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    If you look at the thread, notice the coal can be used instead. Not the most realistic, and I leave it up to whoever takes on this mod to implement it or not. But Traincraft Petroleum and Buildcraft Oil are two non-vanilla sources I had in mind. Also maybe coalfuel cells.

    Maybe I'll add that to the thread

    In my mod I am working on, there will generate "Oil Sand" in the sand of deserts, that can be cooked (for now) for Plastic. In the future, it will be Washed, then the retrieved Oil will be boiled for many Hydrocarbon products, including Plastic. The diesel/Gasoline/kerosene would be burnable in special generators, that are also portable and can be "broken" by hand.

    For when the oil sand is not available, maybe Electrolyzed Water can be used in the plastic-fabrication machine (or water, but that takes more energy), to supply the necessary Hydrogens, plus the Carbon from coal/coalfuel, to create the Hydrocarbons that make up Plastic. Compressed Air cells would be produced as a byproduct.

    A more advanced machine would be able to fabricate plastic from UUM, which would be better than hydrocarbon synthesis AND refining oil sand.

    There would even be Bioplastic, but its uses may be limited to a few things, because it is bio-degradable.

    It is also the amazing "reduce fusion energy gains substantially" upgrade.

    Overclockers can be used before the player has enough to build more machines, then they can simply remove the overclockers.
    Oh yeah, that's right, we can't operate a simple screwdriver to uninstall overclockers. Well, I guess it'll have to be 100+ centrifuges, then.

    I agree! Although I think greg's wires would be able to handle the energy if it isn't high enough...

    You know the vanilla minecraft Bedrock? It has a hardness of -1, which is handled differently by the game, and ensures that it will never break.
    So why not do this with the energy from Lightning? We make it's energy-(packet?)-size -1, then make the game destroy the stuff if there is a -1-energy-(packet?).
    Then it won't have to be high enough, and if Greg's machines somehow accept the voltage, it would subtract 1 EU from any storage, instead of be productive.

    An old calculation was 32 Electrolyzer for Hydrogen, 120 Centrifuges for Deuterium and 24 Centrifuges for Tritium.
    Tried that in creative and with the new E-Net it is a total mess to be honest.
    When this system is short of energy, the lagfest begins and is totally unplayable anymore.

    And then, the amazing Overclocker Upgrade was invented...

    I like it, +1

    Maybe the pole should destroy itself after 3 uses?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    To protect a large solar array, it would have to be really tall and require lots of Iron to construct. Also, the pole is 1/4th of a meter thick - it should be able to handle the heat, especially with all of that wind/cold water around it. It also wouldn't be getting hit enough to cause significant damage.
    However, for balance the developers could make it be destroyed after X uses, like vanilla anvils. Such protection from lightning should probably cost more than just some iron, and should not be set-and-forget.
    Instead of having to decide between the two, we could get the developers to create a Configuration option, for the number of times it can be hit before being destroyed (-1 for infinite). This would be better for everyone, because it can be configured to be harder, or easier, at the will of the configurer.

    Currently, lightning does not explode machines and fry entire energy-networks, in IC2. This does not make sense, because lightning is electrical energy in huge, dangerous quantities.

    Why not add a feature, where when machines/cables explode when they get hit by lightning? This could also send huge EU-packets down the power lines in all directions, for a more network-frying effect. Why do this? To inspire people to put roofs over their machines, of course!
    Machines could also "attract" more lightning depending on how much energy they are storing/transmitting/using, that goes for cables too. But nothing that would eat too much CPU/RAM, of course, because that would be bad, of course.
    This would also have the same effect on solar panels - they would explode and send super-high voltage packets down the energy-lines if they are struck with lightning. So what can a player do to stop that from happening?

