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    You can turn off sounds completely by setting soundsEnabled to false in IC2.cfg. Also I think you can just delete the unwanted sounds from the jar without causing problems. They are in industrialcraft-2-client_1.15.jar/ic2/sounds/Tools.
    Yes I also sometimes mines the block beneath the one I want to destroy, but I think it is a small tradeoff for such an awesome tool with this speed. Also just use the mining laster to level out things, just shoot in a straight line at each level and you're done.

    Slightly offtopic incoming:
    Yes I also don't like the way bukkit is going. I followed it nearly from the start and used it a lot for public and private servers and also coded some basic stuff for it, IMO it is the best plugin system out there. Sad thing is I kind of see Dinnerbone as in charge of bukkit development, mainly because I saw him porting bukkit to 1.8 all night, not EvilSeph. But I also saw that the community is going downhill since some time. The most prominent case I remember, was when a valid report of a malicious plugin was simply deleted by the mods. Also the switch to bukkit dev was one of the worst decisions ever, great way to take away the last bit of interaction between plugin coders and users. But still I think bukkit is doing something great, providing the minecraft community, which sadly has a lot of "bad" people, with a secure way of running public servers. Don't know how many times I used Logblock to rollback some idiot or worldguard yelled at me that some guy was trying to use TNT or lava, wouldn't be possible without bukkit. And at the same time you get such a load of new features. While I still think they can't beat IC2, they are really near it and the instant I found the bukkit version of IC I used it. I hoped that with the release of Spout client mods would be more viable on bukkit servers, but the complete refusal to be compatible to any existing system and even working into this direction ruined it. If you are going to build something that is able to allow clientmods, why not make use of an existing protocol? At least make it nearly compatible, read as requiring less than 5 hours of work to adapt, to existing systems like Forge or Modloadermp.
    So to sum it up: i disagree with a lot of the recent developments in the bukkit community, but I still think it is a great project and I hope they keep going beside Notch throwing out crappy versions one after each other.

    Player: Please at least don't disallow third parties to port IC2 to bukkit. I know I don't have the right to ask for that, it's your code after all, but please don't limit the way people are creating new stuff from it. I am entirely fine with you not supporting bukkit at all, but at least give others the chance to try it, of course with asking permission of the IC2 team first before publishing it.

    Well for the server lag, maybe its a bandwidth or performance problem, not much you can do about then. My server runs quite good, but on a crappy VPS you can barely play it. If the crash is clientside use the hotfix in the last post of the release thread, fixed weird crashes for me. But this is just a guess without error log there is not much more possible.

    IC2 uses a lot of meta-data to reduce the usage of block IDs, TMI has problems with identifying the additonal items in SMP. Also with the normal give command you can't give blocks with meta-data (not even colored wool).

    It is not a bug it is a feature. Redstoned storages always emit when they are full to prevent energy loss. You can use a Transformer as a switch by wiring the input to the 3 dotted side and the output to one of the 1-dotted sides. If it is redstoned it is turned off. Be careful to only wire consumers to the output, else you might blow stuff up, because you transform current it up. Far easier, cheaper and safer switches can be found in this addon:

    This is what I am using to have multiple versions on MC:
    create a new textfile, paste this into it:

    set APPDATA=%cd%
    java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -jar minecraft.jar

    Save as start.bat (maybe edit the X parameters to get a more stable MC)
    It will create a .minecraft folder in the current directory and save everything there.

    There is a bridge mod that also integrates IC2 into the recipes:
    Just drop it into your mods folder, runs from there.
    It also disables the chance of +33% on dusts, so you don't get unlimited gold and thus diamonds, but you can still do Diamond Ore -> Gold Ore -> 2xGold Dust -> Diamond, so you get the double yield.
    I am running a huge buildcraft-quarry (it crashed the game while creating^^) and so far I have everything I want, except the Dark Matter Locus, still trying to get enough diamonds, but first I need another oil source, the last one ran out :(