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    Oh wait I added two special features to the Printing Machine, one being naming Items (if you have a ton of Items to be named with the same Name, such as when labeling Products), which requires Ink in the secondary Slot and a piece of named Paper in the Copy-Slot (where the Charging Slot usually is).

    Note, you can already copy nonmagic Books since its introduction by using Books + Ink with a written/writable Book at the Copy-Slot.

    Awesome! I like to see cool new features like this.

    Overclockers can speed up the process, and reduce the number of centrifuges needed. But I don't have the time to do the math, I just know that if it produces enough, that's good enough, and any extras can go to a buffer of sorts, that emits redstone when it is too full, deactivating the centrifuges/electrolyzers until it is empty again.

    I have yet another idea - this time, it's for a "Blue Laser" of sorts.

    This laser would be different than the Red laser. Instead of breaking blocks or melting them, it places blocks. The block that it places is selected by using the mode change key - this will open a 1-slot GUI, where a ghost item is placed for the block that will be extracted from the inventory and placed.

    It uses both Energy and one of the desired block, when fired. If fired off into the air, the block is still consumed, but never placed. Or if the ray disappears, the block will be wasted.

    The recipe for such a device would also be very expensive, requiring Osmiridium components, Data Control/Energy Flow circuits, and much more. It even has a Sapphire lens instead of a ruby lens.

    Or, instead of creating such a device with its own recipe, just create a basic "Laser", that is made into other lasers by assembling it with the proper Lens. That would be nice too.

    Thank you for taking your time to review this suggestion. It would be a great addition, not only being a useful tool, but giving players more of something to aim for - a reason to use GregTech and to do things the nerfed way. So long as there is a bigger goal created, nerfs are okay, I guess.

    tl;dr: "tl;dr" is not supported any longer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    EDIT: Apology revoked. Those who are too lazy to read, do not deserve a short/simple explanation handed to them, nor an apology if said explanation is not delivered.

    I may make a mod for this someday. I have already started the basics, with plastics materials, bioplastic, etc., I just need more stuff, recipes, possibly machines, and then to compile and release.
    It is to be called IndustrialLiving, and will contain many stuff for creating close-to-realistic houses for multi-player, economical/industrial environments. Even special walls that have built-in energy cables, and household appliances that connect to said cables.
    All I need to get started is some programming help (I have very limited knowledge in the field of Java and Forge APIs), and maybe people to help with textures/ideas.
    The plastics will even have more industrial uses, being components of machines/devices and such. If there really is now a want for such a mod, I will be glad to begin working on it again. Thank you for reminding me.

    Don't know if this is a bug or intendet but I can't use gregtech storage upgrades on normal IC2 machines like ore washing :(

    This is intended. Greg adds his own variants of just about all basic IC2 machines, which he assumes are better because he made them. So only they get the cool upgrades. He will probably be adding an "Automatic" ore washing plant soon...

    I have some ideas!

    End Superasteroids

    Naquadah, Naquadria, Etc.

    Extremely Advanced Devices(only 2; I need more ideas)

    Tl;dr: More Cool stuff, Extremely-advanced/Insanely-Advanced technology, and more reasons to explore the End

    Thank you for reading this compilation. It took me a few hours to create, but I seriously think that these would be Great for improving the Tech Tree, and would give players a reason to make hammers/saws and do things the GregTech way, which means more support/popularity. This is only a Suggestion though; it is free to be discussed, speculated upon, decided upon, implemented in part or in whole, or discarded in part or in whole. But please atleast consider it. Don't worry about discarding the entire thing; I simply felt that there was no better use for my time, and that I should try to inspire the creation of something cool, with my extra time.

    I should be going to regenerate soon. Good-night all!

    The problem is not that the options aren't there, it is that the options are scattered throughout the Dynamic Config file. It would be much better, for everyone, if the bigger options are moved to a separate config file. So that people can make things harder or easier at their will.

    And a device, for armour, made of one IDSU and an Osmiridium plate in the Assembly Machine, which is assembled together with a QSuit-Chestplate, to automatically charge tools with, and supply power to the QSuit and any tool in the inventory, by draining power from the user's private IDSU channel.

    Like what
    IC2 has pretty much every IRL form of energy generation, apart from gas or oil.

    Then why not something that doesn't yet exist? Even if we're wrong and it is impossible in the real world, or impractical, Science Fiction doesn't have to be right as science progresses.
    One I can think of, is a machine that uses Redstone as fuel, and produces Energy more efficiently than chucking it into an energy storage block.

    I am also here to suggest another change - a new config file.
    This file will be called "Master", and will have, among other things, a list of "Presets" for settings in the really long DynamicConfig. Every time GregTech loads, it would check this configuration file for the preset used. If it is a preset other than "Custom", it sets the options in the DynamicConfig to the values in that preset. If it is the custom preset, it loads the config file normally. Presets would be like:

    Insane - Many things are nerfed, and tools require plates and other tools to craft. Progression is extremely slow. As close to the real world as possible.

    Hard - Many nerfs, but a few things are left easy/moderate. Progression slightly faster than Insane.

    Medium - Some nerfs, including the Diamond macerator recipe, but many not included, allowing basic machines to be made without the need of Steel. Industrial machines and electric tools still need steel, though. Instead of tools requiring plates in their recipes, they require ingots and a hammer/file.

    Easy - Not many nerfs at all, but logical things, like diamonds for macerators, are still included. Crafting tools (saw, hammer, etc.) are more efficient than vanilla crafting (saw gives 6 planks/log, hammer makes plates from 1 ingot), and tools still need to be made with the file/hammer/plates/etc.

