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    I just found some issues, involving Nether Quartz and dusts.
    A full pile of Nether Quartz dust can be turned into 4 small piles. These small piles can not be crafted into anything. The small piles are also a byproduct of tossing Nether Quartz Ore into the Industrial Grinder.
    Furthermore, Nether Quartz dust (Gregtech, I think) can not be used in place of AE quartz dust. This means that by use of the Pulverizer to make quartz dust, one can not create any AE stuff unless they use the slow, manual grinder.
    Tiny piles can also be crafted, 4 of them, into a full pile, or 9 of them into a full pile. Obviously this can be used for free duplication.
    Can you please fix these issues when you find the time? Thank you.

    EDIT: Nevermind - I didn't get the memo about the latest "midnight update". Seeing as you now have something checking which IC2 version one is using, why don't you make it also check if the user is using the latest Gregtech version?...

    What you are really complaining is not difficulty, it is not tedium, it is LAZINESS. It seems you would rather AFK waiting for a ton of refined iron to smelt then go into a mine for 20 seconds extra.

    Incorrect. We would rather be able to create Stuff, like machines, without having to make a hammer, smash ingots into plates, cut plates into wires, then take other plates, smash those into a machine casing, make batteries and circuits using the wires/plates, craft those into a conveyor module, add all of the stuff to the crafting table to make a machine, then forget that we need pistons, go back and make a few of those, and finally craft a machine, being one that only increases your platemaking efficiency. It is tedium, plain and simple - because this is a game, where you can mold Diamonds into stuff with your bare hands, break through a cubic meter of anything in under 5 seconds (with some exceptions), carry several tons of stuff around without a vehicle, and much more - and it is not supposed to be as realistic/correct as possible.

    Anyone who is too lazy to download and drag-and-drop mods into a folder is probably not going to enjoy IC2.

    It is not that the people are lazy. It is both because:
    1. Moving files every release becomes kinda monotonous
    2. When the user installs tons of mods, it is difficult to keep up with them all.
    Having a launcher of sorts fixes both of these issues, because the user no longer has to download/move tons of stuff to update their mods, and the launcher would automatically notify the user if there is a conflict (incompatibility) between mods, possibly even before they chose to add those mods to their pack.
    FTB can not do this, nor does it have a "list" of mods that can be chosen from when building a pack. Creating a better launcher, would be better.

    The plate thing kind of makes sense, except that it should take only 6 per block (1 block = 1 cube, cube has 6 faces). And the process by which plates are made, should be faster. Like, crafting more than one ingot with the hammer to make more than one plate.
    There could be implemented different tiers of coils - basic, intermediate and advanced. The basic ones would be used to make basic motors - only one coil, 3 plates, and an ingot of Iron should be used in the crafting of those motors, for simplicity. (iron ingot is broken up to make Magnet & Core/axle-thing)
    A machine could be added, as some sort of electric assembly machine (electric crafting machine/factory), which can be configured to produce the motors and other stuff relatively quickly, while being cheap to make. It would have a 3x3 grid for the ghost-items, a chest-sized storage bay for materials, and an output slot or two.
    There should also be advanced versions of both the electrocrafter and the Metal Former, which work at a much faster rate.
    It also makes sense, for those recipes that "shrink" items, if they are manipulated by a machine like the compressor, as it moved the particles of the substance closer together (like how the aluminium platings for Airplanes are made, from large blocks of aluminium)
    Energium dust should be removed entirely - the method for making Energy Crystals could be to compress several Redstone Blocks into dense redstone bricks, which 8 of would be combined with a single Diamond to create the Redstone Chunk - said chunk would then be compressed for an energy crystal.
    Diamond dust should be removed entirely, because diamonds can not even be scratched with Flint and Iron (macerator or however the dust is made)
    This, and some other changes, would hopefully restore some balance.

    Then why did you make a giant unnecessary post explaining "Why Creosote Should Be Fuel"? If the liquid is already a fuel type, it isn't relevant.

    Because it was being attacked, or was going to be. And sure enough, the flamers came to destroy the people's hopes of burning Creosote Oil in the semifluid generator.
    It was necessary, to keep all of the people from ignorantly "ok"-ing the flamers' quick decision to not let the bug be fixed, or to have the inclusion of Creosote as fuel, removed entirely.

