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    If you say you dumped the buckets in I guess you didn't wait for the heat to distribute. The HDs take some ticks to take the heat from the hull, if you input lava too fast the hull will overheat before the HDs can take that heat. If you look at the tab Breeder options on that site it tells you how long to wait after each bucket to not overheat the hull

    I think we should think of achievements like they are in vanilla MC, as some kind of guidance. I think the first should be to create a treetap and rubber, as that is usually what you do first. Then maybe mining copper and tin, refining iron, creating copper cables, a generator, extractor and macerator. After that it is usually open what to do next. Maybe something like creating a bronze pick next.

    What I can think of right now would be that (tried to order them from early to end game):

    I am currently testing a new setup. Basically you use compressors and pumps to generate snowballs and recycle those. A screenshot of my testing setup:

    I really like how you can easily extend this as much as you like, but the output is rather low. I am currently running 18 compressor/pump combos and they produce barely enough snowballs to keep 2 recyclers running. The whole setup uses about 25-35EU/t. Before I used miners on cobble generators and also BC quarries, but I already installed RP2 and I think I am going to setup some block breakers. IMO the only reason for using compressors would be that you don't want to mess with cobble gens and you don't want any other mods beside IC2 installed.

    What version of TMI are you running? I can spawn solar panels and everything else just fine. I have Version 1.0.0 2011-11-29, maybe you need to update. Also if you are playing SMP it might be normal, last time I tried TMI in SMP it also didn't show these things, but as you didn't state whether SMP or SSP I don't know which one you mean. If it is SMP you most likely can't do much about it. Try adding the spawn command for items with Damage Values to the TMI config.

    First great mod, I mainly installed it for the autominer, maybe in some days I will get into the fusion technology, but so far I don't have the ressources^^
    Also I have a little suggestion regarding the autominer:
    That neat little flying thing has the tendency to fly off where you can't find it anymore^^ Would it be possible to add something like the compass, but instead of pointing to your spawnpoint it points to the nearest miner? Maybe if you rightclick it cycles through nearby miners. Another neat function would be that if you leftclick while pointing at a miner it shuts it down, so you dont need to keep chasing it^^

    Thanks for the update, took the Quantum fix from the download and it loads fine. But it has the same problem as I had with my fix. If you quantum jump you get damage when you land, although I am not sure if this is not a bug/feature of IC2 itself. I only know that it didn't do that when I tried it in 1.15.
    Next problem I have is this:

    As you can see it crashes some time after the modloader init, but this bug is related to this addon: http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2037 I don't know what you changed, but maybe it is an easily fixable bug.

    This is the reason why i use a custom launcher and all servers I ever set up are in offline mode even tho I own MC. You have less problems when not using the legit client, hate how Mojang refuses to fix that issue, maybe they shouldn't use java on a server with nearly 4 million users, just saying...

    With both the CRTL fix and the full fixes the server crashes on startup:

    I also tried changing it to use CRTL myself, but I broke the fall damage absorption of the boots a bit^^. If you want the full v1.15 speed without sprinting you need to change float f = 0.22F; to float f = 0.25F; on line 53 in

    IC2 is a pure forge mod. Ever mod that is forge compatible (read doesn't change base files) is compatible with IC2. You can resolve ID conflicts by changing them in IC2.cfg or in the config of the other mod.

    I personally go for Solar Panels, then for Advanced Solar panels to conserve space, but I think if you are willing to spend some time to work on your power production burning charcoal is perfect. It regrows fast, is available everywhere and costs nearly nothing to setup.

    Well this is for IC1, I build the same in IC2 already, works the same way.
    Basically you don't need to turn the miner off, put a water block under the mining pipe and it won't go deeper. In IC1 I shutdown the miner via a switch cable.

    :Miner: MinecraftSkeleton :Copper Ore:
    Where the Skeleton is the place where the cobble is forming. And the copper ore any ore block the OD scanner considers valuable. Basically it works like this:
    1. Miner digs down
    2. OD Scanner detects copper ore
    3. Miner digs sideways
    4. Cobber gen regens the block
    5. Miner digs sideways
    6. Repeat to infinity or chunk unload

    My recommendation is to put a water block under the mining pipe to prevent it from going too deep. This construction usually doesn't survive a chunk unload, but you can use a diamond drill, the cobble gen is usually fast enough, but its close.

    For what do you want even more storage? 1MEU is more than enough to power an entire workshop for a whole night. If you have multiple MFSUs sitting around fully charged you should get a MassFab.

    Your problem is BC, not BTW or IC2. Check your BC config, this seems like a config problem. When in doubt delete it to generate a new one, but make sure to remember the Ids of the items if you changed the BC ones.