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    Wrong place, but greg would still like this idea.
    At the same time, give greg control over the servers, all of Albalka's nuclear stash, make him Admin of the universe and create a Banhammer made of Electromagnetized Antimatter to pwn noobs.

    I find Modular powersuits very neat, but normal IC2 Recipies are too Cheap and gregtech... a Little too hard X(
    Toobad. Expensive it is.
    Now all i need to do is Convince greg to make Quantum suit even more Expensive.

    Lapatronic Energy orb instead of lapatron, and make Carbon plates for nano require 32 coal dust, or a special machine? Implosion compress it? :3

    Although with mystcraft, it requires a fair bit of Emeralds to get all the symbols you want, but by the time you have enough for Diamond ore symbol and Tendrils or something to go along with it, you would already have 50 Billion EE2 Redmatter

    I really think Xcompwiz did a good job but needs to Go full out Gregfirmacraft balance style and add insanely harsh Instability.
    Heck, Diamond symbol itself should cause Huge nuclear explosions everywhere spreading fire and Super fast Regeneration ghasts everywhere.
    Even then it would need some balance.....

    I would love a Randomized Effect thing for the Reactor, occasionaly a Stray Nuetron screws everything up :P
    Would give Nuclear Control an actual use, since most people use Designs that never overheat or need componants Replacing.

    You put it more specifically than I did, I just put it as the minimum amount for me to understand it if I read it from someone else. I understand packets, but most of the time I can't be bothered to note them beyond ULV, LV, MV, HV, EV, & GTV. (GTV: Greg-tech voltage.)

    What about SMUMV? (Super-massive-ultra-massive-voltage) It runs from 1000000eu/t (Greg's) to 204000000000000000eu/t
    I also made that up after editing the max voltage :3

    Perhaps for the plutonium in the middle, it could be a Reactor and the more Reinriched Uranium cells (Or plutonium for gregT) in it the bigger the explosion. Would be pretty cool.
    And for Radiation, here is what it should be.
    Go into MCedit and make a Poison 10 Regeneration 9 Potion.
    Thats what radiation should be. Permently. Then you need to decomtaminate yourself (IRL you could probably use water if you didnt breath in any Alpha Particles)

    Perhaps you dont lose them but you loose all the Attatchments? Like a modular thing, where you need, say, a bionic arm for all the upgrades, and you dont loose the Bionic arm, but you do the upgrades.

    Nuclear Weapons arent crafted with Gunpowder and Uranium... There made with Explosives.. uh... Explosively Compressing Uranium into Plutonium :3
    Although no Plutonium in Vanilla IC2 *stares at greg*
    This is what it may look like: (Ignore casing + Steel :3 )
    This is what it looks like on the inside: (Those liquiducts are clearly Plutonium rods q.q )
    And this is what it looks like after: Nice and Realistic kinda , yet still expensive :3