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    Hey everyone, I tried installing IC2 v1.111 today and got a black screen when I tried running it. I'm on Minecraft 1.4.7, and I have Forge and FML, and my other mods are all working great (and yes, I deleted META-INF). Any ideas on how I can fix this? Is v1.111 just not compatible with my version of Forge or something? Thanks in advance for the help, I'm really excited to try Industrial-Craft.

    Try 1.112...

    Suggestion: How about a ranged attack mode for Vajra, to fit in with its new look? IC2 lacks an endgame electric ranged weapon (or any effective ranged weapon at all).

    It could use Radiation from putting it next to a Cell in a Nuclear reactor.
    Some kind of Hand held Tesla gun? ;o
    Electric Lightning wand ftw

    don't even bother with explosion calculations. just delete huge chunks of land randomly.

    Yes, it is simply odd comma in the "". I tried to setup some kind of automatic build system, because I completely messed to change version number each time in each file. ><
    I also find that items is not dropped from upgrade slots when block is broken.

    I'm already changed algorithm to use "per tick" model thought it is currently use constant "energyPerTick" value from config, it is not a problem to make it depend on forced chunks count.

    Darn. I understand that it should be more expensive than current recipe, but I don't want to spend whole my life at crafting table. :)

    Clearly you dont use Gregtech Hardmode.

    You wont believe it, but the Sprayer has intelligent behaviour for spraying CFoam. All depends on the angle you hold the Sprayer. However, sometimes the Angle isnt properly detected in Minecraft, making it behave like "BOOM". I support the Idea of Sprayer Modes. And please dont suggest a special Sprayer to me, that's already on my List.

    Sprayer.... OF DEATH? ;OOOOO

    Now, hopefully all of us know that you can cover Cables with CF Foam, but you have to use the Sprayer. When you use the Sprayer, BOOM! You right click and your submerged in Foam, which is pretty annoying. Perhaps when you are Sneaking (Or even use the MODE Key) and you use the Sprayer it only places one piece of foam, or even just being able to place the Foam block directly onto cables.

    In that case, a Subforum would be a bit too much. We already have Addon Discoussion, where for example GT based Nuclear Reactors are discoussed.

    Anyone having Suggestions for additional Threads I could add to that Subforum? I'm open to create ~3 Thread Topics there. Suggestions and Support will then still belong to the original Main-Thread, so please dont suggest these two.

    Well a design's and contraptions thread of course.