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    With time I simply haven't measured it and I'd probably be a bad case to judge by as my game is often laggy. For gains though it varies but I think there is probably a threshhold for how many will drop based on its level. For instance a level 1 will never drop 5 or something of X plant but a level 31 could even drop 10. Nether wart particularly can drop high numbers. That said, nether wart is also an arse about giving up seed bags even at 31 resist.

    In another thread Al mentioned that nutrition and water level are checked at the time of harvest to help determine the drops. It looks like Gain is only a part of the equation.

    any idea how to pull the produced items out of tubestuff autocrafter ? know that for BC we used the wooden pipe with a wooden engine but for some reason BC is in conflict with redpower 2 for me think its block ID (have the same problem between thaumcraft 2 and IC 2)

    I believe imbis made his mod work better with RP/BC in a recent release, so try updating or just hooking a pipe up to the table. I also noticed that Eloraam put some of the new block IDs square in the middle of BC's range. Open up redpower/redpower.cfg and edit the offending block ids to new numbers.

    I've never really written stuff in C/C++ (except for exams and such things), so its not my fault. Every single Game i know, which is written in C/C++, can easyly be crashed, without giving you any hint about what exactly went wrong (best example "Access Violation" in Gothic I-III, Risen and Skyrim)

    I think that you know just enough to get yourself into trouble on the programming front. Once compiled, there is no significant difference between the code from different languages. It is mostly a matter of how much you want the complier to hold your hand through the process. C compilers/development environments typically don't hold your hand much/at all so you can do whatever you need to get your code to run as you want it to.

    If you are having that much trouble with a variety of games, you probably have something wrong with your computer or just need to play games from makers with a better reputation for making quality games (Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind/Fallout3 may be fun, but Betheseda can manage to crash a console).

    Doesn't help that placing cable with a deployer seems to NPE...
    (at xd.a(
    at ic2.common.ItemCable.a(
    at eloraam.machine.TileDeployBase.tryUseItemStack(

    So, moving the massfab is out, using cables won't work either... Leaving the only reasonable strategy to create a new massfab, stock up on UUM, remove the old massfab, then place as many panels as possible, using a line of MFSU to transfer power, then once the UUM runs out, place the (already created) new massfab and start over? Expensive...

    Keep your massfab on your moving platform. You can successfully move the machines and cables. The only irritation is having to log out/back in before the energy starts moving again. I haven't tried deploying any IC wiring yet.

    Task: Design a spaceship made of frames, which is capable of omnidirectional flight. It needs to be capable of mining ressources via IC miners, as well as processing these FULLY AUTOMATED in a reasonable way (Ore > Macerator > Dust > Furnace > Ingot > Storage).
    Check -The main power source of the spaceship MUST be (at least one) Nuclear Reactor. <<< As long as Nuclear Reactors crash upon being moved with frames, this limitation does not apply. Though you may attach additional "auxilary/emergency" energy sources.
    Check -Flight mechanics need to be semi-automatic. A pilot/player merely needs to flip a switch for each directional movement, the vessel will keep moving into that direction until the switch is flipped off again.
    Check -(De)Activation of miners does NOT need to be automatized. //especially if you consider the enet bug.
    25% -The spaceship must be capable of landing/starting in a realistic fashion (f.e. by landing on leg-like appendages). Bonus points if you are able to expand/retract the landing pads via frames.
    75% -The refinery complex needs to be capable of fully processing any sort of Ore, as well as storing or recycling any sort of material thrown into the system. As all refinery designs, it must contain a manual input (usually a chest) for players to dump any stuff in.
    Check -It's not necessaryly a requirement for the spaceships refinery/storage system to be fully operational mid-flight.
    Check -The spaceship does not need to be able of altering it's environment in any ways but the miners. You don't need it to be able to eat through mountains, nor does it need to be capable of terraforming something into a flat landing area.
    Check -The Mining component of the ship must consist of IC Miners.

    I'll get a bunch of screenshots posted soon

    Hrm your server log has way more sent packets than the client received. That might mean that there were multiple clients or we have some serious packet corruption.

    Ideally you should see identical output on both server and client consoles = identical packet size, packet order and amount of packets.

    Please upload the full output somewhere, just the error parts aren't enough.

    I noticed on my setup that the server continued to send packets after Minecraft went to a black screen, until the minecraft client is fully closed.

    Ok player, here are my logs of doom.

    Modloader's initialization (client)

    The original crash (the official 1.9.5, not the one you posted)

    Client crash for the 1.9.5 that you posted.

    And the server's output to match the second client crash

    Also, I signed into my server as an anonymous player and was able to move around for a while. It didn't die when I was around Trade-o-mats and wind turbines, there may have been other stuff, but I don't know that base's layout too well. I don't think it died until it "saw" my power room (solar panels, batboxes, mfe, LV and MV transformer, lava generator, reg. generator and chest of charcoal).


    Logs from my time running around as an anonymous player.

    Anyone have a link handy for IC2 1.85 download? The main page jumps straight from 1.8 to 1.9, but the patch notes indicate there was a 1.8.5 step that has bug fixes I need.

    I need it for a quick update on my server without having to jump to the latest MC build.

    PS, due to mod compatability hell, I am not in a position to update to 1.9 ... so don't even suggest it.

    Normally, I could add an item to the pipe slot and the miner would refill the hole with that item. Currently, I can't put a stack any of the slots. While it is nice that I can't accidently put the drill in the detector slot, the ability to backfill is important.