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    Xyberviri > Um, it seems that you didin't read the part about stabilizer

    Cadde > well isn't it's changing everyting... The Idea I given is moreorso given in the respect of old system just giving it an extension.

    Besides everyting else, some sort of advancment is goiing to be implemented, probobly not like mine, but I trust Albaka that it's going tobe Awesome or at least Insanely Good ^ ^ removing ice would make my reactors go bey bey in a bi-octa-big bang apocalypse of my world, but world is already lost when IC2 transfers to 1.0.0

    Fairly sure that's not a bug. Ice melts above 300 heat and reduces heat by 300 when it does so. But that cooling only applies to hull heat, so if you have other components with heat it can take time for that heat to transfer to the hull where the ice will melt. And the ice melting factor in the heat is done in the same reactor tick that transfers heat, so while the reactor may put 320 heat to the hull, an ice will melt and reduce it to 20 before the reactor 'tick' ends, so you read 20 with the thermometer.
    Bottom line: as long as there's still ice in the reactor, you shouldn't see hull heat go above 300, even if ice is melting.

    Thanks Dude, that explains evething :D

    Sugesstion : Nuclear Power expansion

    As a big fan of nuclear enginering and spending alot of time on reactor planing I keep on wondering what could be even more awesome :)

    The idea is kinda simple : as reactor chanbers are addons to the reactor, there could be more different types of "additions" to the reactors.

    Few "blocks" comes to mind, but still it's one idea, it would be kinda silly to post seweral different posts...
    No Recipes, but the functions of blocks kinda deffine the parts needed by logic, I hope :)

    These addons wouldn't give additional colums or cooling at all (surounding thease in water dosn't either) but instead give a new type of effect or controlability.

    Heater chamber, for Breaders kinda like generator, but insted burn stuff to increase heat in a stable and semi-controlable maner.

    Cooler as it dosen't give any slots in which cooling could be added + chambers place 8 or more heat cooled from reactor hull, surounding this one with water would be actualy more afficiant than simple chanmbers.

    Stabilizer which would work like integrated heat dispenser, but between reactors, at a certain low rate like ~80-100 Heat per tick and could store in it self small amount of heat if reactor beside it starts overheating, but as a result could blow up by itself :) but this would be kinda unreall i supose...

    Reinforced Chanmber, Semi-Breader type of addon - like outside plating representation, giving huge boost to the reactors capability to store heat whitout exploding.

    Alfa proton Generator, every tick dispensing imaginary alfa particles to double the reaction speed, basicly as an aditional uranim cell beside every uranium cell, More power more energy, Faster heatup, FASTER & BIGER BANG

    Steam turbine chanber, little energy per heat, maybe a little cooling, but in a balanced maner so if used with Heater chamber it would make a verry verry verrrrry expensive generator :D

    Heat dispersion chamaber, suplied with redstone would tottay disable Hull's Heat to be substracted or vaporized by surounding factors.

    Maybe this is kinda Breeder oriented besides few points, sorry, theyre just too hart to control ...

    I'm just a little skeptical - someone signs up just to post a fix and then someone else signs up just to "verify" that it works?

    Proceed with caution. If it's legit, that's great... but I'll wait until it's vetted by a reliable source, thanks.

    Couldn't resist the temtation as reactor fanatic :D

    Works, crafts and charges without crashing.

    scand with Avast and peek into it abit, seems fine. Despite the strange circumstances :) Thanks for the strange fixer :D

    But, ICE semms to work in a misteriause ways it should melt over 300 heat ... 3 k heat ice melts continiausly until reactor is cold 20 heat only... and consumes about 8 or 10 ICE block when it's in this state, Thermometer dosn't seems to be at foult. But where to post a bug when you can only see it with a mod addon :D

    O_O Wow... how did I miss that. It really works.

    wait ? is it bugs ? Snowballs created into infinite stack (dosn't stop at 16 snow balls)
    Compresing snowbolls in compresor with pump beside it only makes one ice block and stops (works fine in different location)

    Maybe becouse of my instalation... but if its IC2 doing then this is a bug report :D

    Suggestion : Ice from Water

    Just a very simple suggestion > Compresing water until it turns to ice.

