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    Actually a wrench that at max splits the machines in blocks sounds great. I think it should use a lot of energy and can only be charged in a crystal charger. Something like 4 or 5 uses on it before it depletes, so you actually need to think if you want to move that furnace failsafe and waste something like 10000EU or take the risk of moving it with a normal wrench. Also the high EU consumption is required to balance the item, if it can save you dozens of mass fabricators or crystal chargers it should really cost a bit more than 2 of those machines.

    Maybe changing the crafting recipe from the one Dragonmystic suggested to something like that:


    U - Uranium Ingot
    B - Bronze (maybe something more expensive)
    A - Advanced circuit
    C - Energy Crystal
    ? - Something I don't know yet, FreqTrans maybe, just a Diamond, another Advanced circuit, Relay, or a Cable Obscurator to add a use to it apart from making cables pretty, the mutation it generates could lead to a temporary stability in the machine...

    I am using Too Many Items and it works perfectly, both with the vanilla /give and also with the /i of Commandbook. You just need to move things in your inventory around to see the items, Notch bug... IMO a lot easier than to remember all the IDs of the new stuff.

    I made a fully automated scrapbox factory with the help of Buildcraft. Without Buildcraft you would need to manually feed the cobble into recyclers and craft the boxes yourself, still quite cool, if you only need to feed 5 EU/s in and get tons of scrap out.
    The automated cobble factory is inspired by this wiki article.


    The Cobble generator itself:

    The whole thing is shut down if the ore block is accidently mined, this will prevent the ore block from being processed to scrap, also it will turn on a warning light so you know you need to replace the ore block. The miner can use normal pipes or diamond pipes, the latter will produce cobble faster than Buildcraft can transport, so the chest will fill up slowly. The power to the miner is switched off, if the ore block is mined, while this won't stop the miner alone it can't go deeper, because there is water under the maximum depth of the mining pipes.

    I already managed to build a generator that can detect if there is a cobble block or not, but I didn't manage to shut down the miner in time if there is none, so sometimes after you load the map it will mine the ore block and stop after that. Only thing to do is to replace the ore block again and it will start. Also the clock I am using for compactness won't survive a map load, most likely.

    Name: Bronze/Tin/Copper Block

    Basically the same as with the vanilla Blocks like iron or gold. This would compress the ingots of the new materials down to one ninth and would follow the logic of MC to be able to compress metals into blocks. Really useful if you want to move or are stockpiling for a large project. Maybe also add such a recipe for Industrial Diamonds.


    I I I
    I I I
    I I I

    I = ingot of any metal, must of course all be of one sort

    While powering my miners with an MFE I found a little bug:
    If you put a charged Bat-Pack in the lower slot of a fully charged MFE, the MFE will output power, without draining energy from the Bat-Pack or its internal storage.
    I tested this with 16, 32 and 64 EU/s output and it is not only if you power miners, even linking the output to another MFE works, so you basically have an unlimited 64 EU/s power supply, you just need 120.000EU to start with.

    EDIT: Forgot to add I have IC 8.50