    My reason still stands - one should be able to burn Creosote in the Semifluid generator, because it is burnable in a boiler firebox. Not making this change is like denying that another mod's wood be burnable in a basic generator, because there are entire forests of the trees said wood is made from, even if it is burnable as fuel in a basic furnace.
    Be a civilized human being, and stop attacking a simple bugfix suggestion like this. If you don't want to burn creosote in a generator, fine, just don't install Railcraft.

    How dare you dissect my post. If you are going to reply, quote it entirely or only one part of it. My posts have a meaning as a whole, and when you break them down like that, they lose connection and become confusing/incorrect. It is also inherently lying, to do this, because by breaking the post into pieces, you focus on their individual meanings, which when stated independently from each other, can stray very far from the collective purpose of them all.
    About your reply - if those fuels are already registered, then why isn't Creosote Oil registered? Your excuse that it allows more EU to be made from Coal is invalid, because that is the purpose of the Coke Oven - to increase the efficiency of Coal. Both coal and creosote can be burned in Railcraft Steam Boilers aswell. And if you actually take a second to take a look at it, creosote doesn't even burn for very much at all in said boiler. It is a crappy fuel, and the burning of it is meant to be a way to get rid of it without completely destroying it/voiding it - like the Recycler making scrap from useless crap. Thus, it should be able to be burned in the semifluid generator, just returning very little EU per unit, as compared to Oil or Biomass.

    Yeah, I am glad that someone brings this issue back up. It was unusually dropped/ignored when I did. I will explain why creosote oil should be fuel for the semifluid Generator:

    First, the IC2 team added this machine. Therefore, they must register the fuels for it. Currently, there are no fuels registered for it. In other mods, like Railcraft and Forestry, there are devices designed for IC2. For example, the Steam Turbine. Did the Railcraft team just add this new machine, and tell the IC2 team to make it output IC2 energy? Of course not! So why should this be accepted from a different modding team?

    Second, there are many instances of other popular mods adding stuff designed for IC2 (steam turbine, Electric Engine, acceptance of Bronze as a material in the rolling machine to make rails from, etc.), yet the IC2 team has not made a damn thing designed for said mods. Not even a single item or alternate recipe. The other teams worked hard to make something that promotes IC2, and the IC2 team does nothing for them. I don't know about you, but to me, that seems very rude. They should do atleast SOMEthing for those other mods, and with the Semifluid generator, they can do just that. All they have to do is add a few lines of code to register Creosote Oil as a fuel for the generator.

    I hope this helps you people understand why this is so important, why it matters, and why the change should be done. As always, thank you for taking your time to read this, unlike many others who just keep scrolling as soon as they see that I posted.

    Question: What happens to the Helium when the Plasma generators suck energy out of Helium Plasma?

    Why wouldn't it just come out as either Helium or Helium-3 for recycling as more fusion material?

    Good point. I brought that up earlier one day, but I was completely ignored, like usual. I wish that you have better luck with this suggestion, than I did.

    bag of holding embedded into steave, answer is simple.

    but now, explain maggots.

    Several thousand years ago, an advanced alien race sought to colonize Minecraftia. However, its terrain was barren and wasted, useful for growing nothing. So they engineered a kind of worm, that they deposited on the planet with mechanical Flies. However, the alien race died off, or left for some other reason - and that reason is still unknown. The flies continued making/depositing the worms for much longer after the alien race was gone. They were even designed to find areas that had been terraformed, and scatter Seeds on those places. However, they were never programmed to replicate or repair themselves - and many of them died off in solar flare events, from overheating, and many other causes.
    When the first settlers arrived at Minecraftia, they brought with them animals, as a food source and to help move stuffs. On the piles of dung left by said animals, they noticed the flies, and also noticed worms in the dung piles. Upon further investigation, they discovered that the flies were mechanical, and that said flies had deposited worms in the dung-piles. They called the worms "maggots", because they thought of them to be similar to the worms that flies lay in decaying stuff, back on the colonists' homeworld. The name stuck, and is still used to this day.
    But to be exact, they are Composting Worms, of sorts, that process the waste into materials that are fermented easier, and other stuff that composting worms make.