    Well, simply plunk water bucket or sorce block into compresor and get ice, logicaly makes sence, and can't be too OP reactor vise since water buckets don't stack.

    Side note : Don't eat the bucket please.

    XD Whole sugestion tread is so damn funny !
    IF anything Qsuit is the LATE LATE game like megacreeps all over the place...
    Maybe there could be a inbitween wariance or alter versions that are les powerful but not a god damn overkill.
    Try standing beside ignited nuke with Qsuit on, and after explosion try to tell that it's not OP... just try.

    Damn this is great idea, it always happens that you make too much of stuff, like LV MV transformers, advanced circust, then you use just half of them while instaling your new workplace, then what ? keeping them in the chest just to collect dust... and the damn wires could be grinded down to at least some repay in dust.

    Okey for the sake of truth :
    Jeb's dictionary dosen't have words like "Balance" "Fairness" and "Grind Till You Die" not Notch's, but that dosn't change the main point here, enchantments will be discarded by Albaka, or so he stated in couple of replys and posts, but I cannot stop to wonder how it will be, whats the future of IC2 equepment, Since 1.337 update kinda shows that the "Upgrage-ability through tiers" is a niceway. Living underground, and coming to surface just to showoff my LapPack + LAZOR combo xD

    I will alter it, to consume, but not produce anything from a few spam-able items. Namely sticks, scaffolds and glass panes.

    Well the that a great way to deal with it :D and after the latest update theres no huge isue left, since dimonds are gone maybe? if not, pretty good ratio of them dropping... xD
    No complains, i like prefer IC Diamons, since i don't use solars have lots of those ^ ^

    Suppor Request : Forrum E-mail notiffication

    I'm probably posting this in the right place, if not i'm sorry.

    I don't seem to see any config in the forrum to get emails for stuff.

    Just wondering is there a possibility to get emails / or would it be possible to implement such a thing ?

    It would be wery useful to get email when the new update is released or somthing is writen in specific tread or section.

    Don't ban me, i'm in no way asking the date of a release or smthing like this. Just the ability to get notiffication emails about my "tracked" threads / sections.

    Suggestion : cfg for recyclers

    As reading throught the change log 1.337 (cool number) noticed that recyclers can recycle anything ?

    It's good that scrapboxes are nurfed, but in SMP theres a bit of a problem with people overusing BWT or RP to gain load of cheap items to recycle. Add a *.cfg file for SMP in witch we could exclude certain Block or item IDs from "able to recycle list" so that in smp there would be more control over Recycling system, or even add cfg line to disable scrapboxes at all if needed : )

    I just expect plenty of mods to remove the new broken content, so as to free up those nice sprite IDs, and replace it with Useful content. Heck, I think last time I installed my huge set of mods I play with, I hit 8 IDs. I imagine notch used at least 8 more ids, so I suppose I will have to drop one next time, unless someone comes out with an anti-notch fix.

    Not likely, overwriting vanilla ID's would cross the line which moders try to keep, so they wouldn't hurt each other as well as take away vanilla. Proboly making a separete MC-like game could be the cure : )

    Suggestion: Way to deel with the Enchanting in 1.0.0

    Way to deel with the Enchanting in 1.0.0

    Reading the suggestion section I stumbled upon the problem like situation and give my idea/solution for that.

    Problem : enchanting VS. Electric Stuff

    Well it would be kinda cool to have drill with silk touch but damn it's just not right for IC2 feel and balance.
    Following Mister N would lead us to a place where Nano saber would be just for looks and nurft and inbalanced.

    I suggest not to make same mistakes as N person but to make a good balanced system for upgrading your electric equepment in IC2 itself.
    Keeping the feel of IC2 intact, making stable system of enchanting thas showing N how things have to be done...

