Associate IC2 version with Forge version

  • First off, I am not blaming anyone for the fact that I went through this.

    I spent the last hour trying to get IC2 to work with Forge. I even got it down to where it was just IC2 and Forge. I added the API file just in case (despite all literature saying that I didn't need it). It just wouldn't work. I was using IC2 1.117.921 with Forge I was sure I was using the right versions. Here's what I got the version information apropriate for the MC version:

    It wasn't until I noticed the area above the topic page had written v2 for 1.6.2 that I realized the version I had was for v1. However, even then, I had to figure out which version of Forge the IC2 v2 would like. I finally managed to figure out what version liked what. However, it would have been easier if I knew:
    1) What the green lettering said (it's rather small)
    2) IC2, with each new version, gets finicky about what Forge version it uses.

  • IC2 experimental should work on most forge versions for the same version of minecraft (for example, I have forge, and amusing IC2 experimental 260).

    If you downloaded IC2 from that website, it is not a legitimate website to download IC2 at. This forum has links to the Jenkins sites where you can download IC2. IC2 was updated up to 1.5.2, IC2 lf was updated to 1.6.2 (but was quite buggy), and IC2 experimental is updated to 1.6.2/4 and is the only version being updated, it is relatively bug free, and has revamped/new features over the other versions.

  • 9Minecraft, like many other sites, is a very "Fishy" way to get *any* mod. McForums is often a good place. IMO, someone should do something about those sites, as it severely devalues the reputation of these mods. At least get Albalka to complain, or at LEAST get them to link to this goddamn forum. I detest those sites, I really do.

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    Sites like those are usually Scams or virus's. I suggest running a malware check if you downloaded anything from them.