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    I like the idea of a generator that heats up and becomes more efficient, very similar to the way BuildCraft and Railcraft have brought in steam engines. I think the idea of the cold-end temp is a bit of a waste, since the -30 to +30 Celsius that you might encounter in the environment isn't really significant when compared to the ~500 Celsius temperature of the engine when it is heated by flames, so that point might be scrapped for code efficiency. For another point in efficiency we might assume that the flywheel speed and the temperature are directly related, so only one needs to be maintained and updated for calculating power output.
    Is there another style of engine that could have a similar function but not be called a steam/stirling engine? Since a lot of players use Buildcraft/Railcraft the idea of another steam/stirling engine is probably a bit unattractive.

    Could be a thermoelectric generator, using copper/iron wires and a source of heat/cold to generate electricity, but that would be inefficient.

    Suggestion for 2 new crops:

    -Feather-flowers (or something similar):
    Special flowers, that drop Feathers instead of any kinds of dye. Drops 1-3 feathers, unless buffed by GGR.

    Exactly what it sounds like - a special, brown coloured Reeds which drop Leather.

    Both of these would be very helpful to book-writers, who like to write books, but who do not want to kill chickens or cows for their very needed resources.

    I am really short of Copper in my world, even though I am surrounded by mountains (using Highlands and ExtraBiomesXL), no tetrahedrite or big copper veins anywhere :/ Any ideas? I still need 80 bronze plates for the blast furnace.

    Railcraft for steel, and for a tunnel bore to make a long railway to a better mining place.
    Or get Mystcraft and write an age with more than one Caves symbol. No dense ores symbol, that always creates huge instability.

    If you have nothing to contribute, consider keeping your mouth shut. I've seen flamebait more useful than your post.

    I was advising him to find a computer, rather than a Mac. Thus my post was useful, to whoever is able to understand and also happens to have a Mac, whereas the others will claim that it is "no contribution" or "flamebait".

    They all look more like Octagons, than round. And Octagons are not that close to be round.

    Not really.
    For example, we take this round object:

    and analyze the corner:

    # # # # # # # #
    A A # # # # # #
    A A A A # # # #
    A A A A A # # #
    A A A A A A # #
    A A A A A A # #
    A A A A A A A #
    A A A A A A A #

    We can see that the distance, in pixels, of each piece of the side, goes from 4 pixels, to 2, to 1, to 1, to 2, then to 4 again. This is enough to simulate a curve. If it were, say, 4, to 1, to 1, to 4, it would appear more like the corner of an emerald, not round.
    Therefore, it's round enough, and to save processing power/RAM I suggest that textures are kept within the bounds of 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

    Nothing in 16x16px can ever be round. You need at least 32x32 for roundishness.

    You've never seen an ender pearl, chicken egg, shovel head, fire charge, or diamond, have you? because they look round in plenty of ways. Even though they are pixelated, it still counts.

    You also might want to use the old IC2 machines, as they don't have so many complex, unwanted additions. It is much simpler, and saves more processing/RAM. If you accidentally click the wrong button in the automacerator GUI, it screws up the outputs/inputs/energy-configuration, and it is difficult to find the source of the issue before the entire contents of your ME network is crammed into the buffer-slot, or worse, your precious diamonds/rubies/emeralds being ground to a fine powder.

    why is the main machine used in ore processing in ic2 actually meant for grinding sewage
    i mean
    there are plenty of other names
    but a macerator?
    that grinds poop into smaller poop

    We have redefined "macerator", to be a synonym of "grinder" or "crusher". Now we just have to wait for the internet to catch up.

    Speaking of ore processing, this seems legit right?

    What mod is that machine added by? And about the 0% chance, it is probably a chance below 0.5%, which rounds to 0%.

    This is another boring suggestion by that guy with too many ideas floating around.
    But this one's better than the other old boring, generic suggestions - here I am suggesting the addition of awesome, helpful medical-related features. Specifically:

    1. The First-Aid Kit
    These kits are made with special bandage-material, rubbing alcohol, pliers/scissors, glue, and healing-catalyst gel-material. Each kit lasts for 32 uses, and has some special code-stuff that makes the user have to wait 5 seconds orso before using it again.
    The use of this kit is to heal players who are damaged and need to be healed quickly. It can be used by a player, on another player, or on some animals. When used, it instantly heals the player/animal it is used on, and the amount of health restored depends on the tier of the kit. Tier 1 kits would heal 1 heart per use, tier 2 heals 2 hearts, etc.

    2. Steroids/Antidotes and Syringes
    Syringes would be special devices used to inject Steroids which have a lasting buff effect, and Antidotes that instantly cure poison or wither effects. Steroids can grant extra speed, strength, night vision, regeneration, and much more, but can not cause invisibility, fire resistance, or other magic-like things. Antidotes just cure Poison and Wither status ailments, as described before, but a specific antidote is needed for either.
    The steroids/antidotes are made with a special, expensive machine. And the syringes are very expensive too. Syringes are made out of Iridium Syringe Needles (iridium rod + rubber in an assembling machine) and a small glass tank (small glass cube + rubber in an assembling machine), and are single-use only. Iridium is used, because it retains great strength even if in the shape of a tiny, thin tube, whereas most other materials could break easily when used for such a purpose.
    Filled syringes are only stackable up to 1. But the filled tanks and needles are stackable up to 64, and store-able in a medical case. When the player is ready to use a syringe, the player has to take the needle and the filled tank, and craft them together into a syringe. Using a syringe will grant the steroid/antidote effect, but the expensive syringe will be lost, because it's a dirty needle, and balance reasons.
    Machines that synthesize/process any steroids/antidotes, and the machines that create the syringes, must be kept sterile at all times, and slowly become dirty, and often have to be cleaned, unless the machines are inside a Clean-room.

    3. Medical Cases
    Medical cases are just cases that hold medical items. Medical cases hold up to 4 first-aid kits, and 14 stacks of anything else (syringe needles/tanks, etc. - this tool would make it easier for the player to carry medical items around for use in "the field" (deep, dark, forsaken mine-caves). All medical items have to be manufactured elsewhere, and can not be crafted without machines, thus the medical case can not allow a player to fill syringes or craft first-aid kits.

    That's just about it for now. There will be many more ideas to come, but my head hurts right now, so I won't be suggesting any more for a while. Feel free to review this suggestion and give any comments that you feel would be helpful.

    I caused a crash and the log said, that I caused it myself.

    Software that deliberately causes other software to crash, is known to the Internet communities as Malware. You programmed the software to crash - therefore it is malware. Most of the community is finished dealing with you and your attacks on normal forge mod operations and conduct - and would be more than happy to replace your mod with something better. Unless you want freedom from getting to participate in the popular center of the community, you should "get your ducks in a row", and stop displaying your messed-up sense of high authority at everyone.