    One way could be making chips and using experience as a "inteligence points" to spend on programing the chips (or whatewer)

    different chip of different level = different predetemend level used up to program them to keep balance and not making random stuff like N.

    Chips ofcouse could be used to improve the electric equepment

    Chips and uses:
    Alot of posibilities here, so it can be way better enchanting system then N's wision to this stuff.
    Enchanting Tools/Armour and maybe the machines itself.

    Power saver Chips > Stable EU distributios that giving a little bit less EU consuption.
    Balancing Chips > Alittle bit faster performance only EU consuption increased as side effect
    Overdrive Chips > Insanely fast performace but decreased rates of some mats like redstone / glowstone and such.
    Efficianty Chips > Gaining full quanty of mats mere eu used (like glowstone dust without loss, or more coal/redstone randomly)
    Booster Chips > More EU storage

    Quantum Chips > Higher Stronger Faster... jup, Qsuit stuff.
    Energy link Chips > Even destribution of energy along armour with this upgrade.
    Cooling Chips > Fire dmg reduction
    Damage calculation Chips > explosion dmg reduction
    Damage Absobtion Chips > Health saving but EU drains insted

    Valocity Chips > Acurate height feel = no Fall dmg
    Regen Chips > increased base helth regen rate
    Pniaumatic system chips > Less hunger energy consumed
    ... I can go on but there is no point if Albaka even considers this idea, if so, after system is impemented, comunity would come up with more of these things :)
    And if this is considerable suggestion make them teard Like Power saver I 5lvl needed power saver V 75 Lvl needed.


    Okey, maybe it have been talked about alt and in different theds and places, but the problem in solars is not the lag... (damn, google "MC optimization" or "how to allocate more memory to MC" if you have slow machine).

    The main isue with solars are that they are inbalanced in a strange way that in the start you begin to make them and when you finaly got to the late game you should move to higher tier power suply, but there is no need to buid reactor or generator arrays or biofuel factories from needines of higher tier power becouse you have like 64 solars above your head and they already been placed so no matenence is needed so you usualy go with that. (Late game IC2 would be sufficiant material backup to make a reactor or two and Qsuit in play)

    The easyest solution I see is to make a recipe for a solar cell. and solar power amlifier wich just have inventory in witch they burn those cells for EU overtime, making solar power cheep in the beggining but maitanence required for powerfull output of EU will be too much compered to lets say making reactor MK I or MK II or crazy one ... The problem is peoples natural instinc to go for expensive but lazy, if you make them move too much around filling the sollar adopters with cells they gona take the easyer way and make a reactor.

    At this point I dont even see this as notch's game anymore. Its albakas and space toads and eloraams game and notch is just some rogue trying to mess things up with his half baked, overgrown man child ideas.

    This is GOLD! I thought i'm the only one who thinks this way, the sooner game falls into abandomwere state and moders takes over and carrys on minecraft the better... Last release left me with the feel that notch havent played any RPG ever... MC 1.0.0 is as inbalance as it ever wore. Iron armor = almost invincible, MOB almost grinder is the only way to get good level, believe me I tried not to do it without mob system, 5 nights strait just fighting mobs in a dark field to lvl 29 witch was a waste of iron armour and diamond swords... and it gets worse. So THE GOOD enchantments starts at lvl 40-70... > . < the way it disbalanced even more to nurf diamond sword almost to a stick. Friends server crashes just becouse someone is breeding too much... WTF Mister N is doing ?

    GOT OFFTOPIC, So Enchanting sys in IC 2?

    >>> I think that enchantment should just be left for nonelectric tools only, and let's say the electric tools could be "Upgraded" by the personal upgrade system of IC2 of some sorts, maybe chipped with different chips like "Energy saver Chip" "Precise mining Chip" "Overdrive Chip" and... well you get the way i'm going with this ?
    So all will be happy, dedicated people for IC2 won't complaint that dumb spells dosen't fit IC2 and younger users won't complain that drill can't be enchantet by shyny floating book above obsidian. ^^