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    I am getting the following error when trying to start Minecraft with your mod. Happens both if I put it in Mods/ and directly into the jar. After googling a bit and installing Java 7 it works now, but I think most people are still on Java 6, might cause problems for more users.

    I tested that patch and it won't work. Cables are not entities, they are Tile entities, which is again something different^^ But for a simple switch you can use a transformer:
    Cable is wired from below into the 3-dotted side, the transformer outputs 512Eu/s on its sides if not powered, if powered it would emit 2k EU/s, but as the MassFab doesn't send energy into the transformer nothing happens.

    If you want to use pistons you could use (I guess) them to move a transformer, but I haven't tested that yet.

    Well you can get about 2kk-3kk EU from one Uranium cell. If you have a good breeder you can also split each uranium ingot in 8 cells, resulting in 16-24kk per ingot. That is a hell lot. Also you can produce about 20-40EU/s with a safe reactor. To produce lets say 40EU/s with solar panels you need 40*6=240 Iron ingots, in fact the double amount, because solar panels only produce during the day. 40 Solar panels use a lot of space, while a reactor uses around 4x4x4.
    In my opinion the reactor is ok, not as awesome as it used to be in IC1, but if you are a clever constructor you can build a better reactor in IC2 that in IC1, just takes a bit more planing.

    It is the same problem with every other item that carries a charge. You either need to completely deplete it or completely charge it. This sounds exactly like the problem I had when I tried crafting with Lapotrons, they were just a little bit charged.
    To be able to craft the drill either use the mining drill until it doesn't work anymore or charge it until it is full. Both ways should work.

    So far I haven't found a tool able to remove the iron fence while keeping the block. Is that already included in "Some machines are not removeable by Wrench."?
    Also could you change it so that the magnetizer can "power" fences adjacent to it, so you can build a pole from bedrock to the surface without interruption?

    EDIT: Nvm Mining Laser on Low Focus does wonders to iron fences, but still kinda weird that you need the laser to remove them.

    Hipo (The original creator of the pistons mod) has made a "patch" for the piston class, to allow it to push TEs iirc.

    In that case it's one more reason for electric pistons^^ I'll test with the mod, would be awesome!

    EDIT: Sadly doesn't work, the patched pistons are able to launch entities and sticky pistons also pull when not powered, thats all :(

    I tried to grow some rubber trees underground and it didn't work for some minecraft weeks (was idling in minecraft while doing other stuff). I now placed some grass near them and after it spread under the sapling it grew in less than a day. So either you need to place grass, crafted from UU-Matter, in your tree farm or you need to build a grass stair down there at some point. I am not sure, but if that is intentional, maybe rubber saplings shouldn't be able to be placed on dirt, only on grass.

    Don't know if thats maybe intentionally, but cables can't be moved by pistons, at least not by stickies. I kinda miss that ability :(
    Slightly offtopic: is there already something like a switch cable, tired of always removing the cables when I don't want to charge my MFSU, thats what I wanted pistons for.

    Thanks :)
    I died while wearing rubber boots, when I came back to get my stuff I picked up an unlimited amount of rubber boots.
    I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, maybe it is related to the damage value of the boots when you die. Also I died multiple times at the same spot. Could be just a Notch-bug, but maybe it is related to IC². Also I wasn't able to shift-click these boots into a chest (I am using convenient inventory). Dropping only one of these boots and picking it back up resulted also in picking up an infinite amount. Minecraft restart didn't fix it.

    If you place a filled fuel can in a non-burning generator the game crashes to "Saving Chunks" (blurry Saving chunks). Only happens if the generator is empty. This also duplicates the fuel can and if you reload the map the generator is running. Need to test what happens if the generator runs out of fuel and tries to use the can then.
    Error log:

    EDIT: Also crashes if the generator tries to use the fuel can after the currently burning fuel ran out. Crashes no matter if you are in the generator interface or not.

    Nope, I don't like buildcraft's way of doing that. I only use the pipes and crafting tables. Also it works kinda nice. I am going to build that on my IC-SMP server soon, so I can test how it works in Multiplayer, also those who want to see it then can check it out easily. Maybe I come around to do that today evening.