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    thanks all, i havent been part of the community long but you have welcomed me and been extremely friendly. I really do hope someone can keep this project alive as i feel there is a gap between magic and tech that, although it doesnt fill that gap at the moment, with some time and development by someone with less on their plate this could really fill that void and make an excellent addon.

    if anyone would like to take on the mod or at least enquire about it, please PM me :)

    Basically i start a new job on monday working way way way loads of hours and i have a baby on the way in the next few weeks. so it is becoming WAY too busy for me to have any time left for this project... i was hoping i would get a final version for 1.4.7 before i released it for someone to update it in the future however it just isn't going to be. Does anyone want to take on this project who i can release all the source to?

    Be really appreciative if someone could keep this alive :)

    I've played a bit of Sonic Unleashed with Wii emulator (Dolphin). However it was very glitchy so i dropped.
    Nowadays it may run normally, but i don't feel like playing it again.

    Back to topic, hoping magical generator, fixed gem generation comes out soon.
    Also don't forget to change your default IDs to values farther from vanilla ones (both blocks and items) [Use forge 4096 block IDs fix].
    Another suggestion is to add a config file to set all blocks/items IDs and config to disable chaos emeralds (recipe).

    I am working on the magic generator and have fixed the ore generation. I don't want to release until i have implemented a config file. The problem is i dont know where to begin with a config file, going to read some tutorials today and see if i can get it all sorted by tonight :) does anyone know a particularly good tutorial before i start scouring the forums and google?

    Hmm. That's a lot of nether stars, and also slightly broken with mystcraft, given that if you use the "Sky" biome, it generates the end, and an enderdragon along with it. So, if you have an automatic wither skeleton farm, and an automatic wither farm, it's not terribly hard to get ludicrous amounts of EU for free, underground.

    meant to be a lot of nether stars. wouldnt want it to be easy for people would i?

    also, i have never used mystcraft so i didnt realise... when i finish this config setup for it i may add a "using mystcraft" flag, or make the mod check for mystcraft and in that instance use an alternative recipe for crafting the chaos emeralds... not really sure how to go about the latter though XD

    Are these supposed to be Chaos Emeralds?
    1. There is no orange Chaos Emerald.
    2. The Shape and the cut of the Emeralds are not very similar to the original Version.

    However, the Textures themselfes are looking great.

    it isnt orange its yellow?? maybe just lost the detail on downsizing, not going to lie, i got the chaos emeralds off google and resized for 16x16 (which made them taller and longer than normal...) the other textures i did unfortunately!

    Chaos Emeralds colors varies on pictures.
    I've seen pics with orange emeralds, while others without.
    They change a blue/lightblue emerald for the orange one.
    Most commonly seen combination : blue,light blue, transparent/white ,yellow , green, purple and red.

    About ore generation, i've wandered on three dimensions, found only powerstone at overworld, nothing else.

    mmhhhm i havent found any either... can somebody check my generation code for me? here is a pastebin link...

    Further testing made me find a bug with your gem blocks. (I'm not sure if this is caused by any other mod i have installed so i need you to re-test it)
    Raw Emerald block lacks a recipe.
    Kryptonite block needs only one gem instead of 9, same thing happens with Powerstone and Solite blocks.

    Thanks i will give it a look tomorrow evening :)

    If you want to take a look at my textures then you are welcome to redo them as i am a shocking texture artist XD

    I will keep giving my opinion and testing this.
    Thanks for re-considering the mystical generator. I bet everyone will use gems for that.
    Also you could make all mystic gems useable inside storage boxes outputting their respective values. The mystic generator would be a block to use ALL your mystical gems at once.
    This way you can use a single type of gem to give some power to a storage box if you don't have the resources for the generator.

    ok that could be cool. thanks!

    decided against the mystical generator remember, just slot em in where you would put a battery. I also realise there are cheaper ways of storing energy, just thought that this is a cooler way of storing energy, besides for those who are running trading mods, its much more fun to trade gems that store power than batteries... i will however re-look at creating a mystic generator if other people think it will be a better way of doing it, i just dont have much free time at the moment as i have a baby due in a few weeks and a new job starting a week monday.

    I also realise that the egg is used by GT but not everyone uses GT and those who do will simply have to make a choice. same with the master emerald. i dont want people having a master emerald AND chaos emeralds... be super OP. you can make the choice... a master emerald or 7 chaos emeralds... i am also not responsible for glitches in duplicating the egg, it is cheating and so i am not going to change the key ingredient.

    i will definitely look at end/fortress generation though and like i said, will take another look at making a mystical generator. you have had lots of great input SpwnX, thank you :) it has really helped having someone who is honest and fair with their evaluation :)

    Excited for the new update! But your device makes all of the dust needed for each of the emeralds from one usage? Seems a bit OP but I will have to see how it works in practice. Granted its hard to make more of them with one Dragon Egg, but I guess it depends on the other materials required and what the materials are for getting the dust to emerald form.

    Glad you are still writing for 1.4.7 for now. I just got an install finished with all the mods I wanted. Will certainly wait for this one before I start playing in my new server. Might be playing with some CC Peripherals to get Sonic music and sounds working.

    These will look great in a display case in my floating castle I plan to build after getting set up in industry. Obviously this will be the reason it is floating :P

    yeah it does make it all with one usage but i have nerfed the chaos emeralds totally to 50EU/t but still infinite.... BUT i have added a twist... when the device drops the dusts you can craft them into the chaos emeralds using nether stars ghast tears and blaze rods BUT if you dont do that from the powders you can make the master emerald using ALL of the dusts for 1 gem which is infinite and outputs at 512EU/t but there is only ever 1... so although having an infinite 512eu/t source is quite OP, the work and items that go into it and the fact that you will only ever have one keeps it a little controlled, after all you cant run a whole base off 1 512eu/t source... plus it has a great application: a friend of mine on my server built a secret underwater base using IC2 water mills connected to a single MFSU powering all his Uinversal Eelectricty turrets and forcefields (MFFS) i happened to stumple upon it the other week if i put the Master emerald in the "charge" slot it should discharge his mfsu and knock out his base defenses XD... am uploading the mod now so check out the OP in about 20 minutes for the updated link and details XD

    Hey all I am at the last hurdle finally. This should be ready real soon now and then i will look at getting it 1.5.1 worthy ready for a stable(ish) release of IC2 for MC1.5.1, not too keen on spending time working on it for one of the jenkins builds, rather wait for a full stable release.

    Now, I have encountered a problem (the last hurdle) (spoiler ahead)

    basically to make the chaos emerald (and the Master Emerald) you have to craft a device using a dragon egg and some other bits :P and then when you trigger it with redstone it explodes (dealing no block damage just knocks you back a bit...) and should drop 1 of each 7 dusts used to craft the chaos emeralds... the problem is it seems to be dropping 2 of each dust???

    this is my code:

    I know its a little messy... sorry... but why is this dropping 2 when i set it to 1?? we wouldnt want 2 sets of chaos emeralds now would we?