IC2 - How to create Reinforced stone?

  • To make reinforced stone you have to spray construction foam over iron scaffold, it will turn into reinforced construction foam, then harden into reinforced stone.

  • Can we get detailed instructions on how to make/use cf foam here since that is the next logical question?

  • First, you need a canning machine in fluid enrichment mode, then you need water in the left tank, you can right click with a universal fluid cell with water, or use another canine machine set to empty, you need cf powder in the middle slot for it to start working. The end product is fluid construction foam in the right tank, alternatively you can put a cf sprayer/pack in the left-most slot and the fluid cf will go strait into there.

  • I had no idea the recipe had changed, now I need to make a texture for the crystal and shout persuade player/thunder to make an electromagnet item :£