More Closed Betas?

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    I'd strongly approve of this. Not nearly enough internal testing going on and the communication is poorly organised. I know a lot of guys think of this as a hobby, but I prefer to take a professional approach to everything I do, hobbies included. It just feels like the entire project could benefit from a more close knit team. Would save us having to manage so many bug reports on the forum as the major ones would be squashed before going live.

    For example, I was a little unhappy that version 1.0 went live in the state that it was in, mostly because of my sounds being so buggy. I never even got a chance to test them on an internal release, they just went straight up, untested. The reason this bothers me, is because it makes me look like a bad sound man, even if I'm doing my job right. I for one would like to submit this as a portfolio piece for any future work I have in this field, and that sort of low quality release packages irk the hell out of me.

    I understand that it's nice to get all the work you've done out and being enjoyed, but here's the kicker, rushing stuff out is for small dev companies that are getting pressured by the bigwigs because the budget is running out. As there is no budget, the fans get it when it's READY, not when they want it. You may think you'll lose fans, but frankly, you lose a lot more fans when they play a buggy game and give up after 20 minutes playing. We don't hear from all of these 20 minute players, as they will never post on our forums. These are the players we need to keep, as these silent folk make up the majority of the player base.

    Feel free to criticise my approach here, but this is a bit of a pioneering mod in the minecraft community and when minecraft goes live to the shops, there is a huge ocean of potential revenue there to reward you for all the lovely work you've done. You can call me greedy if you want, but I like to get rewarded for the work I've done and I think you all should too. While I love doing this sort of job, the satisfaction of a job well done, doesn't pay the bills and I don't plan to work in a bookshop the rest of my life.

    Overall, what you can take from this, is you should run this entire project more like a business. Obviously not the strictness or beaurocracy, but take a few key ideas from the business model and make it work for us. This project has so much potential. It would be so great if that potential was maximised to the fullest and the only people with that power are us, as a team.