    Too-Easy - None of the GregTech nerfs. All machines can be made with basic Iron. Tool recipes only require Ingots. Plates are only used for covers and a few other things. Tool recipes, like for the Diamond drill/rock cutter are still logical, but use basic Steel/iron and basic circuits, rather than Titanium.

    Custom - All things are as defined by the other configuration files.

    Along with those options, there would be other major things, like the machine constant need of energy, and the metal/gem block crafting/uncrafting options.

    There would even be options to disable things like the Forced Ore Dictionary Modifications, which are things that many other modders are becoming disgruntled about (mDiyo, for example)

    With this configuration file, it would be much easier for us to configure stuff without spending 10 hours searching the Dynamic Config for options and changing them. It would also stop people from complaining about the nerfs and other difficulties. This addition would make things much better for just about everyone, especially server administrators who want an easy way to make things hard or easy at their will in little time. Thank you for reading this suggestion, and I hope you consider it.

    I like this idea, especially since I had a practical test on how to make bio ethanol out of maïzena. But we did have to add some kind of enzymes, so the chain of glucose could be cut into smaller chains. Any chance of including these enzymes?

    The maggots eat the stuff, and process it with their enzymes into Biomass/Composted Materials. We wouldn't have to add them directly to the composting bin.

    shout down your internal perfectionist.

    not everything shoud have use, minecraft is not console game.

    Not everything should, but everything could. Remember that the issue is that there is a huge buildup of useless items, and it is a shame that the best thing they can be used for is Scrap. The solution is to make some better ways to use said useless items, than just throwing them into a recycler. It would be better for IndustrialCraft to make things better, and a way to do that is to add a way to use the useless. Recycling is not good enough, as it uses up too much for too little return/profit.

    I recently have been thinking of a way to make the biofuel system better. I eventually came up with an idea - Maggots (Technically, they're actually some kind of compost worm, because maggots are fly larvae, but we'll just call them Maggots).

    First, there would be a new block: the Compost Bin. In this bin, the player puts Maggots, Water, and different organic materials to compost. Maggots are not consumed. The bin works in cycles - first, the player inputs materials to compost, into a 2x2 grid - one item from each slot is taken (only one from each slot, up to 4 items total), and after the cycle is up, composted materials are output in the output slot, the number of them being the same as how many items were taken from the 2x2 grid.

    The composted materials will also have a "quality" value - this is determined by the kinds of items thrown into the 2x2 grid, and the type of Maggots in the compost bin - more on that later. The average quality of all 4 (or less) items taken from the grid is the base quality value, multiplied by the maggots' quality modifier value.

    Another block - the Fermenter - would take Composted Materials and make Biomass out of them. The amount of biomass created depends on the quality of the composted materials input into the fermenter. The biomass can be directly burned in a Semifluid Generator, or processed in another machine - the Distillery.

    The Distillery is the only one of these three new machines that needs a kind of fuel. The basic one is slow and uses burnable fuels, and the electric one is faster, running on electric energy. The distillery takes Biomass, boils it, and creates from it Scrap and Biofuel. Biofuel, of course, can be burned for energy, just like in the current system.

    Now, on to the Maggots. Maggots would be put into a Maggot Bin to breed. They would just be a pile of Maggots, having different traits and all. There are 2 input slots in the maggot bin - both for different maggots to be put in and to breed. If only one slot is filled, after a while, they will produce Offspring, but at a slower rate than breeding two kinds of maggots. The traits of the maggots that breed will combine, like with forestry bees, and have a small chance to combine to form a better, more refined/desirable trait. Those desirable traits would affect the maggot quality, fertility, work rate, etc.

    To obtain maggots, the player can kill Zombies. They would rarely drop a pile of maggots with basic, common traits (biome dependent?). In the nether, zombie pigmen would rarely drop maggots with more desirable traits.

    Some exotic kinds of maggots could even be able to process different kinds of materials to create different stuff - like processing Crushed Ores slowly into more dusts than normal, or processing Redstone/glowstone directly into Energy, more efficiently than just throwing Redstone into an energy storage block.

    An even more endgame type of maggot, would possibly be able to make Super Composted Materials, which are fermented into Super Biomass, which is distilled into Fertilizer and Superfuel. These would be very difficult to get, though, and would require using the maggot breeding process to obtain them, rather than just finding them.

    Just like all other suggestions, I want your feedback. Tell me what you like/dislike about this idea, and how it can be improved. It is much better to propose to the developers a more refined idea, rather than what I just thought up. I also included a Poll, to make it easier to see how many support/don't support this idea. Thank you.

    Cobblestone could be thrown into a Thermal Centrifuge for a chance at producing mineral dusts, or bits of other kinds of stone, that can be made into blocks and smelted for cool building materials. Or, said dusts could be further processed to obtain valuable elements/compounds, or even used for energy. Netherrack could contain small amounts of Gold and Redstone, which are useful.
    There could even be added a machine, requiring no energy, being some sort of "Compost chamber", which produces Fertilizer from large amounts of waste plant/animal material. Maggots, rarely dropped from zombies, could be added to speed up the process. And the methane created by the process could be used as fuel.
    Heck, there could even be added an entire Maggot breeding mechanic, similar to Forestry's Bees - different breeds of Maggots could produce more fertilizer, different byproducts, etc., or even process crushed ores for more yield.
    That's just a few things I came up with. I hope it's helpful.