have liquid scrap mass, you need a complex machine named the mass refinery ( or mass amplifier refinery ), which creates 1 mB of mass amplifier with 1 mB of liquid scrap mass, with 1000 eu, the process of refining is however slow, but can be speed up with overclockers, but at the cost of even more energy.

    The mass amplifier could then be used in the mass fab, with 1mB of mass amplifier amplifying as much as 1 scrap.

    Now, I know some of you are gonna yell at me : "IT WILL USE TO MUCH ENERGY, BORKEN IDEA 1110!!1010!1"

    Yup, it will use more energy than the old recycler, but the mass fab uses way much more energy than before anyway so doing that will still reduce the eu cost, but at least, you will need more infrastructure to do amplify your mass fab, because before, amplifying a mass fab was just OP, you used A LOT LESS eu for making UU matter by doing that, and the setup was just ridiculously simple, just throw a cobble gen or a tree farm output in 3 recyclers with each 1 overclockers, make them run, and pipe da scrap in da mass fab :P Then pools of UU ( ok, no pools of UU, because even though it's OP, it's not OP at this point ;P , but you get the point )

    That's my idea :D :P ;)