    They can build an N.S.E.D.D.P. (Natural Static Electric Discharge Diversion Pole - NOT A LIGHTNING ROD!), that's what! This would be a tall pole of iron fences, connected to the ground (large area of dirt). This would protect all machines in a radius equal to the height of the NSEDDP pole down to the Y-level the machine is on.
    When a lightning strike is about to be initiated on an IC2 machine, it checks in a 64-block radius of the chosen strike-point for an NSEDDP. If one is found, the height of the pole from the top down to the Y-level of the machine is calculated. If the machine is this number or less block away, lightning strikes the NSEDDP instead. If one is not found, or it is too far away, the lightning progresses to strike the machine and destroy it and everything connected to it.

    We all know that n00bs would want to connect this to their machines, to harvest the energy of lightning. But, since the lightning has such immense power, this would simply result in the same spectacular shower of sparks and shrapnel, that occurs when a machine/cable is struck with lightning. It would simply be impossible to collect the energy, and the n00bs who would try that, will learn that the hard way.

    Opinions, anyone?

    You know that maggots are just baby flies, right? They don't aid in decomposition, they are more of a "by-product" since they digest rotting flesh.

    We'll call them maggots, because "Composting Worms" doesn't sound catchy enough.

    copse bacteria source of process, maggots and other "stuff" just take part of energy for themselves without any positive impact on product.

    It's minecraft - we have magic red dust, infinite water, infinite air, infinite stone, magic, and can mold diamonds/metal with out bare hands. Does it really matter that much?

    Geothermal with HV cables.

    You might want to put an MV transformer before the Macerator, just to make sure that it does not receive above 128 EU/t.
    If it still explodes, then it is an issue with the addon for sure.

    EDIT: Immibis, can you please make the recipe for the Sharpened Iron Plate, use the Ore Dictionary name "plateIron" or something like that? Some of us use the Nerfs Galore mod (also known as GregTech), which forces all iron plates created in the world to be his plate, which is ore-dictionary registered as "plateIron" or something like that. Thank you.

    Greg, can you PLEASE get rid of the wooden treetaps in the extractor recipes? It just doesn't make sense. Over time they would deteriorate, which is bad for an industrial machine. Why not make the machine require small metal Tubes of sorts, and a filter or something? That would be much better, than a wood-based industrial machine.

    Nope. The laser I suggested would be much more expensive, and would have a special GUI for selecting what block to place. It would also, for balance, cause machines to explode if the ray hits one.

    Edit: Those pesky Dirty Dusts are getting on my nerves. I have an entire Automatic Ore Processing facility, wired with its own ME Network, built to automatically pull Ores into Macerators, then wash said ores, and smelt them. However, the Dirty piles of dust can not be washed in a standard Ore Washing machine, but must be centrifuged.
    This does not make sense - some ores can be processed one way, some another way, but not vice-versa - You can macerate Iron Ore into Crushed Iron Ore, and wash it for Purified Iron Ore, then smelt that for Iron Ingots, but for something like Nickel Ore, you must macerate it into Dirty Dust, Centrifuge it for its pure Dust, then smelt that, which takes much more time and energy.
    So, why not make Dirty Dusts washable in the Washing Machine? Or just nerf Crushed Ores altogether? Or make it configurable? Yes, please make it configurable, because that is better than just about everything else.

    Also, for processing Ores in the Ore Grinder, can you make the item returned for Mater/Mercury/Whatever cells, contain dirty water/mercury/etc., instead of pure stuff? Then add recipes for centrifuging those cells of dirty stuffs, into Stone Dust and their liquid? This would be nice, for getting the most out of Ores, even if it is only a crappy byproduct that's good for nothing but CFoam or Recycler Fodder.
    Thank you.

    Really?! I thought it was like. a massfapper... hmm, are you sure it's not mass fapping?

    It is an advanced piece of industrial technology, that condenses Energy into the Quanta that is Matter. Several of our good scientists died doing experiments to find how to successfully manipulate energy like that. And then you go and say something disgusting like that, about the final product of their hard work in the cold, dark underground laboratories.
    Not cool dude. Not cool at all.