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    You are using the wrong forge version. You need 1.3.1, the others are incompatible with IC2 for now.

    If that is not the reason, the old answer:
    Your config is really messed up if that happens. Backup everything and delete .minecraft/config/IC2.cfg to let it generate a new one, this will most likely destroy your old IC2-worlds if you try to load them afterwards.

    Realistic, cheapest and intended way would be to use HV cables to every house and step it down there.

    If you want loseless transfer use fiber cables and either MFSUs (gives you extra buffer to prevent brown-outs in case of high load) or HV transformers as repeaters.
    I would place the plant in the middle of the city and put a cable under every street, easy access and you reach every house. Need to keep an eye on the overall capacity of the line tho. If using fiber all stations can only draw 512 EU/t combined, fine for 10 ppl on one line, but 20 is already too much. You can use HV lines, gives you a lot more power, but you also lose a lot more.

    I personally really don't get the whole discussion. These machines fit IC² really well, but so do some other addons around here. Why is there only here such a hudge discussion about including it? Also I don't like the tone of these posts, you are calling the IC² devs lazy and stupid, which they definitively aren't. IC² is one of the most complex mods I know, consisting out of so many things, which are all balanced. Al has stated that these machines won't be included, so why do you continue begging for it? I don't know his reasons and they don't matter for me, but why can't you accept it? The only thing that is going to happen is that this discussion will grow into a flame war, the addon thread will be closed and Al will be pissed about this and disallow this addon, which is his right as it uses IC² as base. Only because updating this addon takes longer than you want doesn't mean it needs to be integrated. Zip has stated that he will continue the development, so there is no need to worry about this awesome addon dieing. And don't forget the IC² team doesn't have unlimited time itself, Al has stated that he is busy with his exams, so I guess it wouldn't be that much faster if this was included in IC², would take mabye a month to release a new version of IC² which would include it. And it would be a lot more work rewriting it from scratch instead of just continueing an older work.

    tl;dr: Stop this discussion, it will lead nowhere.

    The balance is the thing I really like about the Solar arrays, because you just can't argue with it. It is the same as in IC², no reason to change it. I remember the advacned solar panels, these were a pain to balance and even after a nerf I still found them imbalanced.

    The crash is caused by Mo's Creatures, but the lag might be because your PC can't keep up with the speed of the suit, it needs to load chunks really fast if you sprint, might cause the lag. Try it without optifine, in some rare cases you get more FPS without. Or try the Multithreaded Optifine, it offloads chunk loading to another thread, could fix it.

    Question is: Is the US government in need of more publicity? If yes they will pick another hosting service at random, if not they will just continue to ignore everything in this regard. Also isn't it quite funny that you don't hear anything about Kim dotcom anymore, even though they should maybe announce what he is charged with or that he is transferred to the USA? The whole thing was just a big media stunt for publicity in regard of PIPA and SOPA, nothing more, nothing less.

    P.S. Am I the only one who finds it troubling that the New Zealand police raids a mansion with 70 police men on a "request" of the FBI, something is wrong here...

    I think it was advanced generators, or a mod from the same author that added plasma storage devices, but really usually you are better off just using that power. I mean if you generate enough power to fill 250 MFSUs you will always be generating enough power for your workshop, so just keep 10 MFSUs as backup and pipe the rest into a Massfab: Diamonds <3

    EDIT: Yes it was from fallenbeast, but it seems like his hosting expired, so I doubt we can expect an update soon :(

    Hmm can teleporters be changed to only react on the rising edge of a redstone signal? Then it won't matter if the chunk gets unloaded too fast and the only change is that you need to be standing on the teleporter already when you press the button (what I do anyway^^)

    The next release is going to change the way storage blocks work. Instead of not outputting when redstoned they will emit redstone when they are full. Easy way to do the same and more <3
    For now maybe use a RP timer to occasionally (like every 60s) unblock the line, if the MFSU needs power its going to keep it open, if not its going to close again. Will waste 1 reactor tick every 60s, so not really something to worry about.

    EDIT or just use one solar panel or windmill to constantly feed 1 EU/t into the MFSU, if the power flows turn the reactor on, if not the MFSU is full.